Super convenient nung Clark Airport Lounge. It’s 24 hours and it’s located within the Dau Bus Terminal. It’s P100 per person. Our flight was at 7am and I got there at around 3:30 am from Baguio. We didn’t even have to wait long before the aircon jeep left. However, Mine came from QC and she wasn’t able to find the Airport Lounge in Trinoma. Imagine being outside an empty mall in the wee hours of the morning. Creepy.

We had to wait for 2 hours before our flight left because we were there REALLY early. Well, better super early than late. We made some friends though, most of them were OFWs in Hong Kong. They’re super nice and friendly. That made the long wait kind of short. There was also this one other woman who even volunteered to take a picture of us in the plane.


There weren’t any problems at the immigration at Clark but when we got to the HK Airport, there were two employees who were randomly checking on the people coming out. They just asked us a few questions about what we’ll be doing there and they checked our passports and hotel booking. I was just calm and I kept answering and then they let us pass through. When we got to the immigration, they just stamped on our passports and that was it. I don’t know if it’s normally like that or if it was because the VISA thing was such a hot issue during the time that we visited HK.

The Airport Express was super nice. Yes, it’s expensive but it’s a good thing that the girl at the currency exchange recommended us the Airport Express Travel Card. She said that this is perfect for tourists who are staying in HK for at least 3 days. It’s 300 HKD but we get a 50 HKD refund when we return it before we leave HK. We found it too pricey but later on, we realized how useful it was because we really went to a lot of places on the first 2 days and the MTR is the best way to go around HK. Anyway, that card grants us 2 Airport Express rides (so that means going to the city and going back to the airport) and 3 day unlimited MTR pass. We were able to use our MTR pass until Saturday night when we went back from Macau. So it actually went past the 72-hour mark.

The very helpful map with pics of the tourist attractions.

The place we stayed in was near the Jordan Station and our contact, Ate Miles, told us to wait for someone to pick us up. We actually used a payphone to call her! Hahaha! It’s 1 HKD per minute. LOL. But before that, there was this really nice ate who was working in a store there who lent us her phone to call Ate Miles. She’s from Cebu. Too bad, we didn’t get her name.

I wrote my name on my phone so that when the ate comes to pick us up at the station, she’d know it’s me. Hahaha!
Selfie while waiting~
Looking lost at Jordan Station, waiting for our sundo.

We arrived at the apartment at around noon and we were so tired cause we both came from work straight to our morning flight. I seriously didn’t want to get up na cause I was super tired. I think we left at around 2pm to start our tour of the city. We went to  the Ladies Market (MTR Mongkok) first but we didn’t really see anything interesting. I mean, it’s just like Divisoria and you’d actually see cheaper stuff in Divi. However, I bought a top for 20 HKD and that was seriously a bargain. We haven’t eaten anything yet at the time so we went to 7-11 and bought some snacks. I had a sandwich and a bottle of Coke.

We went to Kowloon Park (MTR Tsim Sha Tsui) next and actually, almost everything is at Tsim Sha Tsui. I really enjoyed going around this park, it looked bare when we entered but as we walked, we were able to see a lot of spots perfect for taking pictures.

There was an aviary at the park but you see those stairs, there’s no way I’m going in there XD

When we exited the park, we crossed a bridge and surprisingly, we reached the Harbour. Near the bridge, there were these golden buildings (I think one of them was a hotel) and it looked really beautiful. Actually, I think the theme of this place is gold. There’s gold everywhere!

Love these signs. They’re super helpful.
You have to put in 5 HKD for this to work so this is just for photo op. Hahaha!
Love the view!

Donned my hat on the way back to the MTR because it was started to get cold. Actually, I don’t know the connection. Just wanted to use my hat for the first time during the trip. Hahaha!


Anyway, we went to Central to see the place where we can buy pasalubongs but unfortunately, we didn’t see it. We just sat at a park nearby and took some rest. Well, I took a rest, Mine went to take a picture of this building. We realized there’s nothing to see there and we had no way of finding out where the pasalubong place is so we decided to just go back to Tsim Sha Tsui because we had to be there by 8pm for the Symphony of Lights.


While waiting for 8pm, we went to see the Avenue of the Stars. Oh my goodness, that was really fun for me. I’m a fan of the HK cinema so I was excited like a child seeing the stars of famous stars! Of course, the popular ones were Bruce Lee, Sammo Hung and Jackie Chan. However, I was looking for Nic Tse’s star. Turns out, it was right at the end! His was the newest one.

In front of that statue that starts the Avenue of the Stars
Nic Tse’s star~

Day 2 tomorrow ^^After seeing Nic Tse’s star, I suddenly felt tired so I just sat at a bench, ate the rest of my sandwich while Mine took a video of the Symphony of Lights. Rest rest pag may time~ We decided to call it a day because even if we left the apartment pretty late, we were able to go to a lot of places. We went home, took some rest and got acquainted with Ate Miles and her boarders. They were really nice and fun to talk to. I wish I got their full names so that I could be Facebook friends with them. Turns out, they live in Bauang, La Union which is like 2 hours away from Baguio. Talk about coincidence! ^^

We had our dinner with them at this noodle restaurant called Eat Together at Jordan. It’s supposed to be one of the best restaurants in Hong Kong and their food is actually delicious. You get a big bowl of noodles for like 30 HKD and it’s good for 2 people. The only downside is that the crews can’t even speak and understand English. It was really hard to communicate with them. See, that’s our biggest problem in HK, I really thought that it’d be easy if you can speak English but I was so wrong. We also didn’t enjoy the food that much because unlike in SG, we couldn’t find a place with great food for a cheap price, with people who can actually understand us. Well, at least the people at the MTR stations and airport can speak and understand English.

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