This was the weather in Naga when we arrived 😦

We arrived in Naga at around 1:00 PM. Huhu. We woke up so early that morning but half the day has passed. But that doesn’t end there, we probably spent half of this trip traveling. It was nice to visit different parts of Bicol though. Anyway, upon arriving in Naga, our first order of business was to have lunch. We went to SM Naga since that’s right next to the bus terminal. We ate lunch at Biggs! One thing we’re proud of is that we ate at restaurants that can only be found in Bicol. That place is pretty cool! If Baguio has 50’s Diner, Bicol has Biggs! After lunch, we took a cab to the terminal where we’ll take the van to Legazpi. It’s the same terminal we went to on the first day. It was also raining in Naga *UGH* so instead of walking like we did the previous day, we had to take the taxi this time around.

LOL. Carrot Man was so famous around this time, hence, the carrot cake. :p
Those shoes are HUGE!
Love how the place looks like!

At least, this time around, we were seated together at the very last row. We also placed our bags at the back so we had some leg room. The van ride took about 3 hours and all we did was sleep. More sleep, more fun! Hahaha! There was an SM Hypermart near the van terminal so we dropped by to grab some stuff and food we needed and also bought some snacks. We then took a tricycle to our hotel – Riserr Residences. It was easy to spot since it’s located on a major road in Legazpi. We checked in to our hotel at around 6:00 PM. Seriously, all we did that day was travel. 🙁

Youth Over Flowers was showing on TV so we stayed and watched a bit.

We took some rest and then left to have dinner. We went to Embarcadero for dinner. Ok, Embarcadero is actually a mall but not far from there is a row of restaurants by the seaside where you can have dinner and do karaoke. We don’t really know how to get there so we took two different jeepneys and 1 tricycle.

Bicol delicacies 🙂

It’s a little scary in that area because there are not many streetlights. There are a lot to choose from but we chose the one that looks best – lot of lights and has a second floor. LOL! It’s just too bad that the weather’s really terrible because it would’ve been nice to dine outside with the view of the sea. But it’s so dark out, you can hear the loud sound of the waves and it’s raining a bit. 🙁 We opted to dine inside upstairs instead. Food was pretty okay, I still liked our food in Caramoan better. Nothing can beat home-cooked meals, I guess. The cocktail that our waiter recommended though was superb. It’s called Blue Hawaiian. It kind reminds me of Central’s Bad Trip but with more pineapple juice. LOL.

This was super delicious!
Mandatory selfie while having dinner 🙂

After dinner, there isn’t really anything to do there and the weather was just so bad so we went back home. In fairness, in the city capitol, there are food stalls where you can try different street food. We didn’t stop to try them though since we were already full. We walked back to our hotel and called it a night.

Seriously, we did nothing on our second day but travel and eat. 🙁

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