10 More Products That Belong in Your Shopee Cart

Told ya I’ll do a part 2 of this product review slash recommendations series. When it comes to shopping, my fingers just move so fast. Just changed up the title a bit. LOL. And just Shopee this time, I didn’t really buy anything from Lazada recently. But let’s list and review fewer items this time around. Also, I have kind of lessened my add to (Shopee) cart tendencies recently because I have bought almost everything that I really need. I didn’t really have any big purchases recently. Part 1 here.

(1) Wall Tapestry

Price: PHP320
Shop here.

Ok, I am freaking happy with this! I have these ugly green walls and we’re renting so I can’t paint over them. Wallpapering would be too much work because the ceilings are too high and with the design of my space, it will be hard to pinpoint where it starts and ends. The best I can do is do an accent wall, but that wall is mainly covered by my closet so that’s pointless. I realized that the easiest way to cover the wall by my headboard is to use a wall tapestry.

I’ve had these so many tapestry designs on my cart and it took me a while to decide on the size and design. I initially wanted another design (photo below), but it’s a vertical design and if I’m going to cover the wall by my bed, that wouldn’t work. I would need to buy their biggest size, which is going to be pricier than what I intend to spend on this. I bought this horizontal cactus tapestry instead and it fits perfectly! Well, I did measure it so I know it fits perfectly. They also included a free 1m fairy lights (but you can buy longer ones if you wanted to add fairy lights to your tapestry – I didn’t really want that). It’s too short, so I initially placed that on my wooden rod on the other side of my wall, because it’s the perfect length. But then I did some rearranging, and I replaced that with something else (leaves because I had to cover the chipped off paint because I screwed up LOL). I placed the lights inside a glass bowl that we’ve had for a long time and turned it into a small lamp on my bedside table. That and my humidifier turned on during afternoons of watching Detective Conan is just the perfect mood.

Hello mountain of clothes!

But I still want this tapestry. (And this is the link where you can buy it.) I will probably still buy this one somewhere down the road. Just need to figure out where to put it. I mean, sure, I still have a lot of wall space to cover, but this is such a statement piece and I don’t want it to get covered by anything. I will still need to figure that out.

This is so me. Well, minus the freckles.

(2) Vacuum Storage

Prices: Hand pump – PHP69, Bags – depends on the size, but I bought medium ones – PHP59 each
Shop here.

Uhm, why did it take me this long to buy something like this?! I should have bought this instead of a clothing rack! Ah, but I didn’t have a bed frame until recently so I couldn’t put these in an under bed storage. But now I can. This is one of the best purchases ever! I totally saved hanger space in my closet so I was able to remove my clothing rack from the corner of my room and now, I actually have a space for a desk since I’m working from home. I no longer work from the bed. (Ok, I sometimes still do – it’s so tempting!) This was super helpful!

This was my first try, I definitely got better as I started doing it more. I have since redone this specific bag. LOL.

(3) Jaguar Rechargeable Batteries and Charger

Price: Batteries – PHP290 (2 pcs), Charger – PHP242
Shop batteries here, and charger here.

The store I linked is Kimstore, btw. It’s definitely good to invest in rechargeable batteries. I had to buy some last year because I needed it for my wireless mouse. Please don’t buy the Sony one that’s floating around Shopee. I bought that before and it never tells you when your battery is done charging. You could be charging for like 10 hours and the lights would still be red.

(4) Avocado Mouse Pad

Price: PHP91
Shop here.

Just because it’s cute, it’s green, and it’s avocado! Funny that I never actually had a mouse pad since last year. I just use my laptop sleeve as a mouse pad. LOL. But now I have this and it’s super adorbs. They have different designs as well, but obviously, I chose this one because it’s green and I love avocados. I have a few fruit-themed stuff in my room. 🙂

(5) Silicone Finger Glove

Price: PHP42
Shop here.

I really just needed something to use when I remove the hotplate from the oven toaster. Sure, I can use a pot holder but I need to be extra careful not to let it touch the food, you know. And now, that I have this, I don’t need to worry about that anymore. LOL, this falls under the “kitchen items you never knew you needed” category.

(6) Cactus Pen Holder

Price: PHP82
Shop here.

This could also double as a vase or as a pot. I don’t want to use it for my succulents though, because it doesn’t have holes at the bottom. (Since the main purpose was to hold pens, not plants. LOL.) I don’t really need a pen holder, but this was cute, I just had to buy it. It’s perfect for visible organization because it’s cute by itself as a display. Also, I’m not going to use it as a pen holder, but just to hold some fake greenery and some lipsticks. LOL. (Ok, I used cute a lot in this very short paragraph.

LOL, these eucalyptus look so fake!

(7) Detective Conan Brooch

Price: PHP110
Shop here.

This is such a childish, fangirl purchase. (I may or may not have other Detective Conan stuff in my cart.) I was scrolling through Shopee one day and wanted to check what Detective Conan merch is available. I didn’t really want to buy anything expensive since I know that these are useless purchases and really just there to make you happy during the period that you are so into a TV show. I wanted to buy something to commemorate the fact that at some point in this quarantine, I was obsessed with Detective Conan and finished 900+ episodes. Ok, I haven’t finished yet as of this writing, but I am halfway-through.

It is super small. Smaller than I expected. But I’m just gonna display this anyway.

(8) Hosh Memory Foam Pillow

Price: PHP299
Shop here.

So, I’ve been looking for ways to make my current work situation more comfortable because for the past week, it was really hard for me to stay in my chair for the whole duration of my shift. Well, I’m using an old computer chair so obviously, the cushion is no longer as soft and probably needs to be upholstered or something. I am considering buying a new chair, of course, I have been canvassing online. But if you have a chair that works fine, it’s just a bit wasteful to replace it immediately, you know. I do have throw pillows and it does help a bit, but I read that memory foam pillows work best so I had to buy one. There are ones that are totally shaped specifically for your butt and chair, but those are a little bit pricey – almost as expensive as buying a whole new chair. The length of this pillow is longer than my chair, but the width is perfect so I thought this would work. And it does! My butt feels better for sure. But of course, you still need to get up from time to time. You cannot be on your office chair for 8 hours straight!

(9) Wood Laptop Stand

Price: PHP322
Shop here.

This is another one of my “how to make my current work situation more comfortable” hacks. LOL.

I was thinking of buying a new desk, maybe something longer and I found one which is 80x40x75cm (LxWxH). My space for a desk is maybe around 90cms in length so this was perfect. But then, I measured my current “desk” and it’s 60x40x70, so it’s not too far from that. So I felt like, do I really need a new desk? My main concern is that my laptop needs to be eye-level for it to be deemed comfortable, and I just thought, buying a new desk that is just 5cms higher won’t cut it. It needs to be higher than that. I can buy one of those cheap desks that can be adjusted up to 90cm in height but it’s the exact same size in length and width of my current table so I don’t think I’m getting much of a difference there either. If there is a desk that’s 80-90cm in length and height, then that would have been the perfect table for me. By the way, I noticed that those desks have gone way cheaper now, you can buy something for around PHP550, which is awesome! So my solution was buying this laptop stand. (But buying a new desk is still at the back of my head. Currently though, I feel like I don’t need it.)

Another reason I thought opting for this laptop stand is that I have started working while standing up as well. We just can’t be sitting all the time. Need to shake that butt every 20 minutes or so. If I put this on top of my drawer (which is beside my desk), it’s the perfect height for working while standing up. It also works as a laptop holder for when you’re not using it so it’s dual-purpose, which is great! I don’t think I want to do that though. But it will help if I need to use my desk for something else. Plus, it’s wood and it’s cute. The height of the stand is 12cm, and then the front is 8cm. My laptop is 12.25x9in and it’s perfect! If you’re going to use for a smaller device like a netbook, tablet or phone, you just need to adjust it. The item comes with a strip of sandpaper that you can use for the piece of dowel that links the two sides. You also use the “lower bunk” (LOL) of the stand for keyboard storage – if you use that. I don’t, so I will just hide my mouse underneath that, I guess.

Honestly though, PHP322 is expensive for 3 pieces of wood. I don’t know why these laptop stands are so expensive! My laptop table was PHP299 and it definitely used more materials.But I looked for the prices of other similar products and this was in the range. I have only seen one other product that was cheaper than this, around PHP30 less but it didn’t have any reviews so I didn’t want to go with that. There also cheaper aluminum ones that just lifts the back part of your laptop, but doesn’t really provide any additional height. I bought this on a day where they had discount vouchers so I got this for PHP256, so I felt better buying it. LOL

(10) Toothpaste Squeezer

Price: PHP60
Shop here.

Laura Lee made me buy this! HAHAHAHAHA. A bathroom item you never knew you needed! It is pretty self-explanatory. LOL.

Sorry for our yucky tiles LOL

Bonus: Wooden Trivet (from Japan Home Center)

Price: PHP88
Shop at your local Japan Home Center outlet. LOL.

Ok, so we’re adding Japan Home Center to this now?! It’s just so funny that I’m including this here. Yes, it’s a wooden trivet, which is what you use to protect your table from hot pans or pots. I used it as a “laptop cooler” before I bought my wood laptop. It’s still the same purpose, right? I didn’t know where to use when I bought it but just liked that it’s wood.

I also use it as a sort of a “table extension” since it fits perfectly on the gap between the desk and the drawer. I just taped like small cubes (which I had from our mini blinds that I didn’t get to use) underneath so that it can actually work as a “table”. I need the extra space if I am watching something on my netbook while working on something on my work laptop. If I’m not on my desk, I would put it on my bedside table and it just helps my netbook sit on top better. Sometimes, I would use it as a mini table when I eat in bed. LOL. I use this for a lot of things, really.

Shop recommendations:

The product page will be linked as always so you will be able to view the shop as well.

Beddings / Throw Pillow Case

Bed sheet (single)
Price: PHP156
Shop here.

Throw pillow cases
Price: PHP58 each
Shop here (Up), here (Leaf), and here (Watermelon).

I guess I just really want to recommend this store because I really liked their products! I’ve been scouting the department store for some bed sheets, but they are all so expensive and I feel like the prices are not worth it. I was initially going with a different store, but the watermelon throw pillow case randomly showed up on my feed so I checked out the store and found so many cute stuff! It was so hard to choose a design because I really only needed three, so these were my top 3. (I bought my top 4 on my second order, LOL.) By the way, the size was actually too big for my throw pillows, so I put two throw pillows inside one pillow case. So yeah, I don’t use all of them at the same time.

The quality is really good, too. The material of the throw pillow case is thick and a bit ribbed. The bedsheet is polyester cotton and not the same as the throw pillow, but it’s not too thin, definitely not see-through. While it’s not too thin, I use a mattress clip and I’m a bit afraid it will rip the cloth, so I just fold it once on the area where I’m clipping it. I have since replaced my bed sheet and there were no tears from where I used the clip.

I have made a second order – just ordered the pink watermelon throw pillow case and a plain teal bed sheet. The bed sheet doesn’t have matching pillow cases, and slightly more expensive. (I realized only recently that they have a listing for the one with matching pillow cases – so stupid of me because I didn’t see that!) It’s also a bit smaller in size compared to the first one I bought – I barely had to use my mattress clips because it fits perfectly. I would say the material feels better, maybe that’s why it’s slightly more expensive than the printed one. Overall, the quality of the items is great so I totally recommend this store if you want inexpensive, cute bed sheets and throw pillow cases.

Macrame stuff (cotton cord, wooden stick, dowel, rings, beads, etc)

View shop.

As I have written on my previous quarantine diaries, I recently became interested in macrame plant hangers and wall decors. I’ve been seeing these around Shopee and although they are not super expensive, I don’t really want to buy something that I can make myself. I found this store and they have everything you will need if you are planning to get started on making macrame wall decors. It’s my first time buying stuff so I’m not really familiar with the sizes yet so I only bought like one or two pieces of each. My second order arrived recently and I’m really satisfied so far. They sent photos of the actual items before sending and the delivery only took a few days. The cord drove me nuts though because it’s so hard to untangle them, so even just measuring and placing all my cords on the dowel takes so long. On my second batch of cord, I tried to roll them around an old wallpaper roll to hopefully make it easier for me moving forward.

And those are my 10 items + bonus + shop recommendations. I don’t have anything in my cart now. I have one delivery coming, but it’s just an additional sticker (for the wall at the side of my bed, because I effed up with the measurement last time.

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