We had breakfast at Café Coral, which is also near the apartment. I was kinda pissed because seriously, the language barrier in HK is so extreme. I think there’s no problem at the airport or the MTR because people there can actually understand English but OMG, it’s a totally different story in restaurants. See, the menus at Café Coral are listed as A1, A2 etc. I thought that would make everything easy but it didn’t, I ordered J2 but I ended up having C2. I didn’t know about the mix-up until I got my food because what’s written on my receipt is in Chinese. I had no way of knowing. I didn’t have any problem with my food because it was actually delicious but I drank Coke so early in the morning. I wanted to drink coffee, dammit. Anyway, other than that, that place is actually nice.

Sobrang convenient talaga ng MTR! Well, we had to transfer twice, from red to yellow to pink line but it was not that much of a hassle. Plus, the train going to Disneyland was so pretty! It’s Disneyland themed, of course! From the windows to the hawakan to the mini-statues inside the train~ Ang cuuuuuuute!

Even before we got to the entrance, there’s a fountain with surfer Mickey Mouse and of course, must take an obligatory pic here XD

Space Mountain! Super kahilo daw na rollercoaster pero I didn’t really get dizzy. It was actually super fun! ^^ Too bad, we encountered people from PL (Well, that’s the codename we gave for those people na super ingay, kahiya ,walang mode na people from PL. Go figure XD) who tried to cut in line while we were taking pictures. Really?! It was only a few seconds, they didn’t have to do that. So we ran to our places and didn’t allow that to happen. Kairita.

Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups!

They have that fast pass thing in Disneyland but I think only three rides allow you to do that. It wasn’t actually that useful. We tried it at Astro Blasters at LOL, ang competitive namin dun! Hahaha!

Maliit lang ang mundo~ Really really enjoyed this ride!

The Toy Story Area! Ang cute cute ng place na to! It’s my favorite! Cute ng pictures here!

Parachute Drop. LOL. That was a really long wait! This picture is hilarious. I was just bored XD


We rode the train thing just to rest and freshen up a bit. I swear, we rested a lot. I don’t regret it though. I mean, we can’t keep walking, we’re not that young XD


The Mystic Manor. This was really thrilling! I LOVED IT! And there was this cute Caucasian guy outside the manor. He was holding a bottle of water so we called him, “gwapong magtutubig”. Hahahaha!

The Parade~ We were right at the start of the line so I think we had a great position. I was in charge of taking pictures but I still enjoyed it. I swear, I felt like a kid during the entire time. I was so amazed at the Lilo and Stitch float. There were these two guys who were on a boat-like thing and it goes back and forth and I think they were the ones who’re actually moving it. It looks pretty scary but damn, they were good. And seriously, I loved Tinkerbelle. She was so in character and seriously, it must be good to get paid to do aegyo all the time XD

Adventureland. We rode the raft thing and Tarzan’s House was there but we seriously didn’t have the energy to go up na.

After getting out of the raft from Tarzan’s House, there was someone calling out to come in the theater and watch Lion King so we went in. To rest. Again. Hahaha. This is probably the highlight of my day. I FELL ASLEEP. Like, I don’t remember anything anymore after Hakuna Matata. I’m pretty sure I woke up a few times  but when I realize it’s not yet over, I go back to sleep. My friends said that the flame eater (or thrower?) was hot. That’s what I regret the most. I didn’t see him! Hahahaha! Now, I’d laugh everytime I hear anything Lion King related XD


We went back to the Space Mountain to take pictures and since we’re so tired na, we weren’t able to do our other plans na. Also, instead of waiting for the  fireworks at 8pm, we decided to leave only a little after 7pm.

The Disneyland castle 🙂

We had dinner at Eat Together again, because we didn’t really have much choice. We also went to the 2 dollar store. I didn’t really find anything interesting. I mean, nothing I can’t buy in Baguio. We also looked around in the night market along Temple Street and all I was able to buy was an eye mask for Irick. Hmm, that’s what I was the most unsatisfied about – the food and the shopping. -_-

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