Planetarium + Rizal Park + Sea Residences [2019.08.10-11]

So I cancelled my flight to Tuguegarao…

I had a flight booked to Tuguegarao on August 10th because it was a long weekend. But it’s been raining prior to that weekend and I felt like I was going to have a hard-time travelling solo in Santa Ana so I made the executive decision to not go. Celine invited me to spend the weekend a few days before so I sent her a message that I will go with them instead. I really didn’t have the energy to go to Tuguegarao, I didn’t even pack and I just didn’t have the energy to do all of that and go to the airport. Celine and Irick was meeting at 11am at the Planetarium that day so I cancelled my flight and hotel reservations, packed an overnight bag (I already had a laundry bag with a swimsuit inside – I didn’t unpack this from my previous trip to Zamboanga.) and booked an Angkas. Good thing the weather got a bit better, it still rained a bit while I was on the Angkas but only for a bit. My biker was worried and asked if I need a raincoat but I used my jacket to protect myself from the rain. I call that my Angkas jacket because it’s a bit water resistant.

It was raining when I arrived at the Planetarium, so I asked the biker to drop me off at the shed nearby and I ran to the gate. It is also better for the biker because at least he can wait out the rain before accepting a new request. Celine and Irick weren’t there yet when I arrived so I had some time to explore the place by myself.

I definitely learned some stuff. So I didn’t know na may constellation pala na’Coma Berenices’, which is super close to my first name! (Wag na kayo kumontra. Hindi naman ako si Jamie Sullivan na binilhan ng star ni Landon Carter. At malapit naman talaga, ang Berenice ay another form ng Bernice. Nagpapaliwanag?) Anyway, It means Berenice’s Hair, named after Queen Berenice II of Egypt. Apparently, she offered her hair for her husband’s safe return from the war pero nawala yung hair pagbalik ni husband. Hindi ko alam anyare, baka ginawa ding wig sa Europe kagaya nung mga hair offerings ng Indian women (which is sad btw.)

They do several shows from Tues to Sun and yung 1:30 show ang naabutan namin. A little reminder: you need to deposit your bags and the only thing you can bring insideis your wallet. Do not even think about hiding your cellphone anywhere kasikakapkapan ka talaga ng guard at kahit itago mo yan, isusumbong kita! The 1:30pm show was about Hayabusa, a Japanese robotic spacecraft that was sent to an asteroid called Itokawa to collect a sample (some dust) from its surface. Juskuuuuu, grabe yung feels ko sa short film! Lumalaban sa 1 Liter of Tears sakadramahan! Kasalanan kasi nung madamdaming pagsasalita ng narrator! It took Hayabusa 7 years to come back to Earth ha! Nag-launch siya from Japan and landed in Australia. Also, may current mission ang Hayabusa 2, this time to an asteroid called Ryugu. Sana mas mabilis na ang kanyang journey this time at hindi siya masyadong masaktan. If you have time, visit the Planetarium. The gallery is free and the shows are just PHP50 for adults. Suportahan natin sila at baka mas maging updated na ang kanilang booking slash ticketing facilities. 

While waiting for the show, we went to explore Rizal Park a bit. We walked to the Rizal Monument and I’m glad you can take photos at an angle that won’t show the National Photombomber. I’m still mad at that building.

We also went to the Chinese Garden, which is a free place to visit in Rizal Park. All you need to do is register. I’m surprised that Rizal Park is so clean. I don’t remember the last time I went here but I was pleasantly surprised. I will definitely be confident in bringing tourist friends here.

They also have this slow train that takes you around the park. There is a fee of PHP50, we didn’t try it because we had to go back to the Planetarium to see the show at 1:30pm.

We checked in at Sea Residences for the night, just for a staycation, which is right in front of Mall of Asia. We had such a cute room (which Celine booked via Airbnb), but our main purpose that afternoon was to have lunch first and then go swimming (while it’s still not raining). After circling around the building, we found this small Thai restaurant called Sen Lek Thai Noodles. Right from the moment I saw the sign, I was already craving for bagoong rice, so I’m happy they actually have that on the menu. The Thai iced coffee was also good.

After our late lunch (it was around past 3pm then), we paid for pool access and then we were on our way to the pool. We had so much fun because they had 4 pools and there weren’t a lot of people there. We literally had the whole pool to ourselves and it was just 4 feet so it’s perfect for swimming. We definitely took tons of photos and stayed there until around 7pm. I have one thing to say though: Damn, can the water in this pool get any colder?! I was freezing! I swear, it took me a while to get accustomed to the water temperature. My friend, Maine, saw my IG story and messaged me the same thing. Hahaha.


I am perfectly happy in my grandma undies!

Some videos:


Just going around the pool~

 Proof of attendance!

When we got back to the room, I just showered and went to bed. I think it was around 8pm when I slept. I told my friends to wake me up if we’re going out to eat, butI ended up waking up at 9am the next day. I was dead-tired. I came from a Friday night shift and I haven’t had a wink of sleep. That was 2 days’ worth of sleep. LOL. Good thing, we decided to buy some snacks and coffee from the mart the day before so we had something to eat in the morning.

We checked out at noon but we had some time to take photos inside the room because it’s so Instagrammable! The décor and stuff in it are super cute! I love cute, themed rooms like this!

This whole photoset was inspired by this cozy, soft blankie. Also sponsored by the #bougie mugs in the Airbnb’s living room. LOL. We’re so cute! Hahahaha!

After checking out, we went back to the pool area to take more photos. We seriously had a lot of photos here.

We had lunch at the Pancake House at the MOA Annex, and then hung out at Starbucks at S Maison until 3pm before Celine and Irick went off to the Dessert Museum, and I booked a car home.

My Instagram highlight for this weekend:

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