A Week of Beach-hopping in Siquijor [2022.05.12-19]

Some may think that one week is too long for a small island like Siquijor. But it is perfect if you would like to take it slow and alternate days between going to famous tourist attractions and just lounging at the beach.


The only requirements are that you need to be FULLY vaccinated and a booking confirmation from a DOT-accredited accommodation. You can read about our struggle with the latter here. LOL. Once you arrive at the port, you will be led to the area where you need to get your documents checked. We just showed the photocopy of ID and vaccination card, and the booking confirmation from Agoda on my phone. It was very quick since the table for tourists is almost empty. It was really just us, and another foreigner. It’s surprising to me though that there are so many accommodations in Siquijor that aren’t DOT-accredited, and yet, they have this requirement.


We took a Montenegro ferry from Dumaguete Port to Siquijor Port, there are several shipping lines, so you just need to choose based on what’s available for your schedule. The fare was PHP195. We were pretty annoyed because the ferry was so late and it was just after lunch when we left so it was freaking hot. I was lucky that I actually got to take a nap in the middle of that heat.

Back in 2018, only ferries from Dumaguete land in Siquijor Port. If you are coming from Bohol, the destination is Larena Port. But now, they use Siquijor Port for both ferries going to Dumaguete and Bohol.


We rented a scooter at the POSTODA terminal in Siquijor Port, which we used for 6 days. The rental fee was PHP450/day, but since we have rented it for 6 days, they gave us a discount for PHP350/day. If you are going to rent a scooter anyway, I suggest doing at the Siquijor Port because it’s more convenient that way because you’re entering and exiting from that same port. It will also save you on tricycle fare. A one-way fare to Siquijor Port is almost the same price as a one-day scooter rental fee.


Dapdap Beach

As soon as we checked in at Das Traum and placed our bags in our room, I changed really quickly into my bikini and went to the beach! Dapdap Beach is 100 meters away from Das Traum Guest Haus, so this was the only place we got to visit on our first day. We had to get here fast to not miss the sunset. This is a small beach near the Siquijor Port and I think it is quite underrated. The beach has a lot of trash, yes, I guess nobody really goes here to do some coastal cleaning (which is pretty much true for most beaches in Siquijor) but once you get to the water, it is lovely. We were alone except for some locals so truly, we had the beach all to ourselves (the first of many!)

Nobody really talks about the sunset here but it’s amazing! When the sun started setting, we were in the water and torn whether to just stay like that and enjoy the moment or go to the shore to get my phone and take pictures. Well, we did both. I have never heard of Dapdap Beach before and I’m just glad we found this amazing small beach.

Salagdoong Beach

On our second day, we decided to drive from Siquijor town to Maria! I did not get to visit Maria back in 2018 so I was excited to explore this part of the island. From Das Traum, Salagdoong Beach is around 40 minutes away. You will pass by Larena, and bisect the island to get to Maria. It is quite a long ride, but truly worth it because the view along the way is beautiful. There were parts that reminded us of Bohol’s Chocolate Hills.

Mini Chocolate Hills!

Before getting to Salagdoong Beach, you will pass by Salagdoong Forest, where you will be greeted with rows of trees. It was so beautiful!!! When we got to the entrance, we were informed that unfortunately, swimming or cliff jumping is not allowed and we can only do sightseeing. The reason is they haven’t hired a lifeguard yet. Thus, the entrance is free. Technically, it is still closed and they just opened it for tourists to go sightseeing since Siquijor has opened its borders. We were disappointed.

The beach was really nice (this is definitely one of the beaches in Siquijor that gets maintained) and I’m sure Kevin would definitely have cliff jumped if it was allowed. However, we took some nice pictures here and spent almost an hour there having coffee and juice. At least, the restaurant was open, and there were hammocks! There was another family next to us who were having lunch and they invited us to eat. I was too shy to accept though. They have accommodations here as well that visitors can rent.

Lapac Beach

This was the next beach on the list. The way to this beach is a bit difficult, there is some hiking involved. LOL. Going down is not too bad, as long as you are careful not to slip off the rocks. But going back up to where we were parked was a challenge. I had to rest quite a few times before catching up to Kevin. LOL.

I must say that Lapac Beach is definitely good for snorkeling. Kevin luckily brought a snorkeling mask so he let me borrow and I was able to see a good view underwater. I was just a bit scared of stepping into anything, I wish I had brought aqua shoes with me. This is one of those places where you don’t need to go deep to see the beautiful marine life.

We wanted to have lunch first, but I couldn’t see any restaurants on the way. There was a group of teenagers cooking and there were some fishermen out in the water as well. We then asked if we can buy fish from them. After snorkeling and swimming for a bit, they informed us that, unfortunately, they don’t have enough to sell to us but asked us to join them for lunch. They were so kind and we really enjoyed that scrumptious lunch! We offered to pay, but they insisted we didn’t. This was definitely one of my favorite moments during the trip. We also saw them in the waiting shed on the way to the next beach, so we bought them some snacks from the neighborhood store.

Minalunan Beach

We got lost on the way to Lapac Beach and ended up here. This was after our lunch and I was full and sleepy, so even if we never really intended to be here, I wanted to take a nap underneath one of the big trees here. We saw a group of friends who were drinking alcohol, and they offered us shots, but of course, we declined since Kevin is sober. One of them was skimboarding, we watched him a bit before leaving to find Monkey Beach.

Monkey Beach

We totally got lost on the way here because I couldn’t navigate! My phone battery went empty and I needed some time before I could charge my phone and get it up and running again. I checked Google Maps and I think we went 2kms past our intended destination. But because of this, we passed by this man-made forest in Minalunan – well a few times, because like I said, we got lost. LOL.

The pathway to the Monkey Beach parking area is quite long from the main road. I kept saying “tabi-tabi po” on the way, weirding Kevin out. LOL. I had to explain later what that meant. The way down to the Beach is almost similar to Lapac Beach, but a bit shorter. It will require you a bit of trekking as well, but it is easier since there were makeshift stairs for easier access.

I really loved how private this beach is. Aside from us, the only other people in the beach were fishermen and they were near the “entrance”. If you walk to the end of the beach, there is a huge rock that hides that area from other people, giving us privacy. It really was like having our own private beach. I loved it!

Random Hill in Canlasog

On our way back to Das Traum in Siquijor town, Kevin swerved to this random hill in Canlasog where we watched the beautiful sunset. Unfortunately, I cannot pinpoint the exact location, but my photos here are tagged as Canlasog.

Lugnason Falls

This was our first falls in Siquijor! We just moved to Cliff Garden in San Juan that morning, and this is one of the tourist spots near the area. It is also known as Zodiac Falls and is located in San Juan. There is no entrance fee, but I believe Kevin paid 10 pesos for the motorcycle parking fee. There is no need to hire a guide because there is a trail, and you will definitely know once you are in the falls area. You can also proceed and do a little trek, and there is a lot more to see beyond the falls. We walked to the area where you will see aqua ducts and a cold spring, where there are people swimming and a woman doing her laundry. (LOL.) The water was really cold! We saw a set of wooden stairs, but we decided not to go there, and just go back to the falls. I read though that it leads to a valley, then to the main road.

After doing our little adventure walk, we walked back to the falls where Kevin embodied Tarzan and jumped off the rope swing into the blue water too many times. The ahjummas I talked to described him as “maligalig” because he kept doing jump after jump after jump and he was climbing the rocks of the falls. I think they liked him though because he asked to take a photo with us. LOL. When the ahjummas left, I just chilled on the side – I was scared of how deep the water was and did hydromassage on one side of the falls. I managed to get on top though with Kevin, there are small, tiered falls on top of the big one. I have only been to Cambugahay Falls before, but I think Lugnason Falls is as beautiful and very underrated.

Napagod ka ba? Ako napagod eh!

Tubod Beach

After a few hours at the falls, it was time to hit the beach. We went to Tubod Beach and we didn’t know that Coco Grove Resort is fronting this beach. So you enter from the Tubod Marine Sanctuary, and when we entered, a woman told us that we can no longer snorkel or go swimming since it’s low tide and there are a lot of sea urchins that we might step on. We just acknowledged her and continued walking to the end of the beach, aka in front of Coco Grove Beach Resort. It was around 4pm at this point, so we just lounged on the sand, and waited for the sunset. We went back here two days later when we had dinner at Salamandas Restaurant.

Old Balete Enchanted Tree

Our third full day in Siquijor was spent in Lazi. Since we were staying in Tag-ibo, San Juan, the drive was really not too far. Our first stop was the Old Balete Enchanted Tree where we also had our lunch. The entrance fee is PHP25 and we also paid PHP10 for motorcycle parking. The balete tree is 400 years old, there is a cold spring and fish spa around it.

Cambugahay Falls

After letting fish doctors nibble on our dead skin, we headed to Cambugahay Falls. Kevin didn’t like it as much as Lugnason Falls, so we stayed probably less than an hour here and headed back. We also went here quite late in the afternoon on a Sunday, so there were really a lot of people. I did enjoy some swimming time by myself while Kevin was on another side of the falls. The set of stairs going back to the main road is always a pain in the ass.

Lazi Town Proper

We decided to check out the fiesta at the Lazi town proper to cap our day. We saw there was a huge outdoor market and a small fair in the town proper while on our way to Cambugahay Falls so we dropped by to see what it was all about. Kevin played some game that I don’t even understand, and I bought new flipflops from the market because the flipflops I brought with me finally gave up after so many years. The Lazi Convent and the San Isidro Labrador Church are also in this area, so be sure to check these out while in town as well.

Solangon Beach

The next few days were spent just chilling at the beach and sunbathing. Well, for Kevin, at least. I was normally in the shade, lounging in those comfy chairs. On the first day (of three LOL), we stayed at a random empty lot behind the barangay hall since the lady at the store informed us that’s where we can enter from. While Kevin was sunbathing, I walked along Solangon Beach until Siquijor Glamping because I wanted to see if it was still open. Spoiler alert: IT WAS! I thought they were already closed because they had a Facebook post where they were selling the tents. This is where we stayed in 2018 so this is the beach that I am most familiar with. Be careful swimming here though as there are jellyfish swimming around as well!

The next two days in Solangon Beach were spent at White Villas Resort. Since we were staying at The Sylvia, we went to The Bruce right after checking in. However, Kevin peeped at the resort next door and decided to go there instead. We ended up having lunch here and staying the whole afternoon before heading to Paliton Beach for the sunset.

This is also where we rented a jet ski. It was a last-minute decision, and tbh, I was trying to discourage Kevin hahaha. But we did it anyway. And I vow to never do it again. It was very very stressful. LOL.

Siquijor Massage

We went to get massages because Kevin had some body pains most likely caused by Cambugahay Falls from the day before. Unfortunately, a lot of places were closed so we just went to the first massage place we saw that was open and that turned out to be Siquijor Massage in Maite, which is very near Baha Bar. We went to get a full body massage, which cost us only PHP400. It was great and it was my first time doing a couple’s massage, too. ^^ Unfortunately, we do not have photos here because we stripped into our underwear almost right away and we were very oily once our 1-hour massage was over. LOL. Shoutout to ateng massage therapist though who said I was “gwapa” HIHI

Paliton Beach

Ok, I didn’t know that there are two locations for Paliton Beach! I have always wondered where the coconut trees were whenever I saw photos on Instagram and I have always thought where those were when I went! So basically, the first entrance that’s closer is the same spot we went to in 2018. We went here for sunset on Day 5, had fresh coconuts, and enjoyed the sunset. While taking photos of the sunset, we walked to this huge rock, and from there, you can see the other side of Paliton Beach.

So, we figured out how to go there the next day. The entrance is much much farther, we had to ask a grandma who sold us gas where the entrance is. She said that we need to turn left on the street where there are signs of different resorts. I later learned that this area is where the SEE-KEE-HOR Hostel is. I’m so glad I finally got to this side of Paliton Beach! It has been such a mystery to me all these years. LOL. We watched the beautiful sunset again from here and took tons of pics from the huge swing. There was a ton of laughing and we fell off the swing at one point. We were full of sand at the end of this sunset session. It was a really nice way to cap our last sunset in Siquijor.

Kevin has the most expressive face! It really cracks me up! >_<


We went to the Siquijor Port a day before we left to buy Kevin’s ticket to Bohol. OceanJet is the only shipping line that allows advance bookings. For Montenegro, they only sell 2 hours before the trip. I’m not sure about Aleson, but probably the same.

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