Officially our first day in Singapore since we got there past midnight na. Anyway, our itinerary’s not too heavy. We only had 3 places we wanted to go to / see – Gardens by the Bay, Adventure Cove and USS. The rest of the itin pretty much just includes shopping.


Our first stop was to go to Lucky Plaza on Orchard Road, where we bought tickets for the attractions. But before anything else, we needed to tap up our EZ Link. Lucky for me, I still had S$5 from 2 years ago and it didn’t expire! Amazing! After tapping up, we took the bus to Clementi and then MRT to Orchard, we walked a little then we found the place.

Tapping up! Again, I still have S$5 left so that means I have to go back!
I really like how this photo turned out! So that was a mirror!
Celine and I figuring out how that photo thing works.
And this is how it looks like! Grabbed from their FB page

I would compare Lucky Plaza to Centrepointe in Kota Kinabalu, or in Manila, it’s like Ever Gotesco. Hahahaha. There were a lot of Filipino-owned stores. We got free chocolates from one of the uncles who owned a chocolate store. So we promised to come back and buy chocolates from them. Which we did BTW. That’s where I bought the tiramisu almonds which was probably the best out of all the chocolates I bought in Singapore. (Shit, where can I find that in the Philippines?!)

Like I said, our main purpose for going there was to purchase tickets for the attractions. That’s probably the biggest tip I can give – pre-purchase all your tickets.  Or you’d lose a lot of time queueing at the ticket booths. Either buy them online or like what we did, buy them at Cebu Air Travel. They have a Facebook page and they have an office at Lucky Plaza Mall, 3rd floor. The staff are Pinays so you’re free to speak in Filipino. We got pretty good deals.

Gardens by the Bay – 25SGD
Adventure Cove – 22.50SGD
Universal Studios – 69SGD

Their USS tickets also include a free Segway pass (this costs S$15 separately!) and a Smart Pinoy SIM – which is really really cool. This SIM gives you both an Singapore and Philippine number, but you have to register to get the latter. Of course, I didn’t have to do that anymore because I already have one. Anyway, you get automatic S$3 worth of load. You think that it’s just a few dollars but that’s plenty! You can register for a data plan for just a dollar, which I was able to use for the rest of my stay in Singapore. The rest of it I used to send text messages to Ate Len. I even got to call her once when we got lost in Jurong. LOL!

Baymax Family. LOL!
My first time to see this road sign!
Bus ride going to Gardens by the Bay!

From Orchard, we took a bus to Gardens by the Bay. We took pictures around first but it was too hazy.  We had great pics, nonetheless!

Singapore Flyer
OMG, I didn’t realize I kept photobombing Edz and Celine! LOL!
Mine was perfect though! Friends, I give you permission to photobomb me on our next trip!
Under the gazebo.

We decided to walk to the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest but that was a wrong decision on our part. We wanted to take pictures of the different parks but not even halfway thru, we were already tired. I suggest purchase shuttle tickets. Anyway, it’s just S$2.

Also, there are lockers where you can place your bags since you’re going to do a lot of walking once inside. The one who took costs about a dollar. I’m not really sure. That locker was super problematic though. It wouldn’t lock properly. We had to call a staff a few times. In the end, they transferred us to a different one. But they didn’t put a sign on that locker so the curse was passed on to another group. LOL!


Now on to the fun stuff… All the pain on our feet disappeared when we got to the Flower Dome. Ohmigoodness, it’s always good to be surrounded by flowers! I don’t like getting flowers but man, being surrounded by different species of flowers is a totally different story! Parang sinapian ako ni Ate Rina and I began taking pictures everywhere! Hahaha!

Winter is coming! And yeah, I suck at acting!
Me and the cactuses <3
Feeling ko ako si Heidi dito! Hahaha!

Flower Dome is divided into different regions like South American, Australian etc. Some had really strong smell though. I was bummed because the lavenders were way too high, I couldn’t get a whiff of it.  Here are my top fave photos:

I especially loved the cactuses though. I was pointing and touching everywhere when we got to that area. At some point, Celine told me, “Hindi yan pusa, wag mo i-pet.” But they’re not prickly at all. Wooly cactuses are looooove.


There are other interesting plants like ones that pretend they’re dead but they’re really not. IMHO, they look really dead though. LOL. And then there’s that plant that disguises itself to look like rocks. Pretty cool stuff. I suddenly wanted to become a botanist. Or a florist. Or something. Kidding.


The day we went there was the same day of UAAP’s Cheerdance Competition so Celine took a pic of me beside a maroon flower, cheering for UP! They lost though.  Heard the news while on the bus on our way to IMM.

UP Fight! #utakpuso

Also, we took pictures of ourselves smelling the flowers. Fake smelling the flowers. LOL. Who took the best pic? Cast your votes! Hahahaha!

1) Celine
2) Edz
3) Me!

We wanted to take our lunch first before going inside the Cloud Forest but the restaurants nearby where kinda pricey. We wanted to try out the other restaurants in the area but we’d have to walk and we’re too tired to do that. Good thing we had snacks and bottled water inside our bags. You can also do refills, there are drinking fountains everywhere. We had snacks, which alleviate our hunger just enough. Then we went inside. They do the misting every 2 hours and I remember, we went in around 4pm.

Cloud Forest is a man-made mountain surrounded by plants and flowers. They mist the area so that it would look like it’s cloudy. It’s cold inside so I suggest bring something to cover yourself with. I had a shawl with me but stupid me left it in my bag, which was inside the locker. It was OK though, it’s still less cold than the AC in the office. LOL! There are bridges around the “mountain” so people can go up and walk around.

Love the right pic <3

So my legs were aching the entire time so I had these moments:

I totally freaked out when I saw those stairs! May elevator naman pala! YAY!
Lola mode sa pagbaba! ๐Ÿ™‚
Ayun yung isang Europeyo!

After Gardens by the Bay, we met up with Ate Len and Kuya Orlan at IMM. It’s this really huge mall in Jurong. We took a bus and we were facing backwards which totally got Celine and I dizzy causing us to miss our stop. We totally got lost. We called Ate Len for SOS. We ended up taking a cab to IMM instead. Anyway, it was just around S$6 so it wasn’t that big of a deal.

That time. it was already 6pm so we were HANGRY. (The urban dictionary defines that as:ย When you are so hungry that your lack of food causes you to become angry, frustrated or both.)ย Ate Len suggested that we eat at this place where we can have a plate of sushi for just S$1.50 each. When we got there, there was a queue! It wasn’t even dinner time yet! Wow that place is mega popular!ย  So Ate Len and Kuya Orlan decided to queue for us while we go roam around the mall. We bought some snacks (They’re like dimsum on sticks, really delish and affordable! They’re about a dollar! I forgot what I bought but it’s like some limited edition snack. Try it while it lasts! Dang, I’m so easily swayed! Hahaha!) while walking around.

We got to Cotton On and there was a sale! And when there’s a sale in Singapore, they go big! This is why I love shopping in Singapore! No matter what you say, I still like shopping here better than in Hong Kong. I was able to find a pair of top and leggings when I got Ate Len’s text that we need to hurry back up. So I left the clothes on the rack, hoping nobody would find them.

Going back to Sushi Express… Ok, so what’s cool about this place is that it’s that kind of place with rotating sushi plates. You just grab a plate, eat ’em and stack the empty plates. Once done, the staff will count the plates and give you your bill. Then you pay at the counter.

Our plates!

The tea is free. Once you get to your table, you can see everything you need. You get to make your own tea, too. There are cups and tea bags and a faucet for hot water. I sooooo enjoyed tea toim in Singapore!

Now, there are different kinds of sushis, appetizers, side dishes and desserts. Not really a huge fan of raw fish so I didn’t enjoy the salmon. I only ate one and gave the other one to Celine. Really enjoyed everything else though, especially the grilled eel one and the one with a lot of bonito flakes on top. Darn, I should have taken a photo of the menu outside! I don’t know their names! My favorite though was the one with sesame seeds. My friend Ludwig called it “bushi” (buchi + sushi). Got it? Hahahaha!

I was able to get a part of their menu off Google Images.
My favorite sushi!
Ayan, souvenir photo!

And then there’s the pudding story… To better understand my frustration, let me tell you how it started. Back when we were in Kota Kinabalu, one of my goals was to eat coconut pudding. According to our research, you can find at the Filipino Market. But lo and behold, we weren’t able to find it. We looked like idiots asking everyone about coconut pudding but nobody understood. Now, fast forward to 2 years later… When I saw those puddings, I told myself I’ll have one for the dessert. So I waited until I was done with sushi. But when it was time for my dessert, they’ve ran out of pudding!!! I waited and waited and waited but none came! I had to be contented with cream puffs and blueberry cheesecake. They were yummy, too but I wanted that pudding.  If I have another pudding episode in Bangkok, I’m going to cut a bitch!

After dinner, we went back to Cotton On! We’re full, so time to go shopping!!! The clothes I left weren’t there anymore so I had to go find something else. It’s so crazy! I was able to buy two long sleeve tops, a pair of leggings and a pair of moccassins for $20!!! Soooo awesome!!! I’ve already worn everything to work.

We went home after IMM. I don’t really remember much after that but I’m pretty sure the night ended with me sleeping.

And this deserves a special mention – this building.

Let me end this post by posting a collage of our groufies the entire day.

* Some photos were grabbed from Instagram so excuse the uneven photo sizes.
* Additional photo credits to my travel buddies, Edz and Celine.

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