Boracay in the New Normal: Where to Eat (Part 2)

Part 2 of my list of restaurants we tried in Boracay! Missed Part 1? I think I will end up doing until Part 4 because we are staying until the end of April.

11) Sea Breeze Cafe (Station 2)

Address: Henann Regency Resort and Spa, Beachfront, Station 2 Balabag Boracay Islan Boracay, 5608 Aklan

We just had to try Henann’s famous buffet! We went in Feb 2021 and the price of the buffet was PHP699. If you would like to have unlimited drinks as well, you just need to add a certain amount – I forgot how much it was. Since we are still in the middle of a pandemic, the way they did it was, you can’t actually get the food yourself. There are people in the stations to get your food, you just need to tell them what you what, I also tell them how many I want so I don’t end up with food I can’t finish. I didn’t want to eat anything heavy, so I stayed away from the meat and pasta section. I ate a lot of seafood, sushi, fried food, and dessert.

It was a mistake to go to the dessert area after my second plate and I think that was the end of my buffet adventure that night. I only ended up finishing 4 full plates. Is it worth it? I would say so. I mean, it is still less expensive than the buffets we have in Manila.

12) Ambassador’s Al Fresco Restaurant (Station 1)

Address: Ambassador in Paradise Resort, Station 1, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, Philippines 5608 Malay, Philippines

We went here twice. The first one was for an afternoon snack and refreshments, and the second time was for breakfast. Al Fresco Restaurant is Ambassador in Paradise’s restaurant. It’s hard to miss this place in Station 1 because it’s so orange and has a lot of coconut trees in front. I was actually drawn to this place one afternoon because of their bakery. But then, Gelai and I ended up having a Margherita pizza and pineapple shakes for snack. We just walked from Diniwid that hot afternoon, had quite a long photo sesh at the smiley palm trees on the way and really just wanted some drinks because we were feeling parched. So, we ended up here. Their pizza was good and we totally enjoyed our drink but we had to eat fast because we were chasing the sunset.

We had breakfast here during one morning when we literally went out at 7am, took pictures and then got hungry. This was one of the places that were already open and was nearby. They have guests in the resort so we’re sure they were open for breakfast. We had pancakes and iced coffee. Their food is decently priced, and I wouldn’t really mind going back a third time.

Also a side note, Ambassador in Paradise looks really pretty! Love the design of the building where their rooms are!

13) Dos Mestizos (Station 1)

Address: Main Road Station 1 5608 Boracay, Philippines

Okay, this will probably be controversial. I’m sure it’s a very unpopular opinion since this is such a famous restaurant in Boracay. We didn’t like it. I mean, if you are a huge fan of Dos Mestizos and think it’s the best restaurant in the island then so be it. Personally, though, coming here once was enough and I’m sure I will not go back. I think the prices are too high for what it is. We literally had one main dish, an appetizer and a dessert (leche flan), plus our drinks and it was a lot. For almost the same price, we can have like 4 dishes in a good restaurant like Los Indios Bravos or the restaurant at Fairways and Bluewater, where the food is actually better.

My friends each had a cocktail and I had two bottles of Pale Pilsen. Of course, I had no issues with my beer, Pilsen is Pilsen. My friend, Irick, had a caipirinha. It was in a huge glass, but she said you can barely taste any alcohol. My friend, Gelai, had a sangria, which was in a small glass. I mean, we were warned about the size of it when we ordered so no complaint about that.

We ordered an appetizer for around 200 pesos and it was literally three balls, for the three of us. We were laughing because luckily, it was perfect for us three, but what if there were 4 of you, one person will not have an appetizer. LOL.

Anyway, so we waited for our paella. I guess, we had really high hopes because we read reviews about how good their paellas and tapas are. After seeing the size and tasting it, we were disappointed. I don’t know if it’s because we tried Maya’s paella and really loved that and we couldn’t help but compare. Or maybe, to each their own. Maybe some people love Dos Mestizos’ paella more. But if I am recommending, I would suggest going Maya’s instead for seafood paella. It’s cheaper, the size is bigger, there’s more seafood, more savory and tasty.

Also, I think this is one of the few places who do not have service water (the only other place we’ve been to that didn’t was Om Boracay). You need to buy their water, which is Summit in a glass bottle. So bougie, but eek, it’s just water.

I guess, maybe we weren’t their target clientele or whatever. We didn’t mind splurging on food if it was worth it, but in this case, it just wasn’t. I also want to say that our first host, Dan from Chillax, had a few recommendations and this was not on his list. After that dinner, we understood why. I have to commend their staff though, because they were nice. And they have free bread while waiting for your order so that’s a nice touch.

14) Back Beach Burgers (Station 1)

Address: Zetro Adventures Amusement Park & Food Hub

Irick saw them on Facebook and seeing that they are located in Zetro, we decided to go one weekend. We were staying in Diniwid then and we could walk to Zetro. I ordered their crispy chicken burger + fries (PHP250 + 50) while Irick had their vegetarian burger (PHP 250) + fries. This is probably one of the best burgers I have eaten. It’s huge, I ended up eating half the day we ordered and the other half for lunch the next day. Even a day later, the chicken breast fillet was still so crispy and the burger was still so tasty. The crispy chicken burger has coleslaw and spicy Korean sauce. If you ever find yourself in Boracay, do yourself a favor and drop by their stall at Zetro and support them!

15) Los Indios Bravos (Station 1)

Address: White House Beach Resort, 704 Sitio Pinaungon Balabag Boracay, Malay, Aklan

We are definitely going back here before we leave this island! So far, we’ve only been here once for dinner and we were extremely satisfied. It’s worth going back to for another round. Prior to coming here, I really wanted to try their fish and chips, and of course, their craft beer. But it changed when I checked out their menu.

We ordered an appetizer first so we have something to snack on while waiting for our own dishes. We asked one of the staff for suggestions, and she suggested nachos, so that’s what we ordered. That was so sulit! There were three of us, but we didn’t even finish it, because of course, when our food arrived, we no longer paid attention to it. I think if we ordered just that, and one other main course that we could share, it would be enough for us. I still ordered beer flight, but unfortunately, they do not have all the craft beers that are on the menu. They only had three on tap so that’s what I had. I think the names were summer ale, scotch ale, and strong ale. I could be wrong though. LOL.

I ordered mac and cheese, Irick ordered a grilled cheese sandwich with sweet potato fries and pickled veggies, and Gelai ordered tikka masala. We ended up not finishing our food because we were already full from the nachos. We reheated it the next day for lunch. ^^ We really have to go back here because we need to try any of their desserts, more beer or cocktails and try their pizzas, because they’re new on the menu! This is definitely one of the best eats in the island!

16) Two Seasons Boracay (Station 1)

Address: Station 1 BORACAY 5608 Malay, Philippines

Three words: Four cheese pizza. It was definitely worth the hype!! It has blue, cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan cheese. I feel like most people come here for the pizza anyway and I’m sure the kitchen makes tons of it everyday. We also ordered their classic spaghetti and pizza vegetalie. Unfortunately, since I ate 3 slices of the four cheese pizza, I was able to eat only one slice of pizza vegetalie. I liked everything though. Since we ate dinner here on a Friday, I only had my favorite Pilsen, but my friends tried their cocktails and they are definitely not watered down. Their cocktails are freaking strong.

Moreover, we had a few celebrity sightings here. That weekend, some celebs like Yam Concepcion, JM de Guzman, Albie Casino, Gab Lagman, and one of the Solomon twins were on the island so we saw them all here at the same time during dinner.

17) Epic Boracay (Station 2)

Address: Boat Station 2 – Station 3 5608 Malay, Philippines

We ate here twice so far. Funny because this is my third time in Boracay, but I’ve never been until now. We went here for dinner and drinks on a Saturday during our first time. They have happy hour from 11am to 7pm, so we definitely took advantage. They have cocktails for as low as PHP150 so I ordered a lychee martini plus their buy 2 take 1 Pale Pilsen. We ordered full Epic nachos as our pica-pica and then when we finished that, Irick and I shared a vegetarian sisig and ordered extra rice.

We went here for a second time I think a week after that because it was raining. It was one of the few places we know that has happy hour so early so we went here at around 4pm. Unfortunately, we couldn’t enjoy the beach but at least we were able to enjoy some drinks at a beachfront restaurant. Since we were early, we were able to grab one of those seats in front. I think this time around, I ordered a cocktail and a Pilsen, I don’t really remember. But we ordered nachos again and for dinner, had our respective orders for dinner. I ordered a chori burger (Good Morning Chori Burger) because I just had to! It has become sort of my tradition. It was really good!

I love it here because the staff is amazing! Shoutout to Jojo! We also tried both on the second floor and on the first floor and I think my fave spot is the corner table on the second floor in the balcony. I really wouldn’t mind coming back here again! It is currently close though due to ECQ but hopefully, it reopens before we leave.

Celebrity sightings here were the same crew from Two Seasons and during our second time were Aya Abesamis and Emma Tiglao.

18) Tides Hotel (Station 2)

Address: D’ Mall Station 2, Boracay Island, Western Visayas 5608, Philippines

Ok, we probably had the best happy hour here! Tides Hotel has the cutest roofdeck, that’s perfect for sunset sessions. They open at 5pm – we went a little after 4pm but the guard said they were not open yet, so we killed time at McDonald’s instead. They have colorful bean bags, cabanas, and tables + benches. We were the first ones there so we secured a really good spot. T

hey have different deals like wine all you can, buy 1 take 1 sangria pitchers, buy 2 take 1 beers and they also have an eat all you can Mongolian grill. Their cocktails are also not expensive. So we started with a few cocktails before trying their sangria pitchers. Ok, I think I was the most drunk that night, because I could already feel it, but it was “good drunk” because of the sangria. Also, they have sweet potatoes nachos here! It was so good, we ordered it twice. LOL.

They also have an acoustic performer and gosh, I love him. I have never heard anyone play Lady in Red in like a restaurant or bar. Seriously, I was so happy when he started singing! His playlist set is amazing and he sang Gelai’s request, which was Pare Ko. That was such a fun experience because everyone was singing because dude, everybody knows this song! Too bad, it rained after and we decided it was time to go home.

I ended up getting so drunk that night because when we got home, Gelai and I started drinking with our hosts at Campion’s Place as well. I ended up drinking 4 bottles of Pilsen. LOL.

19) Aria Cucina Italia (Station 2)

Address:  Beachfront Dmall of Boracay, Malay, 5608 Aklan

We went here on a Friday and we didn’t really eat much because we wanted to try their gelato. We ordered the Aria pizza and pesto. It was a good thing we agreed to order later if we still feel hungry. But the pasta was really heavy so we ended up not ordering anything else and went straight to dessert. We had three different flavors and I ordered amarena, which is black cherry. I love a good gelato, so I think that was a really good ending to our meal! They also have their own spicy olive oil instead of the usual hot sauce, which reminds me of the spicy honey of Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza.

20) Cafe Keme (Station 3)

Address: Station 2, White Beach Path, Boracay, 5608 Aklan

Cafe Keme is located in Deparis Beach Resort in Station 2. It’s a little place at the entrance of that accommodation. They have really cheap cocktails, like PHP50 rum Cokes, however, I don’t think there’s enough alcohol in there. When we went there for the first time, I had a few of those rum Cokes and even drank one of Irick’s mojitos but didn’t even feel tipsy. Also, I didn’t like their pasta either because I think it is missing some salt. Gelai also didn’t like her pasta, but I tasted Irick’s omeletter and that was actually tasty.

We went back here for some afternoon snack. I would say though that they probably have the cheapest coffee / iced coffee so I would totally recommend them if you are looking for an inexpensive place to get your caffeine fix. I ordered a brownie along with my coffee and that was a good combination.

We like hanging out here though. The staff is so kind and they have the best music playlist!

There, I listed another 10 places! Part 3 coming soon! ^^

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