Always the Bridesmaid, Never the Bride

Haha, that was a total clickbait! I’m obviously running out of stuff to post so now I’m just writing about events that happened during the past few years that I never posted about it. There are no rules that blog entries should be about something recent, right? I just want to write about my experience being a bridesmaid for a friend’s wedding in March 2019.

Yeah, so in March 2019, my close friend, Divine married her long-time boyfriend, Balong. Contrary to the title (told you that was a total clickbait), this is only the second time that I was a bridesmaid. But it’s the first time as an adult. I was I think in high school during my first time for my cousin’s wedding way way back.

This was such a special day because it became a bit of a reunion with friends and ex-colleagues from TaskUs. It is also the first Christian wedding I attended. Their theme was black and sunflowers, which is very unique! It’s also not one of those formal weddings where everything matches. The whole thing was in one venue (ceremony + reception) which is so practical! If ever I get married, I would also prefer something similar, definitely.

I took the previous day off so I can have some beauty rest and because I needed to go to Alabang (where the wedding is) really early. I think the call time was around 10am. I took the bus from Market Market to South Station, and then took a Grab from there to the venue.

We were basically just hanging out for hours while waiting for our turn for the makeup or hair or if we’re not taking photos. The wedding itself was not until 5pm. It was pretty chill so I’m really cool with that. I’m such a crybaby, I was crying a lot during the wedding. I was crying at every goddamn speech! LOL!

Props to my friend, Maine, for taking this photo!

Official photos from the wedding:

We had to be an the venue really early because we had to have our makeup done and take photos with the bride.

Walking down the aisle with my groomsman partner (LOL, I don’t know the proper terms)

While everyone else is already eating, we were still taking tons of photos! It is part of our job, okay!

Divine asked me to also deliver a speech at the reception. I tear up really easily so you guessed it, I cried while delivering my speech. UGGGGH.

Why am I such a meme?! HAHAHA!

I had to go home around midnight because I can no longer stay awake. I shared a Grab with Nikki, who’s one of Divine’s bridesmaid as well because she lives in Taguig.

I absolutely loved my makeup and I didn’t want to remove it even after getting home. I rarely get dolled up, so it was an exciting time for me. I think it was because of the fake lashes. The makeup artist originally used a nude lipstick on me, but I’m a bold lip kind of girl so I changed it. LOL. The makeup artist probably hated me.

It was a very long, tiring day, but it was so memorable. Any day that celebrates love and friendship is good in my book!

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