Happy 34th to Me!

LOL at my super gulat face. Starts at around 00:30-ish.

Thank you, Care Bears, for my super cute birthday cake! Nawala ang jetlag ko! ♥️ ⁣

Some of my friends know how hard the first two months of this year was. I struggled getting a new job and I was worried about running out of funds to finance my and my family’s everyday expenses. But I was lucky to have come across my current company (shoutout to my friend, Maine, for letting me know about this job post from Jobstreet 😊) and it was worth the wait. ⁣

Accepting this job was one of my best decisions this year, because I met the kindest TL ever (she was the one taking the video, pumunta pa ng 6am sa office just for the surprise!) and became part of a small team of ladies that I am really proud of. I’m doing something that I really like and I get to be part of the KFA team who’s shaping a product that keeps growing – something I wish could be available to more people. I know it is just a job, but I’ve always wanted to be able to promote something I believe in and I can say that I’m proud of our product, our team, and would definitely continue giving my best work everyday.⁣

Sorry na, ang haba. At bakit ba naging KF appreciation post ito? Dahil ba birthday nya naman ng Nov 14? Anyway, happy birthday to me! Happy #KF50 na rin! And on this day, I’m just really thankful for the job I have and the people around me. They make me happy. 😊⁣

And I, thank you! 😂

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