Aug 18: Procrastination

What have you been putting off doing? Why?

Exercising. I posted a few quarantine diaries back that I will be starting yoga again. I even pulled out my yoga mat from under the bed and cleaned it because I wanted to start doing it again. I have also downloaded an app where I can follow some yoga routines but months later, I still haven’t really gotten into it. Definitely the main reason I’m putting it off is that I am really not into exercising or working out. I can literally count how many times I went to the gym or did some sort of exercise class. The most exercise that I do is when I walk to work and back home when I was still going to the office. But of course, I haven’t been doing that since I’m stuck at home. I haven’t really done any sort of exercise for 5 months, so I really want to get started on it. I thought that putting out my yoga mat will get me into it but it didn’t. I really need more motivation. I do hope I can get to it before the month ends. I checked the app I downloaded and there are so many routines that’s below 10 minutes so I’m pretty sure I can squeeze that into my day to day schedule.

Another one is reading. I talked about on a previous writing prompt that I need to read more. I’m sad to announce (LOL) that I have not made any progress since. Well, kind of like with exercising. LOL. I did start reading a book last weekend since we have no internet at home and can’t really do any sort of streaming. (I do have mobile data but that’s not super reliable and you need to be wary of how much bandwidth you’re using.) So yeah, I think at least I have started on this one. Just need to actually finish the book I’m reading.

Sadly, yes, I do procrastinate a lot. I was complaining to a friend last weekend that I’m bored at home and he got mad at me. He said that he doesn’t understand why anyone would get bored, there are a million of things you can do, and so little time. The problem with me is that I have some things I can do. I can get started on exercising and reading. I can also finish the wallpapering task I want to do in the kitchen. But I lack motivation. So he concluded that I’m not bored, I’m lazy. Which is true. I think for the past few months, I have actually tried to get myself super busy with projects, with hobbies – old and new. It’s to get my mind off other things and to entertain myself while staying home. But you know, sometimes, you just lose all motivation to get up and do something. Last weekend was one of the days when I just felt a bit crazy. I told another friend that I think I’m at my limit at this staying home thing. I know I will get over it in a few days, but you know, sometimes the melancholia just gets to you.

Now I’m just making excuses. LOL. Anyway, maybe I need to do some sort of quarantine schedule so I can really make time for these activities. Hopefully, a schedule plus motivation will be the key.

Inspired by this ebook, “365 Days of Writing Prompts” posted here.

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