Birthday Weekend at Casa Trinidad [2022.11.12-13]

Damn, I kind of miss going on these weeklong (or even two weeks!) birthday travels! I have not gone outside of the country for exactly 3 birthdays! I saw my Dubai birthday travel pictures a few weeks ago and that felt like a lifetime ago. For this year’s birthday celebration, it was a birthday camping weekend at our friend Kathy’s Casa Trinidad!


Casa Trinidad is located at Sta. Ines Road, Tanay, Rizal. If you are familiar with and have been to Palaya Natural Farm, it is located on that same road. Casa Trinidad is roughly 2 kms away from Palaya Natural Farm. Depending on where you are coming from, it takes around 2-3 hours. For the sake of comparison, it took us around 2 hours from Deca Homes in Pasig to Casa Trinidad.


Since we were bringing our own food, we decided to rent a vehicle. Celine was coming from Paranaque so she rented the vehicle from there, while Mine, Irick, and I met up near SM City East Ortigas. It is definitely an advantage if you are in a group that will split the cost of the rental fee. If you are going to commute, it is definitely possible as well. Just a warning though that the jeepneys might not be as rampant, especially now that we are still in a pandemic. Check out my Palaya Natural Farm post to see how you can commute to Sta. Ines Road!

To set your expectation, Sta. Ines Road is a very long road that starts from the San Andres arch. There are still areas wherein the road isn’t cemented. It is definitely more comfortable if you will be in a medium-sized vehicle. But if you will be commuting and will be taking a tricycle from San Andres, prepare for a shaky ride when you get to the rough road.

Opening Hours:

Check-in time is at 1pm and check-out time is at 11am.

Rates and Reservation:

To be honest, I’m not really sure of what the regular rate is because we were given a discount and they also have promos from time to time. As of this writing, they have a promotion for December, 10k for 2 nights during weekdays and 12k for 2 nights during weekends. Feel free to PM their Instagram or Facebook page to reserve.

Here’s a post on their Instagram that details the said promotion, and also gives you an idea of their facilities. It is meant for a private stay so it is recommended for a group of at least 6 people, 3 on each hut. If there will be more people, it is also possible to bring a tent for more room. Their viewing deck also has hammocks, however, I do not recommend sleeping there because it is cold here at night.

Another post from their Instagram! I find the huts really beautiful!

Food Situation:

You will definitely need to do your own grocery shopping before coming here! Ate Kathy told us that the caretaker can help cook for a fee, but she wasn’t available during our stay. This is definitely not a problem because we decided to make our menu simple, which only involved grilling, frying, and boiling.

We arrived at 2pm, so we decided to have an afternoon snack with our bread, crackers, and cheeses. And of course, coffee! It was so convenient because our caretaker already boiled some hot water for us.

We had an early dinner, and we had a boodle fight for this meal! We asked kuyang caretaker for banana leaves that we can use. This was pretty easy because we already cooked our rice in the afternoon. All that was left to do was grill our proteins (fish, chicken, and pork!), blanch our vegetables, and mince our ingredients for the ensalada!

For breakfast the next morning, it was a feast of fried rice, fried eggs, tuna omelette, hotdogs, and leftover ensalada. And of course, coffee and tea.

Before leaving Casa Trinidad, we had lunch first since we checked out at 1pm. We made budaejjigae using our proteins. I think we made the best choice with our menu because all of these were easy to make!

What We Did at Casa Trinidad:

Cake time!

Christmas Card-making

Credit goes to Irick for hosting this card-making session. Irick suggested this because she sends cards to grandparents in homes and asked if we would like to help make them. We did this for roughly 2 hours in the afternoon and I truly enjoyed it. Irick first made a demo on how to use the tools and then we were off on our own. I ended up making 4 cards, and I must say I got better as I made my cards. The last one I made was most definitely my favorite out of the cards I made.

Fencing with the bonfire

After dinner, we ran out of solar power, which meant, no more WIFI! So, we asked our caretaker to start the bonfire. We also made smores! It was so peaceful, just watching the fire and then the beautiful moon, under the stars.

Charades and Taboo game (without internet!)

After the bonfire, it was time for booze and some games! We had wine and sugar, which was supposed to be the punishment, but I was happy to just be drinking even if I was able to guess correctly. I think the game became more interesting because we didn’t have internet so we were thinking of titles and names by just relying on our memory.


As expected, I had a good night’s sleep here! It was totally just the same as when we camped at Palaya Natural Farm. I slept at 1am, and only slept for roughly 4-5 hours but I didn’t feel like I lacked any sleep at all. I slept late and woke up really early, but I felt so energized upon seeing the sea of clouds in the early morning.

Casa Trinidad

Tabing-ilog moments

I was really looking forward to this! The stones in the rivers were so freaking beautiful. The colors were so pleasing to the eyes and the water was so clear. We had the best time getting hydromassage from the river and just doing a floating competition.

Making sure this kitty is not causing any troubles LOL

Casa Trinidad Photo Dump:

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