I LOVE MACAU!!! I love the place, the people, everything. I think the only thing that’s better in Hong Kongis the weather. It’s kind of humid in Macau, while Hong Kong had almost the same weather as Baguio.

We woke up early on Sunday because we wanted to leave early for Macaubecause we were planning to stay there until 5pm only. The ferry fare is more expensive after 5pm. We got the 8:15 trip and actually, I slept pretty well while on the ferry and when I woke up, we were already in Macau. I think we got there at around 9:30. Funny, when we were at the ferry, Celine and I weren’t even concerned about taking pictures, we had other pressing issues and that is to secure the barf bag. After that, I was knocked out. Hahaha!

Selfie inside the creepy elevator.
At the MTR. Still sleepy… There weren’t a lot of people in the train either.
At the empty streets of Hong Kong. It was 7am on a Saturday. I guess HK people start they late kinda late, huh?
Pinguing that dude whose abs is everywhere in HK. Who is he?!

When we got to the pier, there were some Filipinos who were telling us to hire them as a guide. I mean, that’s fine because they just want some extra income but I think what my friends and I didn’t like was they were pushy, and we felt like they were kind of harassing us already. The short woman even kind of threatened us that we’ll have a hard time with transportation because the Macau Grand Prix was on that weekend. And we were like, the casino shuttles are everywhere. There’s no way we’d have a hard time with transportation.

Anyway, so we took the shuttle going to Lisboa but we had a rude moment again with these people from PL. I swear, damn, they are so freaking rude. We were obviously there first and there was this woman who barricaded against and had like 7 of his family enter first. In the end, we couldn’t fit there anymore so we had get off and wait for the next one. What really pissed me off was, that woman grabbed my arm and was forcing me to get off. Fcking seriously. I was so annoyed. I mean, I’m not sure if she understood me (probably not) but I said something to her.

One regret was, we didn’t know that the Fisherman’s Wharf was just near the terminal. If we had known earlier, we would’ve gone there first before getting on the bus. We said we’d go back there before we leave Macau but plans changed and we ended up leaving through the Taipa terminal instead.

So we got off at Lisboa and walked to Senado Squarewhere St Paul’s Ruins was. Wow, that was a long walk. It wasn’t hard to miss because there’s a throng of tourists going there as well. I really liked that place. It was just really hot cause it was an open area. We saw a place selling Portuguese egg tarts, we bought some and ate them at the park there. That was our first meal of the day and it was already past 10am that time.

In front of the fountain
In some alley at Senado Square. Damn, I would love to take an office here.
In front of… what this place again? XD
Trying out the Macanese pedicab ^^ I tried sitting on the driver’s seat but it was so high! I couldn’t do it!
Just chilling with my new friend. Hahaha!
At the abandoned house near the Ruins
There was a mirror in front of that house and we decided to take a picture. Didn’t think it would come out this creepy though.
Celine and I figuring out the map, Mine doing something with her phone while Ate Jaz was somewhere up the steps.
The very helpful map ^^

LOL, Celine and I have a lot of pictures like these. Forever kame nauuna maglakad! We had tons of these at the Venetian XD

On the way to the ruins where you’d get lots of free taste. I swear, nabusog ako sa free beef jerky!
I like this one!
LOL! Pati pagpasok namin ni Celine sa Starbucks eh may picture XD

We had lunch at the park in Senado Squarebecause it was full everywhere. Loved their meals at McDonalds. I wish we have those in the Philippines, too. And I love how the people in Macauactually try their best to speak with foreigners in English. People in Hong Kong just speak to you in rapid Cantonese without caring if you understood them or not.

After lunch, we finally figured out our route. All the next 3 hotel-casinos are in Taipa. We planned to take a bus going there cause we wanted to use Mine’s patacas. We asked the policia (Gahd, I love the sound of that ^^) and the lady gave us specific instructions on where to take the bus to Galaxy.  It was pretty smooth sailing from there. Actually, I liked the Galaxy Hotel the most. It’s like a mall actually, there’s even a food court and theaters inside. And I like the architecture outside. Plus, we used their shuttles a lot.

Waiting waiting~
LOL, saw a poster of Nic Tse and Shawn Yue’s new movie XD
The very useful shuttle service ^^

Next stop: Old Taipa Village. I LOVE THIS PLACE! As usual, there were free stuff again. Love the free beef jerky, seriously. And that bread that has kim inside, that’s really interesting. But the best thing about it was Macanese Hae!  Hahahaha, it’s a good thing we decided to go the Museo (but we actually didn’t go inside because you have to purchase a ticket XD. There was a small church on the way there and there were a lot of couples taking wedding pictures. Seriously, there were like 6 different groups. In one of those groups, there he was – MACANESE HAE! He’s one of the groomsmen and we all thought he looked like Donghae. I swear, we were totally stalking him. Hahahaha!

On the way to meet Macanese Hae XD
Hahaha. I know, I know. We just found it cute cause we wore such colorful shoes that day.

Next stop: Venetian Hotel. We weren’t able to explore this much and I kinda regret that. But seriously, we couldn’t figure out how to get out to the lobby! I would love to go back here explore the place more.

We planned to go to City of Dreams after Venetian but we felt like there’s nothing to see there anyway so we decided against it. We took the shuttle at Venetian to Taipa Ferry Terminal just a little after 4pm.

At the shuttle terminal

The trip back to Hong Kong was faster. Although, I think the ferry was kind of noisy. That didn’t stop me from sleeping though. I was knocked out again after I filled out the embarkation card XD At some point, I woke up and thought Celine and Jaz exchanged places. Seriously, I was crazy tired during this trip!

It was super windy when we got out of the terminal. As in medyo ka-level ng hangin sa The Peak! We got home pretty early and we wanted to drink sana with Ate Miles and the others but we ran into a problem. See, we wanted to go this store called “Price Mart” (na sabi ni Celine eh Prize Mart pala dapat. Buset XD) to buy pasalubongs. I swear, we went all four directions from Jordan Road but we didn’t find out. Super napagod lang kame kakalakad. We ended up buying some food and snacks from this Taiwanese snack store. Buti na lang we found that place or else wala kameng pasalubong. It was our last night so didn’t have a choice na rin.

We slept early that night, the earliest in all 4 nights. It was Mine and I’s last night and our flight in the morning was at 9:45 so we had to wake up early, too.

11.10.2013 DAY 5: HOME

We left really early so it’s crazy that we almost missed out flight. We left almost 3 hours before our flight we still almost didn’t make it! I swear, ang sucky kase nung arrangement ng CebuPac at the airport. There were three flights to the Philippines that morning and they were using all three counters. That was so crazy! I think it took us almost an hour to check-in. It was so annoying. At the airport, we still had to return the MTR card to get the refund and have our HKDs exchanged back to pesos (which I regret. We should’ve done that sa Pinas na. Hmp.) When we got to the boarding area, we were surprised to see that we still have to take a mini bus to get to the real boarding area. WTF!!! I swear, at this point, I was super worried na. I was seriously thinking the worst na. Turns out, there were many of us on that flight pala. As in we were running na. Dude, I never want to experience that again! Well, all’s well that ends well. We made it, and our flight was even delayed because of some problem with the check-in baggages.

As usual, I slept well again during the entire flight. Mine and I had our first meal of the day at SM Clark. Hahaha, we agreed even before we left kase that we’ll watch “Status: It’s Complicated” at SM Clark before we go home. Super enjoyed that movie. And then, I took the 5 ½ bus ride from Dau to Baguio. That was really long.

Well, the HK-Macau trip was only my second trip abroad and I’d say this one is less satisfying than my first, which was the Singapore trip. In Singapore, yes, it was freaking tiring but it was just all fun, I was able to buy a lot of things and there weren’t any bad experiences. But in HK, there were a lot! It was really not what I expected. I would love to go back to Macauagain, but I can’t say the same for HK. I would love to go back there just to go to Ocean Parkor Noah’s Arc, but other than, I think I’d rather just explore Macau more next time. ^^

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