Boracay in the New Normal: Where to Eat (Part 3)

Part 3 of my Boracay restaurants list! I thought I would end this at Part 4 but since we got extended again just a few days ago, I think this will actually get until Part 5. We are also trying to try other restaurants so that they will have some business as well. We will try to do that within the next two weekends.

21) Addictea Boracay (Station 2)

Address: (Lake Town, Across D’mall) Station 2 Boracay Island 5608 Malay, Philippines

Gelai was craving for milk tea so we decided to walk to Addictea. We didn’t know that there was a closer one – Sharetea in D’Mall! We only found out about Sharetea literally a few days later. Addictea has a poster near our accommodation at the plaza so I remembered that. Since we were at D’Mall, we decided to walk to the other side to where Addictea was. I am not really into milk teas, but I ended up buying taro freshmilk cheesecake. I love taro so I just had to try it and I actually enjoyed it! Still not that into milk teas though. I can totally live without it.

22) Sharetea Boracay (Station 2)

Address: D’Mall, Station 2, Boracay Island Malay, Philippines

This is in D’Mall, I don’t know why we never saw it until we saw people with Sharetea cups walking around D’Mall. Again, I wasn’t planning to order anything but I saw ice blended taro with pudding so I tried. Per usual, I loved it because I like anything taro! I think it is actually cheaper here than Addictea but both are really good. I wish they’d make matcha with red beans available though. So yeah, if you are craving for milk tea and you are in Station 2, then you have two choices.

23) La Carmela de Boracay (Station 3)

Address: Station 2, Balabag, Boracay Island, White Beach Path, Boracay

This is currently unavailable due to the surgical lockdowns in different areas but we went here in mid-March when they still had their buffet. It is not as grand as what they have at the Henann Resorts since the food is limited, and it is way way cheaper, but it’s not that bad. The buffet fee was only PHP299 and I enjoyed three plates before the tuna pasta kicked me in the butt. It was so heavy, I felt really full after having my second plate, I felt like my stomach was going to explode. I told myself I will just stuff my face with chicken, but I don’t know why I got my second plate of tuna pasta. I think this is super sulit if you are not really expecting some luxurious buffet.

24) Globy Traveling Chef (Station 2)

Address: White Beach, Station 1 5608 Malay, Philippines

I cannot remember how many times we’ve eaten here and we will probably continue to do so until we leave the island. Irick and I went here once with Gelai. We had dinner and drinks and it was one of the least expensive meals we had because the pizza and drinks were both buy 1 take 1. You get a free margherita pizza for every pizza you order, and they have buy 1 take 1 drinks for 120 like rum mango, rum pineapple, etc. It’s so crazy how we don’t have photos from that night!

When Gelai left, Irick and I started coming here for some light snacks or if we feel like having a few drinks, even during weekdays. I really enjoy their shawarma – also buy 1 take 1 and their halo-halo. When I go to the beach by myself, I usually eat some merienda here first before watching the sunset. It is situated right beside Cafe del Sol so it is beachfront. You have an amazing view, while enjoying some good, inexpensive food. I totally recommend it!

They also have a singer usually to entertain the diners, but since the lockdown, that has been banned. I hope they can allow musicians in restaurants again soon.

25) Jollibee Boracay Main Road (Station 2)

Address: Station 2, Main Road, Brgy. Balabag, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

I think we went here maybe twice or thrice but unfortunately, it is currently closed as well, most likely due to the lockdown. But yeah, there is a Jollibee on the main road other than what’s in City Mall and there are actually more options here so I hope they reopen soon.

26) Chacha’s Beach Cafe (Station 2)

Address: Station 2 Beach Front, Brgy. Balabag, Malay, Boracay Island, Aklan, Philippines 5608 Malay, Philippines

We’ve been here twice so far and it is mostly because we wanted to try their famous ube champorado! Luckily, it was open when we went but since the lockdown, they would temporarily close from time to time. Our guess is that when they have guests at Coast, then they would open Chacha’s as well. Otherwise, the cafe is closed.

Anyway, we went here for breakfast in March – we ordered ube champorado, eggs benedict with salmon and iced cappucino. Man, that was an amazing breakfast. Everything was so freaking good. I am not even a fan of eggs benedict but that was just so yummy. The ube champorado was in a huge bowl and you can totally share it with a friend. The iced cappucino is in such a big glass that it felt bottomless. That coffee will keep you awake for a long period of time. LOL. For someone who inhales iced coffee so fast, this lasted me until we finished our meal.

We went back here in April after some drinks and food at Nagisa in Station 3. We were walking back, but really wanted to chill somewhere else for a bit because it was still early. Good thing, this place was open! We literally were just here the day before and we were so sad because it was closed. Then the next day, it was open! We noticed there were guests so that’s most likely why they opened the cafe. Irick and I really just wanted coffee and we love Chacha’s coffee so it’s perfect! We also decided to share a dessert and sadly, what we originally wanted was not available. However, the warm cookie dough was so good, as well! Really can’t complain!

27) Om Bar Boracay (Station 2)

Address: Station 2, White Beach 5608 Boracay, Philippines

This is so crazy because Irick and I were here hours before the lockdown in Boracay started in late March. Om Bar is, unfortunately, also currently closed. We came here for dinner and drinks, so we ordered their buy 1 take 1 cocktail – I ordered Singapore sling, while Irick had margarita.

We then shared nachos and Pomodoro pasta. I really enjoyed the nachos because the dip is separated from the nacho chips. Call it deconstructed nachos if you will. The nacho chips do not get soggy when it absorbs the dip / sauce. The pasta was really tasty, but super heavy. We thought we’d order another dish after but we were full after eating the pasta.

Their food and drinks are decently priced and their menu is pretty expensive, I actually had a hard time choosing what I want to eat. We also found out that they also own Subo, which was closed ever since we got here in January. So actually, you can try their food by going to Om Bar, but now that they are both closed, we can no longer do that.

While waiting for your order, they provide you with free popcorn and you can play the Jenga blocks that are on your table. That’s what we did while drinking our cocktails and waiting for our food.

Unfortunately, they started doing the last call at around 9:30pm so we were surprised because as far as I know, they don’t close until midnight or even 1am. Then we were informed that there is actually a lockdown happening soon, that’s why they are closing soon. We literally got back to our accommodation minutes before 10pm.

28) Bama Grill (Station 1)

Address: Boracay Hwy Central, Malay, Aklan

Bama Grill is one of the closest restaurants to us, but we didn’t get to try it until late March. During this time, the lockdown has started and it was still unclear what the guidelines were, so we limited ourselves to restaurants within our vicinity. We each ordered a cocktail, I got a pinacolada (I think) and I don’t remember what Irick got. We then ordered onion rings, seafood or shrimp pasta, and halo-halo for dessert. Unfortunately, we didn’t really like the onion rings and the pasta, but I really enjoyed the halo-halo. The cocktail was also just alright. Maybe the restaurant is popular for their grilled seafood, I’m not sure but our first experience here wasn’t really that great so we never returned and unfortunately, we will never go here again.

29) 928 Grill & Cafe (Station 2)

Address: STATION 2 DMALL BORACAY 5008 Malay, Philippines

Ok, this was such a surprise! We always pass by this place because it is close to D’Mall but never really got to eat here until one week day when Irick and I were looking for a place for dinner. This restaurant is in that building with the sign Hue Spa and Massage. I don’t think they have a sign outside – there is one inside. Their food is so affordable and they serve their silogs in this mini kawali. Haha! I thought that was so cute. We ate here for two consecutive days, but unfortunately, they are also currently closed. I would love to come back here and try the other dishes in their menu.

30) Gusto Y Gustos (Station 2)

Address: Calle Remedios, Sitio Manggayad, Boracay Island

Ok, I definitely need to come back here before we leave because I need to get my hands on those donuts! Trust me, it wasn’t for the lack of trying! We’ve come back here a couple of times but they are either close or have run out of donuts. Irick and I finally got to go inside after our only Zumba sesh at Station X and we asked if they still had donuts. Unfortunately, since it was so close to the closing time (6pm), they were no longer available. The key is to go there when they open to get fresh donuts. All I got that day was a chocolate chip cookie. It was actually good though, but hopefully, I can get my donut before I leave. I am not sure if it is open since we can’t really check unless we go into that street where it is located.

My favorites from this batch are: Chacha’s, Globy, and 928 Grill. Part 4 hopefully next week! ^^

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