November & December Shopping Haul!

I didn’t really have much to review for November, so I decided to just put November and December in just one post. I haven’t been really buying a lot of stuff online recently. I am kinda proud of myself LOL.

First Aid Kit

Price: ₱70
Shop here.

Okay, this was better and bigger than I expected! Tere was so much space inside! I decided to buy a first aid kit because I have this jar of medicine, but it has gone too full so I knew I had to put them somewhere else. Also, my other stuff like Banaids, Salonpas, etc do not fit inside that jar, and I really want to organize everything so I thought this was the best way to put everything in one place.

Rotating Storage Tray

Price: ₱159
Shop here.

Again, this is for organization purposes! It definitely saved space in our kitchen shelves. It is super cute, too! I mean, this is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a Lazy Susan for your condiments and sauce bottles.

UP Sablay Face Mask

Price: ₱120
Shop here.

This is the product description and this says it all:

Para sa mga Iskolar ng bayan na patuloy na lumalaban para sa ating bayan.Our Sablay-inspired mask is a design worth owning of every UP student and alumna. The text written in Baybayin is “ISKOLAR” which represents every UP community.Our newly improved masks are now waterproof and the elastic cords are more refined. With this product, we pay tribute to those who have come before us and those will continue to light the way.

And I bought another mask! This UP Sablay-inspired face mask caught my eye so I knew I just had to have it! It’s a bit too loose for my face but it’s not a big deal, I just made adjustment on the garter to make it fit better – just like what I do in every face mask I use. LOL. It also doesn’t have a pocket for filter. The seller also included a note and I found out that they are from UPLB. I am always happy to support small businesses!

Can I just say though that it registers so well in photos?! I think this has become my fave accessory!

Face mask mowdelling LOL

Folding Chair

Price: ₱799
Shop here.

I bought this chair as a replacement for my office chair because it keeps sliding down. However, I was able to fix my office chair with a hack I found online. I bought a hose clamp on Shopee (I had to wing the size, so I bought two with different sizes.) and placed it as a stopper. It has worked so far and it is pretty strong, which is super surprising! I ended up placing this folding chair downstairs instead in the kitchen, and at least if ever the hack fails in the long run, at least I have this chair as a backup.

The chair is actually comfortable and it is perfect, no scratches or dents. I actually contemplated if I will buy a new office chair, or just a normal folding chair that I can use pretty much everywhere in the house. I decided to go with this because I thought I would get more use for this instead of another office chair. I mean, once we are done with this WFH situation, I would not want to have two office chairs that are not being used.

Air Fryer

Price: ₱1990
Shop here.

Ok, damn, this was much bigger than expected! I was so surprised when I got the package. I went back to the product listing and I think the confusion stemmed from the difference of what’s in the photos and the title. So it is actually 4.5L, not 3.5L.

This has been in my bucket list for a while now and I decided to buy it as a birthday present for myself. I personally have not used it but my mother has. She is still adjusting and still kept sneaking frying stuff using oil!

Kurin All-Purpose Water

Price: ₱340
Shop here.

Saw so many amazing videos and photos using Kurin so I just had to buy it and try! It’s my first buy so I bought the 500ml and 65ml gift pack. It works great! I used it mostly for the kitchen because I clean our dish rack and the stove counter. I was planning to get rid of the dish rack and buy a new one but after cleaning it with Kurin, I think I will just keep it in the meantime. Also, the stove, counter and wall literally is covered with dried oil, but Kurin worked so great with it. I have not gone on another cleaning spree after that, but I can’t wait to use it on so many other things. You can also use it for fruits and veggies, accessories, jewelries, etc.

Rotating Hook Hanger

Price: ₱119
Shop here.

I wasn’t even looking for this, but I thought this was cute, because it saves space and it is rotating as well. I am pretty obsessed with kitchen organization these days. LOL.

Mask Lanyard

Price: ₱59
Shop here.

I thought of buying a mask lanyard so that it would be easier to store them temporarily if I’m eating or taking photos. I bought this one because it looks just like a necklace so it still looks stylish.

Do I need to encircle the lanyard? LOL.

ForMe Face Masks

Price: ₱48
Shop here and here.

I originally ordered three, but they never sent me the third one and refunded me instead. This is why I only linked the houndstooth and pink one here. I love the houndstooth mask, it is huge, literally covers 3/4 of my face, LOL. But I love that it’s huge because there’s enough space in front of my mouth. The cloth is also thick enough so I really like using that.

I like the shape of the pink one, but it’s so thin. When I put a filter inside, you can literally it through the cloth. While I think the design is cute, I have only used it once because it’s so thin. I think I will only use it over a surgical mask. LOL.

No big purchases for me except for the air fryer, which I freaking love. I don’t cook that much though, my mother uses it most of the time and she loves that it makes cooking food faster.

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