Boracay in the New Normal: Where to Eat (Part 4)

Oh my goodness, this is way long overdue, but I intend to finish the restaurants in Boracay series this month.

31) Watercolors Dive Boracay Resort (Station 1)

Address: Boracay Highway Central White Beach, Station 1, Balabag Plaza,, Beachfront near Willy’s Rock and roadside next to Balabag Plaza, Malay, 5608 Aklan

This was still under construction when we arrived on the island in January. We first came here at around end of March because we just wanted to go somewhere close, have some drinks while watching the sunset. This was during the beginning of ECQ in Boracay and we needed a pick-me-up. We went to the right place because not only did they have delicious food and interesting cocktails, they have games!

We played Cards Against the Humanity the first time and then Taboo when we returned a few days ago. (They were closed for a certain period of time and just reopened recently.) We love their tonno pasta, the tuna was so fresh and so perfect! The cheese melt panini was also really good. They have a very unique range of cocktails – you can see on the photos that they have chocolate powder and chili o these cocktails. We were still drunk from the night before during our second time visiting so we opted for non-alcoholic drinks. I love that the mango juice was not too sweet and Irick’s milk shake was so good! Truly can’t complain!

This is one of our super favorite places in the island because (1) it is very close to our accommodation – it is right in front of the Balabag Plaza and Willy’s Rock from the beach and (2) the games! We stay here for a few hours just enjoying our food and drinks while playing the card games. I hope they can get more customers because the staff is so nice, and the view of the sunset from here is freaking amazing, too.

A better photo of the tonno pasta ^^ We weren’t able to take photos of our drinks but the milk shake was so good! (We were so busy playing games, that’s why!)

32) Cafe del Sol (Station 2)

Address: D Mall phase 4, Malay, Aklan

Perfect place for breakfast or if you would like to get some cake! It’s beachfront and literally in the center of Station 2 so this is a popular place! I think it is owned by the same people who owns Aria so you can actually order from Aria and vice versa. Actually, when we ate at Aria, my friend Irick actually ordered iced coffee from Cafe del Sol.

We also tried their famous mango cheesecake once – no photo because we ordered it to go and I ate it in our room. It is definitely a must try!

33) Lemoni Cafe (Station 2)

Address: 4 D’mall de Boracay, Malay, Aklan

We only ate here once, but we went back to buy some cookies, desserts, and drinks from here. I bought these mango cookies from there and they were so fucking amazing. Wish I bought more! I do not have a photo because I ate the entire thing so fast.

This cafe is also owned by the same people who runs DiniBeach so they almost have the same menu, especially for drinks and desserts. It’s also super cute and Instagrammable.

34) Kasbar Boracay (Station 1)

Address: Station 1, White beach, Sitio Pinaungon Bgy. Balabag ( Beachfront Boracay, Malay, 5608 Aklan

Okay, this is definitely one of our favorite restaurants in Boracay! The place itself is so chill and comfortable, love the decor, the food is great but on top of all that, the staff and especially the manager and owners are so nice and friendly! I think we only ended up eating here twice, but we would often come back for drinks because seriously, that blue margarita is so fucking strong, sometimes, I’d be drunk even before sunset. I freaking love that blue margarita, it my favorite happy hour drink. They have a buy 1 take 1 happy hour promo for PHP 199.

During our first time there, we ordered their wraps, Irick had the falafel wrap and I had the chicken wrap, and then had fries as a side dish. It was my first time ordering blue margarita and instantly fell in love with it. Irick ordered a different drink (Harvey Wallbanger) and I didn’t like that one, so I went back to my blue margarita. LOL.

There was also one time we went just to have blue margarita and fries, while watching people kitesurfing. It was actually one of my favorite things we did in Boracay. I really enjoy those down times where we just watch people doing things.

We ate here again a few days before we left Boracay and this time, we ordered Moroccan Cigars and Briouat, as well as our fave side dish – fries. And of course, blue marg. Their manager told us that they were going to have new additions to the menu, but unfortunately, we were leaving. Kasbar Boracay is definitely one of my faves, so will definitely come here again once we’re back in Boracay.

35) Seawind Beach Resort (Station 1)

Address: Station 1, Roberto & Gloria Tirol Park, Boracay Island, Malay, 5608

We would always pass by Seawind because it is in Station 1 but never actually ate here until after the lockdown started. A lot of other hotels and restaurants closed when the lockdown started so I think it was then that Seawind sort of got better at marketing their restaurant. We ate here twice and both times, I was so full and satisfied. They have these rice meals, with huge servings! I ordered the grilled squid set when we first went here, and then we shared sinigang na hipon during the second time. This place always gets us ordering extra rice every time! While I love the food, they could definitely improve on their drinks though. They are also offering really inexpensive drinks for happy hour but it’s like you’re just drinking juice. Better to walk a few meters to Kasbar for some amazing drinks.

36) Shoretime Cafe (Station 1)

Address: Station 1 Main Road Balabag Boracay 5608 Malay, Philippines

Shoretime Cafe is right next to Andok’s in Station 1. It is attached to Shoretime Hotel, which is also owned by Andok’s. This place is perfect if you want inexpensive coffee and some pastries while working. Also, if you want Andok’s meals and coffee from here, you can do that, too. You can order from Andok’s and then have them bring it to Shoretime Cafe. They also have the most comfortable chairs!

37) Meze Wrap (Station 2)

Address:  Boracay Island 5608, White Beach Path, Malay, Aklan

This is probably my favorite restaurant in Boracay. Its main attraction is the really amazing Mediterranean food, and really inexpensive! It started as this really small place near Dmall, and before we left, they were able to expand to the space right next to it and has dining upstairs as well.

When I went here for the first time, I was alone and they still haven’t expanded so there were only two seats inside and sort of like a bar style. I ordered a mozarella wrap, fries, and calamansi iced tea. The food was freaking good! I definitely recommend always adding fries and the calamansi iced tea. If a friend offers to split fries with you, don’t do it! Trust me, you need your own fries!

When we saw that they have expanded to the space next door, we finally got to dine in there together! Ugh, I love that it’s all blue and love all the decors. The owner was there when we went and he was telling us how they plan on adding more to the menu in the coming days. The “mezes” were also new to the menu so we tried it. It’s super sulit and everything was so freaking delicious. So you have your kebabs, butter rice, two sides and sauces. I freaking love all the sauces, too and we always get extra butter rice, of course. Per usual, super into the fries and calamansi iced tea.

The place was packed when we went here a few days before leaving so we had a small table for the two of us and I feel like if I do bigger movements, I will ruin all the bird decors next to me. Of course, we ordered the mezes again and was not disappointed! It has become our favorite meal in Boracay because it was so good and affordable. I wish I can find a similar place here in Manila.

38) Jasper’s Tapsilog And Restaurant (Station 2)

Address: near Dmall, Boracay, Malay, Western Visayas, Philippines

We weren’t planning to eat here that morning but it was the only place opened at the time so we really had no choice. I think if you’re up early and want a really affordable breakfast, this is the place to go! This is an institution in Boracay and has been around for decades.

39) Nagisa (Station 3)

Address: Angol Point, White Beach Path, Boracay Island, Malay, 5608 Aklan

Another favorite of ours! If this was closer to us, we would have gone more often. It is in Station 3 so it’s quite far. Either we’d take a jeep to Angol Road and then walk to beachfront or walk from somewhere in Station 2 to here. And then we also need to walk back, which is definitely a lot of steps.

The first time we went, it was on Sunday afternoon so the amount of people were decent. We didn’t have to wait for a long time for our order but on the second time, we went on a Saturday and man, that was a different story. It was packed! And then we went earlier on a Sunday again so we were able to finally get that seat facing the beach. LOL

Nagisa has pages and pages of food on the menu, I think it has the most extensive menu out of all the restaurants we’ve been to. It is a Japanese restaurant, but they also have Korean food, Filipino food, burgers, salads. etc. It usually takes time for me to choose what I want to eat cause there’s just too many choices! Like if you’re in a mood for happy hour or coffee, they have it! If you just want random appetizers, they have some yummy ones! I really loved everything I ate here and I know this place is already so popular but it is definitely worth the hype. It is worth going to Station 3 for!

40) Two Brown Boys (Bulabog)

Address:  Road 1-A, Bulabog, Boracay, 5608 Aklan

I wish I had more photos here. They are mostly popular for their burgers, but they also have a lot of other food on the menu. Irick ordered the open tuna melt and I ordered their mushroom bacon melt. Of course, I had to order a burger, because that’s what they’re famous for. Both of these come with fries. They also serve coffee and my fave, Pale Pilsen.

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