This was scheduled 2 days before my Bali trip and my only concern was I hope I don’t get sick the day after this activity. LOL. See, I don’t exercise and I consider myself an unfit girl. I didn’t prepare at all for this but I guess it was not so bad. I got really tired yes and maybe it’s because I didn’t get any sleep the night before since I had work until 4am. Maybe if I was able to get some sleep, I wouldn’t be so tired.

Met my friends at 7am in Ayala Station because our schedule was at 11:30 and we needed to be there at least an hour before. The ride was actually smooth, there was no traffic since it was Sunday. It rained when we got to Antipolo. Luckily, the weather was quite alright in Tanay.

There was a briefing at the parking lot before we got inside. Then, another briefing where we signed a waiver. Then, off we go! It took us about 5 hrs to finish the whole thing. Of course, we rested a lot in between. LOL.

So this expectation vs reality for me. I’m sure the ropes are really sturdy but OMG, it’s still very scary for me! Especially when we were in the duyan. I felt like the gaps between the holes were too big for my feet. I was seriously scared and just wanted it to be over. Hahaha. But it was an awesome experience for an unfit girl like me. At the end of it all, my legs were already shaky but it was to be one with nature for once and just enjoy the view from the top.


Nung mga panahong fresh pa kame…

First rope course.. but first, group shot! (I totally forgot the name sorry LOL)

Pahinga agad? HAHAHA.

The super famous SAPOT!

While everyone’s busy with the Sapot, purikura muna uz on the side.

In fairness, mejo scared din ako sa tulay na ito.

I don’t remember where this is. HAHAHA.

I don’t remember the name of this bahay din. Isa siyang naging mainam na silungan nung umambon.

How long till the chicken sandwich? 

More pahinga 


Definitely enjoyed this swing!!!

I think this was NANAY or TATAY? I dont remember LOL.

More pahinga LOL.

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