Boracay in the New Normal: Weekends at Puka Beach!

I will write a separate blog about what activities you can do in Boracay during the new normal. Or at least those that we’ve done, or maybe those activities that you can do if it is not your first time in Boracay. But for now, I want to put a spotlight on Puka Beach. I initially didn’t want to do a blog for Puka Beach because I don’t think there’s really a lot to say about it. But we ended up going here twice, once in Feb and again in March and we have tons of photos so I want to make a separate post about it. ^^

Puka Beach is normally included in the island hopping activity being offered by boatmen. I, myself, have been to Puka Beach during my first time in Boracay back in 2014 as part of the island-hopping activity. Funny though because I have a different recollection of Puka Beach. I seriously can’t remember which part of Puka Beach we went to because I remember going inside a small cave and I can’t find that anywhere in Puka Beach.

Anyway, even if you do not purchase an island-hopping package, you can still go to Puka Beach via land travel. When we went in February, we were coming from City Mall in Diniwid so it was closer, so we only paid PHP20 per person. During our second time, we came from our accommodation in Station 1, which is around 5km from the beach and the tricycle driver asked for PHP150, which what you normally pay when you are renting the entire tricycle to go from place to place in Boracay. Going back, there are tricycles waiting outside Puka Beach and it’s just up to you to negotiate depending on where your destination is.

There is no entrance fee to Puka Beach. Just like any other places that are open during the new normal, you need to log in and get your temperature taken before going to the beach.

When you enter, there will be a lot of people offering lunch, or buko juice with banig (LOL. I will explain, ok?). Please know that since Puka Beach is a tourist attraction, everything here is going to be expensive. I mean, it is pretty obvious when you see the prices posted on the restaurants located near the entrance. When we went here in February, we weren’t that prepared and we didn’t even bring any water with us, so we became parched at some point. They are selling buko here for PHP150. For comparison, you can buy buko for PHP50 in White Beach. The advantage though is that you can stay in their banigs if you purchase their buko, so that’s not so bad.

What we didn’t like is the deception. When we asked why the buko was so expensive, they said that they get these coconuts from Carabao Island (in Romblon, which you can see from Puka Beach). They were like, they can’t get coconuts from the trees in Puka Beach. But later on, we saw them climbing a tree, getting three coconuts to replace the ones we bought. That really left a sour taste in my mouth, so just be careful when you’re dealing with the sellers here. I get that they are just trying to earn money, but please don’t say shitty things like you get the coconuts from Carabao Island. LOL.

We pretty much stayed in that area the entire time which is probably halfway through the 800m stretch of Puka Beach. We arrived at around 10am and left at around 3pm when we go hungry. LOL.


When we went back in March, we were more prepared because we woke up early, and had breakfast before going. So, we didn’t spend anything on any food or drinks at Puka Beach.

This time around, we decided to walk further to the rock formations and the caves. I was so in awe when I saw this gorge! It’s definitely gorgeous! Haha! We really enjoyed taking photos at the rock formations and the caves. It’s also like having your own hidden private beach, but as usual, since this is Puka Beach, the waves are quite strong.

We stayed here for a few hours until we had a surprise encounter with a snake. A whole photoshoot inside the cave was ongoing when we saw a slim snake. We were literally scared, but it’s a good thing that it was swallowed by the waves and resurfaced on the other side of the cave. That’s when we took the time to escape the cave. That was pretty scary and dangerous! So yes, if you ever go to this side of Puka Beach, just now that there might be snakes!

It just pissed me off how a corporation like PAL can own a freaking rock formation. These should not belong to anyone!



We always enjoy our days at Puka Beach! We always stay here for hours and yet, there are only a handful of people around. It is almost like having your own private beach. Going to Puka Beach is a must when you are in Boracay!

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