Boracay in the New Normal: Where to Eat (Part 1)

Since we have been staying in Boracay for almost 2 months now, we have definitely eaten at tons of restaurants on the island. We don’t do this everyday (mostly during weekends only) so I’m surprised that we have tried so many of them. I was originally planning to do this blog at the end of the trip, once I have listed down all the restaurants and have organized them per area. But then, might as well just write about them as we go along (before I forget about what I want to say about each one). We are still in Boracay so I might update these as well, if we ever go back to the restaurants in the first part of the list.

1) Palm Tree at Henann Palm Beach Resort (Station 2)

Address: Beachfront, Station 2, Boracay Island, Malay, 5608 Aklan

We ate here twice. First was during Gelai and I’s stay at Henann Palm Beach and then we brought Irick and Celine here a few days later for dinner as well. They have these dinner sets that cost PHP295 starting at 6pm. It’s so sulit because you get a main course with rice, plus two desserts. The drink is not included though so you will need to buy that separately. There are only four options, though, chicken inasal, pork barbecue, seafood skewers, and steak. I tried both the chicken inasal and seafood skewers. I would recommend this because I would say it is one of the best beachfront eats in Boracay.

On our second time eating here, we arrived earlier than 6pm because we wanted to watch the sunset as well. Unfortunately, they strictly start these dinner sets at 6pm – no exceptions. So, what we did was order drinks while waiting, as we watch the sunset, and then ordered our food at 6pm.

By the way, this is also where they serve the free breakfast if you are staying at Henann Palm Beach.

2) Andok’s (Station 1, 2, and 3)

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think there is one Andok’s per station, LOL. I cannot count how many times we have eaten at Andok’s and we are probably going to eat there in the coming days, too. We are currently staying somewhere close to Andok’s in Station 1 and we eat there almost everyday. I cannot get enough of chicken, you guys, because I feel like we mostly ate pizza during our first month and I don’t think I ever bought chicken in any of my carinderia runs in Diniwid.

We would also sometimes walk all the way to Station 3 to swim and take photos so we have eaten a few times at the Station 3 branch as well. We ate one time at the one at D-Mall (Station 2) just so we can say we have eaten at all 3. I would say we are now regulars at the Station 1 branch. We are there almost everyday. I mean, what can I say about Andok’s? Andok’s is Andok’s! No further explanation needed. It is open for 21 hours (only closed from 1am-4am because of the curfew) and if you are looking for your Filipino favorites and don’t want to pay a lot of money, then this is the place to go! It is definitely highly recommended. Haha.

3) Kolai Mangyan (Station 1)

Address: 223 Boracay Hwy Central, Malay, Aklan

Another restaurant where we are regulars. LOL. During weekdays, we are either eating or buying take outs from here or Andok’s. I think their bestsellers are bulasing (bulalong sinigang) and budbud (kind of like rice toppings). Budbud special is the best! It’s a rice meal with ground pork and beef, egg, kikiam, and french fries. They have a lot of food options, they have silogs, sulit meals, pasta, etc. I also like their main con yelo better than Andok’s, because the ice is so much finer. It’s super convenient because it is right next to Andok’s. Both with lots of meal options at a very affordable price. They also have a branch in Station 2 but we’ve never been.

4) Paraw Beach Club (Station 1)

Address: Boracay Hwy Central, Malay, Aklan

Paraw Beach Club is a Boracay classic. I remember partying here with my friends back in 2014 and it was such a crazy night. We were all sweaty from dancing and got really really drunk, we had a very bad hangover during our paraw island hopping the next morning. LOL. It doesn’t look the same since during the rehabilitation, I guess. It is much smaller than I remember.

During this trip, we’ve gone here three times but mostly during sunset sessions. Since this is beachfront, you have a good view of the sunset while having drinks and some food. I know that they have a DJ, but we haven’t really stayed here until dinner to actually experience their “night life” under the new normal. I enjoyed their mocktails, pizza, onion rings, and French fries. My friend didn’t like her iced coffee.

Edit: We went back here two more times in April during the ECQ because it was one of the few places that were open in our area. Irick ordered their clubhouse sandwich and I tasted it because she gave the chicken breast fillet inside the sandwich and it was good. But they recently started doing buy 1 take 1 pizza as well. So when you buy any pizza, it includes a free pizza Margherita. Other restaurants do this as well, like Globy’s and Nigi Nigi Nu Noos, but we love the pizza in Paraw so this was a really good deal! We ordered a vegetarian pizza (because we have previously tried their tuna pizza and margherita) and of course, got our free margherita. It was just Irick and I so we literally had 8 slices each. An entire pizza for each of us. LOL.

We also had our usual happy hour drinks. It was actually my first time to try their cocktails, because the other times we went here, I’ve only tried their mocktails. Since it’s happy hour, they have buy 1 take 1 cocktails as well. I ordered tequila sunrise, and the first glass was quite strong. Immediately, I was pretty buzzed. And I just kept drinking it while waiting for our pizza. I was almost done with the first glass when our pizzas arrived. The second one was more tolerable because I already had food in me. I ended up eating 7 slices of pizza that night. It was just so good!!!

5) The Pig Out Bistro / Maya’s Filipino & Mexican Cuisine (Station 1)

Address: Station 1, Balabag, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan

Ok, I think I need to explain. Pig Out, Maya’s, Jony’s Fruit Shake, and Jony’s Beach Resort are owned by the same family. That’s why all these businesses are in one place. Pig Out used to be in a different location (near Astoria) but it has since closed down, but you can still order their food at Maya’s. So basically, when you go to Maya’s they will give you three menus – Pig Out, Maya’s, and Jony’s. This is just confusing if you are doing Dutch pay because splitting the service charge will be a pain in the ass. I am the resident accountant and I had to tell my friends, let’s just pay for now and I will compute it when we get back in the room. HAHA.

This is one of my favorites in Boracay. We actually had dinner here only once, but we went back a few times for some fruit shakes and their creme brulee. We had Irick’s birthday dinner and we ordered their seafood paella along with some appetizers. The paella was super savory and there were 4 of us, but we still had leftovers that we ate the next day. We shared the creme brulee and it is easily one of the best desserts I’ve eaten that we went back for it one more time during a sunset session, while having our fruit shakes.

I think I have found my fave fruit shake – Pineapple Mint! It’s the only drink I order every time we go here! I have also convinced Irick and Gelai to try it, and they liked it, too. It is in Station 1 and really close to where we are currently staying so we pass by this place all the time, too. It’s a fave celebrity spot, too, so most likely, you will be able to see some celebrities dining here. Just keep your eyes peeled.

Edit: 07/05/2021

We ended up eating here a few more times since I originally posted this. We celebrated our 100th day in Boracay here, wherein I tried their wings-all-you-can back in April for PHP390. Apparently, there is a one-hour time limit. I was actually doing pretty good with my first batch of wings but it took around 15 minutes for the second batch to be served so I kind of lost my momentum. LOL. I ended up only finishing two servings of chicken wings. I really liked the garlic parmesan flavor, the Jack Daniel flavor was too sweet for me. Also, I wish I didn’t finish all the onion rings during the first serving! There were no onion rings on every serving!

We also worked here because they serve coffee as well. It’s not on the menu, but if you ask the server, she will tell you what’s available. They also have that unlimited coffee + wifi available during specific hours. Actually, if you go here during the day on weekdays, the second floor is like a freaking coworking space because everyone is working. LOL.

6) CityMall Boracay – Jollibee, Highlands Coffee, Mang Inasal, Chowking (Diniwid)

Address: Boracay Tambisaan Jetty Port Rd, Malay, Aklan

I decided to just put CityMall here because they have a food court where they have Jollibee, Highland Coffee, Mang Inasal, and Chowking. CityMall is actually owned by Double Dragon Properties, aka also owns Jollibee Food Corp. That’s why you can find them all here. We noticed though that the prices are definitely more expensive. Jollibee is pretty much the same as everywhere. Chowking though was very annoying. The manager was prioritizing foreigners, even if you were in line first and they have the slowest service ever. There was one time I had to wait 25 minutes for a small halo-halo. I was really pissed, I had to call them out for that. I guess it was the final straw for me after a few bad experiences.

Mang Inasal, on the other hand, is a different story. The service was really fast, they already have everything prepared and they will give you your order before you even leave the counter (well, except for the halo-halo cause they need to assemble it). When you purchase the meal with unli rice, they will give you two large bowls of rice on the onset. Unlike in Manila where they give you the tiniest scoop. LOL.

7) Nigi Nigi Nu Noos Boracay (Station 2)

Address: Station 2, White Beach Manggayad, Boracay Island

This is probably one of the most sulit restaurants we’ve been to during our entire stay here. We arrived here at around 6pm on a Saturday night so we were just in time for happy hour. Dude, everything is buy 1 take 1! Both our cocktails and pizzas were “buy 1 take 1”. We totally dig the vibe because we were informed that it mostly caters to the older crowd, which is totally us. LOL. There was a band that started playing at 7pm and they played mostly old music so we really enjoyed it. I think what I remember the most from what we ordered here was the kangkong pizza – I have not seen that anywhere else. Since it was buy 1 take 1, we had one margherita and one kangkong pizza, which we obviously didn’t finish. LOL.

We definitely went home drunk and had to take a trike directly to Chillax, because we didn’t have the energy to walk home. LOL. Oh and btw, they have free ice cream for every meal! Love this place!

8) Monty’s Bar and Restaurant (Diniwid)

Address: Diniwid Rd, Malay Aklan, Boracay, Philippines, 5608

One of our favorite restaurants in Boracay! It’s a small restaurant located in Diniwid, very close to Chillax Flashpackers. We ate here about 3 times when we were still staying there since it was so close, but we had to go back to this a few days ago because we were missing their pasta. I think they have the best pasta I have eaten in Boracay. It wasn’t too “heavy” or bland, unlike what we have tried in other restaurants. It is located in a residential area so it might not be as popular as the ones in the beachfront, but I’m telling you, it is worth the trike or the walk.

I guess the only disadvantage is that you need to have patience as you have to wait for quite a while for your order. Do not come here when you are super hungry! They are a small business so they have a small kitchen and I think they only have one cook. But she makes the best pasta so it is worth the wait. We’ve tried most of their pasta dishes – seafood, tuna, and bacon chili – ALL SUPER GOOD! Irick also raves about their vegetable curry and I have also tried their chicken wrap and silog. We also usually order their veggie spring rolls for appetizer, while waiting for our dishes.

For drinks, we normally order their coffee shake, and one time I didn’t want to have coffee, I tried their pineapple shake and I loved it because it’s milky. Seriously, there is nothing we ordered here that I didn’t like.

Mishel, one of the staff, always welcomes us with a smile and amazing customer service. She also never fails to greet us every time we’d pass by the restaurant. I kind of want to drop by for one last time before we go home.

9) True Home Bistro (Station 1)

Address: True Home Hotel, Balabag, Boracay, Malay, Philippines, 5608

Since this is located near Willy’s Rock, it’s one of those restaurants that we have been seeing since we arrived in Boracay. We tried it one Friday and they have a gin and tonic day every Friday at the restaurant. Since I was still working that evening, I ordered Pilsen instead, but Irick and Gelai ordered a glass to share. It is a big glass of gin and tonic so I will give them that. But they both said that it almost tasted like water. The food though was really good! We ordered a margherita pizza, pad thai, cacio e peppe, and brownies with ice cream. Their margherita pizza is definitely one of our favorites on the island.

10) Real Coffee (Station 2)

Address: 2/F, Sea World Station 2, Balabag, Boracay, Aklan Philippines 

Since it is Irick’s first time in Boracay, we had to introduce her to calamansi muffin, thus, we went to Real Coffee for some merienda before having buffet dinner at Sea Breeze. LOL. I have never been a fan of calamansi muffin, I don’t really like sour food anyway. Since we were going to a dinner buffet in just a few hours, I decided to refrain from eating and just ordered drinks. I ordered the calamansi-pineapple shake, which is quite good. I haven’t really tried any of their meals here, but it’s a good hangout place. Their dining area is on the second floor so you have a good view of the beach while waiting for the sunset, or if you just want to do some people watching.

I will end Part 1 here. Will write about 10 restaurants per post so I think there will be three parts to this. 28 places have been listed so far and we have about 2 more weeks here (unless we extend again) so I’m sure I will be adding more to that list.

I finally finished the whole series so here are the other parts: Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5