ACE WATER SPA [04.02.2016]

I finally got to try Ace Water Spa last Saturday! I’ve been wanting to try this for years, I even had a discount card that expired in 2015 that I never got to use. Thankfully, Celine and Maru invited me to come with them last Saturday. I took a cab from Market Market to Ace Water Spa and the fare was only ₱109. Our meet-up time was 1-2ish but I decided to leave Market Market at around 1:30 PM because I had to get some coffee first. Eating anything is actually not allowed 30 minutes before going so I just had some cream puffs along with my coffee.

I got there at around 2:10 PM. Maru was already at the cafe and when Celine arrived, we went ahead and registered. We used a discount coupon from Maru’s planner so we didn’t have to pay the full amount of ‎₱550. At the counter, they will give you your ticket that you will need to scan at the entrance, then a set of keys with your locker number.

Then, you’ll go upstairs to the locker room. Men and women are separated, of course. You will need to take off your shoes / sandals / slippers and deposit it to the staff by the door. It will go to a corresponding shelf with the same number as your locker so there’s no need to worry about misplacing them. Just look for your locker and deposit your stuff inside. You can use the slippers provided inside the locker room. There are shower cubicles and dressing rooms, there’s also a huge mirror where you can fix yourself once you’re done. All you need to bring is your swimwear and towel, everything else is provided. Oh, and taking photos once you get inside the locker room is not allowed. You can bring your towels in the pool area because there’s a shelf where you can place them. We left ours inside the lockers though and just came back for it when we took some rest on the lounge chairs.

The night before, I did some research on what to wear because I heard they’re very strict when it comes to the attire. Well, it’s understandable why. If you’re wearing anything that’s loose, there’s a possibility that it might fall off due to the high water pressure. It’s a good thing I bought a rash guard in Market Market (for only ₱350. Wink wink.) before going there. Mine is pretty tight (I had a hard time taking it off before going to shower. LOL!) but it’s still went up a few times due to the pressure. Even my swimsuit bottom moved around a bit so I can’t imagine how you’d be comfortable wearing a 2-piece swimsuit here. I think rash guards and 1-piece suits are highly recommended. Also, if you’re going to wear a rash guard, make sure that you’re wearing a swimsuit top / bikini top underneath. Wearing a bra underneath your rash guard is also not allowed. The staff won’t let you out otherwise. You can rent a padded swimsuit top from them for only ₱100. It’s not that expensive but it’s still better to come prepared so as not to incur any extra cost. 🙂

You have 4 hours at the spa but that is already too long. We were surprised to find out that after trying out the different facilities, only an hour has passed. My favorite though was the Waist Jet Massage, I kept coming back to that! Next was the Bubble Bed, because it was too comfortable! Oh and the Lazy River! I think I did 6 or more rounds there! I was just lying on top of the floater, letting the water carry me around. LOL. Soooo relaxing. We spent quite a long time at the Hot Herbal Pools as well. I tried all, but I think the Lavender Pool was too hot. It was at 40 degree Celsius! I just managed to dip my legs into it. I do have a question though, how can people in movies and dramas chat with each other in saunas?! I can barely breathe inside the steam and sauna! I was just using gestures to speak to my friends cause I can’t talk! Hahaha! The cold pool was REALLY COLD. We did go there though after the hot pools because it’s a must! 🙂 There are some facilities, though that hurt! I’m looking at you, Eight Nozzle Shower. If the source of the water composed of small holes, then expect it to hurt. LOL!

There’s a free water dispenser on both sides of the pool area to re-hydrate yourself, especially after hanging out at the hot herbal pools, steam or sauna. We didn’t take 4 hours, but maybe more or less just 3 hours. By 6pm, we decided to go back to the locker room and take a shower. Before leaving, we took photos! 🙂 We were so hungry so we ate at Lee Hak Buffet Restaurant which is just on the next street.

Ace Water Spa is definite a must-experience if you like pampering yourself through spas and massages. I definitely enjoyed my 3-hour stay there! 🙂

Can’t really take pictures while you’re inside so all these were taken outside and from the café lounge.

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