So I finally got my passport last Monday and it was right on time. The time and money I spent on it was so worth it. I didn’t want to wake up at 5am and stay in line until DFA Baguio starts giving out numbers at 9am so I decided I’d do everything in Manila instead. I would be going there anyway to have Black Day jajangmyun with my friends on April 14th.

So yeah, I had my appointment on April 13th, 1:30pm at DFA Aseana. I got there really early – I think at around 11am because I came straight from Baguio. They wouldn’t let me in, said that I can only come in 30 minutes before my appointment. It’s a good thing that there are some restaurants across the building. McDo was super crowded so I decided to eat elsewhere. I forgot what it was though. So I had lunch, read Northanger Abbey and went back to the building at 1pm. They were kind of behind because I think it was already 2pm when they started letting us inside the building. But it wasn’t that bad since the lines moved quite fast and the place was air-conditioned. But… I had a bit of a problem. I’d say, probably the most important you’re ever going to need when applying for a passport is your birth certificate. Since mine was a late registration, the woman behind the window said that I need a baptismal certificate or any school record. I freaked out because I thought my trip would be useless. The woman said that I don’t have to schedule another appointment and I can just come back within the month. I texted my mom how to get a baptismal certificate and it turns out, she has it at our house. Damn. I knew I should’ve gone home first before going to DFA! Anyway… so I decided I’d just have fun with my friends for the weekend and take care of the whole passport thing the following Monday.

Since I had to stay one more day in Manila, I had to be absent from work for one day. I think that’s a little sacrifice because if I’ll do it in DFA Baguio, I think I will be absent for a day, too. Soooooo…. I came back on Monday, April 15thand I think I got there at around 12nn. I wanted to come early, like at around 7am to finish the whole thing before noon but bite me, I’m just really not a morning person. Step 1 and 2 were really fast. Just like what the woman said, I can skip lining up and go straight to the windows. I just asked a lot of people there. Hahaha. I had to wait for a long time when I was already in Step 3. Goodness, I wonder how many people they serve everyday because it was noon and my number was already at 2000. I think I waited an hour and a half before I got my picture taken.  I was a little pressured while tucking my bangs in. I had to do it fast because I felt like the woman behind the desk was going to press the button for the camera anytime. But she was nice. She was casually talking to me while scanning my documents. I finished the whole passport thing in 2 hours. I didn’t have to wake up super early and get bored out of my wits waiting.

Exactly three weeks later, my passport came to our office (because I wrote my office address in the delivery form). I wasn’t actually sure when it’s supposed to arrive but it was still not in till Tuesday, I was prepared to call DFA. Luckily, it didn’t get lost somewhere.

It’s such a cute coincidence that my passport arrived exactly a month before our flight to Singapore. Now, I’m so ready!!!  I’ll fly out of the country for the first time and I’m so excited! ^^

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