Aug 2: Origin Story

Why did you start your blog? Is that still why you blog, or has your site gone in a different direction than you’d planned?

Man, this will be a long story because I have gone from blog to blog to blog to blog to blog. And I’m totally exposing myself today. LOL.

I started my first blog on Blogdrive (which is now Blogdrives – with an S LOL) in 2004. It’s still up actually and the start date is on the profile so I know when it is exactly. I literally started a blog because I was such a fangirl. My first blog was about KPOP, CPOP, JPOP – things that I was so into back then. Like, it’s fangirling on every post! I can’t bring myself to delete that though, because no matter how cringey and problematic some of my posts were, I worked hard on some of them because I used to detailed drama reviews, like complete with screenshots and commentaries. They definitely look ugly now that Photobucket has watermarked almost all of them, but I don’t know, I can’t delete that blog!

HAHAHAHA SO CRINGEY!!!!! The first photo was my banner on I think.

I also tried Yahoo 360 at some point, but that was very brief. (LOL, Yahoo 360 was also just active for a brief period of time.) That platform just disappeared so I was not able to back up any of the stuff I wrote there. But better to forget about those anyway. I created a Yahoo 360 blog to write about some more private stuff since Blogdrive is so public. Yahoo 360 was launched in 2005, which is the same year I had my first boyfriend so go figure. (But some of the boyfriend stuff, I’m pretty sure it’s on Blogdrive as well. You just need to go through 6 years of posts and 100 pages of posts. LOL. Apparently, I have 1040 posts on Blogdrive.

In 2010, I decided to officially say goodbye to Blogdrive and focus on Multiply. Sadly, Multiply also closed in 2013. I loved Multiply, I met so many friends there and I just love that you get to separate everything – blogs, photo albums, reviews, videos, links, etc. I think it’s the best platform I’ve used.

And then we have Tumblr, I was keeping this alongside Multiply. I just feel like they have different purposes, you know. Because Tumblr is more for like instant blogging, I don’t really write anything long in there. They are mostly screenshots and captions. I literally just changed the theme (just to the first cute theme I saw, didn’t really put so much thought into it) even if I don’t use it because I’ve had the Facebook them for a so long. It’s so crazy that I have 1205 pages on my Tumblr! Thank goodness for the Archive feature, because that makes it easier to find the first post! I still have my Tumblr up, but I rarely update it. I do share some WordPress posts to that Tumblr.

First Tumblr post on Oct 12, 2010. LOL! I basically started Tumblr because I really said that “it’s not much of a work hazard” HAHAHAHA

When Multiply closed, I migrated everything from there to Blogspot / Blogger. Just because when you have Gmail, you already have access to everything Google. Good thing it was an easy import, but I didn’t really publish everything. The more personal ones are kept in my hard drive. And I think when I moved to Blogspot, I kind of stopped writing about personal stuff and just wrote about travels, often times, reviews. I’ve been posting on there exclusively until I decided to revisit WordPress on Sept 2019, and then I exported everything from Blogspot to WordPress. I still have the Blogspot posts, but they all have been switched to private. Pretty much, the content is just the same and I just continued everything there. WordPress is also still up and linked to this blog.

And now, we’re here. I finally decided to pay for a web hosting platform and get my own domain in May 2020. I just continued everything here as well and I basically just needed more space for photos. My blogs have always been about anything and everything. They say choose a niche for your blog, but I guess that means me. I may not write about KPOP, etc., anymore but I still write about stuff that interests me and I still do a lot of reviews, because I always have so much to say.

Some friends have told me to start vlogging, because I do these 20-second clips during my travels or just when I feel like it when I’m walking home (and I think people find them funny – I have received some good feedback LOL). But I don’t know, I’m not doing this to get popular or for money. I like writing (even if I’m not so good at it) because it’s therapeutic for me. There’s nothing better than writing down your thoughts and then reading them all over again at a later time. I’ve been keeping blogs for 16 years now and I am positive I will be doing it for more years to come.

Inspired by this ebook, “365 Days of Writing Prompts” posted here.

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