Ate Tam went home to her parents’ house in Palompon over the Labor Day long weekend so Ate Rina and I tagged along. We decided on this only last March so the airfare was kinda pricey but it’s all worth it. (Huge thanks to GetGo points! Hahaha!) Kalanggaman Island is seriously beautiful. It’s one of the most beautiful beaches I have seen in my entire life. For the next 4 days, all we did was eat, sleep and take photos. This is the life!

Yung nawalan na ko ng lipstick sa dami ng kinain ko pagdating namin sa Leyte!

We left the house at around 11:00 AM and got to the ferry terminal around 30 minutes later. However, there were a lot of tourists waiting for a boat. So when we got there, we went to Ate Tam’s uncle’s place to have lunch first. We rode a “potpot”, which is basically a pedicab, without the full coverage. LOL!

We spent a little less than an hour there and then went back to the port. I think we were able to get on the boat (finally!) at around 2:00 PM. Huhu. But that’s fine at least when we arrived at Kalanggaman Island, it wasn’t super hot anymore. Anyway, before we left, there were some guidelines mentioned to us. The two rules that stood out were: (1) Do not leave any trash on the island. Just put them all in a bag and then bring them back to the port. (2) No use of soap or shampoo while on the island. You can take a shower in the bathroom at the port. This totally makes sense because whatever soapy water you use, it will just go back to the sea. The same sea that you swim in. So while there, we totally abide by this. No matter how sticky our hair got. Also, the water that comes out of the faucet is seawater so it doesn’t really help much. We took a shower when we got back to Ate Tam’s house in Tabunok.

Ngiting tagumpay dahil nakasakay na ng boat!

So upon arriving at the island, the first order of business was to eat. Yes lechon! Ok seriously, these guys really love their lechon. During my 4 days in Leyte, I ate lechon very single day. By the fourth day, I actually turned it down because I just can’t eat it anymore. LOL!

After lunch, swimming time! I just can’t take the heat anymore and since I was wearing my bikini underneath my clothes, I just took my skirt off and ran to the water. Oh my goodness, it feels so good to be swimming in the sea after many hours under the sun.

Under the sea~

We stayed in the water for hours and only re-surfaced during sunset cause we wanted to take photos.

I am super in love the colors of the sunset here. It’s kind of a long walk from the edge of the sandbar to where our tent is so by the time we got back, it was already dark. Mind you, there’s no electricity in Kalanggaman. We had solar lamps with us so there was enough light in our area. (I heard from my friend’s mom that most people in Leyte bought solar lamps after the typhoon Yolanda.)

Warning: A LOT of sunset photos. HAHAHAHAHA.

And since it’s already dark…

We took a shower (Good thing my friend’s mom brought fresh water! So prepared!) just to rinse off the saltwater. We couldn’t use any soap or shampoo so we still felt a bit sticky after that shower. LOL. It’s fine since we’re living the island / camp life anyway. Most of the people around us were drinking and so, I did, too. I had one bottle of Pale Pilsen and felt sleepy almost soon after. LOL.

It was kind of humid that night. We turned our tent many times just so we could find where the direction of the wind was but to no avail. We even left our tent’s door open but it’s still so hot. When I woke up at 4am the next day, half my head was out the door. Hahaha. I kept waking up but still felt like I slept enough. ^^

We waited for the sunrise, then had coffee and suman and then it’s swimming time again! I think it wasn’t even 6:00 am yet when started swimming. The sea was just too inviting! Too bad, we had to step out not too long after cause there were sea urchins and jellyfish everywhere. Too scary. We decided to tour the island instead and took pictures everywhere.

Before the jellyfish fiasco LOL
Trees โค
More trees โค

Ok, the other side of the island is definitely more organized than where the tents are. The wooden tents looks pretty nice and I totally loved the tree house! There’s also more toilet cubicles there. We wanted to rent a bike to go around with but we didn’t bring any money. We literally just brought ourselves and our cameras. There’s also a sandbar on that end but it’s kinda scary to go there cause of the current. We just admired it from afar. LOL.

Those are the wooden tents! Medyo pricey lang!
The other sandbar on the other side.

Since we couldnโ€™t bike, we walked back to the other side of the island. So, more photos at the beautiful beach. <3

Pa-try lang ng ganito HAHAHA

When it was no longer low tide, we went swimming again! Yay! I took the time to do some tanning. I know, right? As if I’m not tan enough. Hahaha. And of course, more photo shoot.

Time flew by really fast after that. We took a shower, dressed up, ate halo-halo (YUM!) and visited the sand bar during high tide. Ok, that was totally buwis buhay. Not long after, our boat has arrived and it was time to go home. ๐Ÿ™

Super picture heavy! Probably the best beach I’ve been to so far. I wanna go back!

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