1 Year With Care Bears! [2020.02.12]

I can’t believe it’s been a year! I’ve always been vocal about how thankful I am for having this job, and maybe that’s why I felt like time flew by so fast. We had our anniversary celebration on the day itself. Luckily, we all have shifts on Wednesdays, so we had a little gathering in the evening. I went to work 2 hours earlier so I could join. Our TDC leader, Madam Queenie, prepared food for us. She celebrated with us and did some catching up. TL Kristel also bought a cake and ordered some pizza. Our batchmates, Enan and Carez, also joined us. Then, we did a video call with Camille and her baby Enzo. We also received some kind messages from our colleagues in the US. I also prepared a small gift for my teammates (a pocket mirror ^^), which I gave them after the celebration. A few days later, our big boss Ken, sent us an email and it was so cute how he has our small gift to him on his desk. Albeit late, that message and photo really made us happy. ^^

Here are a few photos from our anniversary celebration:

Cake from our TL <3

With our 1-year certificates

With our baymates, TechOps team

This was super cute <3



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