Boracay Accommodation Review: Campion’s Place

I don’t know why it took me this long to write about Campion’s Place! This was basically our home for the majority of our stay in Boracay. We initially stayed here at the beginning of our trip when Celine was still with us, then we moved to Chillax Flashpackers Boracay where we spent our first month, and then went back here and stayed until mid-May. This was our home for like almost 3 months and we truly felt like family during our entire stay.

Honestly, I don’t know if I have enough photos for this blog because we didn’t really take a lot of photos here. It just really felt like a home. So, I truly apologize if that’s what you’re looking for. LOL. I suggest checking them out on Agoda instead.


Campion’s Place is located in Station 1, very close to Willy’s Rock. To set everyone’s expectation, though this is not a beachfront property. It is located inside Hamsptead Compound. So from the beach, you need to go out into the road, cross to Balabag Plaza and walk to Hampstead Compound. This area has a lot of other accommodations, and I think it is a good location. You are so close to the beach, but don’t need to pay beachfront price. I totally don’t mind it. I do think we pretty lucked out with this place.

You can definitely take a trike going here, but we never really needed to unless we have luggage. I can definitely count on one hand how many times we took the trike to Campion’s Place. We’ve always enjoyed walking to and from the beach.


Campion’s Place has three floors – the family rooms are on the ground floor, and there’s another one on the third floor. The smaller rooms are on the second and third floors. During our first few days, there were four of us so we stayed in one of the family rooms on the ground floor. The family room has two queen beds and it really has super comfy pillows and blankets. Though the rooms are not huge, I think it has pretty much has the basic amenities you need for comfort – there’s TV, mini ref, a place where you can hang clothes and put your luggage in, bathroom with a mirror, hot shower, etc. They also provide toiletries.

Super comfy bed!

During our long-term stay, we stayed in one of the Superior Rooms on the third floor. This accommodation accepts long-term tenants and they normally put them on the third floor, so the ground floor rooms remain free for those who are staying for a shorter period of time. When we moved in back in March, there were already two long-term tenants there and when we left in May, Irick and I were the last ones who left.

Obviously, the Superior Room is much smaller, since it is meant for two people. Since there are three of us, they provided us with an extra bed. They removed it when Gelai went back to Manila at the end of March. The room amenities are pretty much the same, except with just one bed. I think my favorite part of our room is our balcony! It gives us a really amazing view of the beach and I just love hanging out here – whether it’s for a meal, or for working.

I didn’t think I would be so comfortable with hotel living, but I was really comfortable here! We have developed a routine and it didn’t really feel like a vacation, since we were also working at the same time.


They have a pool! It was so cold when we first got here, but we were definitely able to enjoy it during our long-term stay. They were renovating the jacuzzi when we were there, but unfortunately, it was not finished before we left. It is pretty understandable because they kept extending the lockdown during our last month and a half, and the guests kept cancelling due to obvious reasons.


The internet connection was definitely a lot better here. So I think the internet issue at Chillax is a Diniwid problem. LOL. When we first arrived here, they’ve set our expectation that there is usually a maintenance going on at the end of the month. Although it only happened a few times, when there is an issue with the internet, they would inform us. We also didn’t experience any brownouts while we were here.


I love everyone here! Campion’s Place is a family-owned business so most of the staff are all related, except for maybe 2 to 3 people. They were all very friendly and warm, and that was definitely the main reason we came back here after our first month at Chillax. This place really felt like home and we definitely felt like we were part of the family.

I want to share a few moments where it made us say, “Damn, they are really nice people.”

  1. When we moved to Chillax, we left a few stuff so we messaged them on Messenger. They kept it for us so we can pick it up.
  2. When we decided to extend our stay mid-Feb, Gelai ordered some new swimsuits and since we weren’t sure of how long the delivery will take, she used Campion’s Place address. But then it arrived earlier than expected. We messaged Ate Cherry Lou, who is the reservations officer for Campion’s Place, that if a delivery guy comes to kindly keep the parcel, we’ll drop by later to pick it up. We were so surprised because the response was, they asked if it was COD because if it is, they will pay for it. I was like, OMG, these people really do go above and beyond!
  3. I do not remember how many times we had to extend our stay, and since we needed to extend our Boracay QR code, we also need a new reservation showing the new dates. We really did that a lot, but they were always patient with us. For context, the filename of our last voucher was HOTEL VOUCHER (8). LOL.
  4. Whenever they have some sort of celebration or gathering, they would always include us. Sometimes, we would share a few bottles of beer with Ate Cherry Lou and Rio (one of the staff). They even did a despedida party for us. That was so sweet and touching huhu. They did it like two weeks before we actually left (because we were supposed to leave then, but our flight got canceled again LOL). Like, I have never experienced that anywhere before! They are fun to drink with and man, I super enjoyed those games! I am definitely doing King Cup with my friends when we can! Haha!

I guess my point is – they go above and beyond! For the first two items, we weren’t even staying there at the time, but they didn’t hesitate to accommodate our request. When we left, I was trying hard not to cry. They were our family for 3 months and they’re just such amazing people. I only have good words for them.

Also, shout out to Illy, the house doggo!!! He is super cute! And there was one time, the gate was closed cause they didn’t know we were out, but Illy totally saved the day! He was on the second floor but ran down to the gate, so Rio followed and opened it for us. I love him!

I accidentally clicked on their profile on Messenger a few days ago, so I chatted a bit with Ate Cherry Lou. Unfortunately, since Boracay is also in MECQ, they had a lot of cancelled bookings again. I really hope the situation gets better for the small business in Boracay.


Campion’s Place’s location is amazing, so obviously, you also have a lot of food options around! Most Station 1 restaurants are walking distance from here. The best options I think, though, are Andok’s and Kolai Mangyan, because you can literally eat here everyday. So much variety in the menu for a really reasonable price. If you prefer restaurants in Station 2 and 3, they’re just a trike away! Or walk on the beach – it’s closer that way!

They also have a menu, so you can also order from them, but of course, food from an accommodation is always more expensive than normal because you’re also paying for convenience. During our first few days, our reservation included free breakfast and man, we were dreaming of that bangsilog even after we moved to Chillax. One time, we had to leave early for our paraw sailing activity so we didn’t have breakfast. I think breakfast is only until 10am, so I messed Ate Cherry Lou on Messenger to prepare our breakfast while walking back from the beach, and it was so cool of them to accommodate that. They are always so flexible with requests and that’s what I love about them!


Haha, I just had to make a separate category for this. So when you check in, they provide a welcome drink and this is by far the best welcome drink I’ve had so far. It’s cucumber and lemon, and that was freaking refreshing! We just had to order it one more time during our first few days.

They also do happy hour from 5-8pm, but of course, it stopped during the height of the lockdown. There is no drink that I did not enjoy from the bar! Even during those minor celebrations and despedida party, they would make drinks for us and they’re always so so good!

Mojitos in the afternoon are always a good idea! Irick and I literally down this glass while waiting for our turn in the shower. LOL.


OF COURSE! Campion’s Place might not be a glamorous, bougee resort like, let’s say, Henann, however, the people, service, and comfort here totally make up for everything. It’s like having a vacation with your family and friends! If you are working remotely, then it is the perfect place for that as well. I didn’t have any issues at all with the internet connection. I would normally work from the balcony or our table inside the room. Since there were not a lot of guests when we were there, Gelai would sometimes work on the second floor. I mean, honestly, if my friends didn’t want to come home, I truly would have stayed here longer. I would definitely go back here as well!

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