Boracay in the New Normal: Where to Eat (Part 5)

The last part of the restaurants in Boracay series! Let’s go~

41) Mr. D La Botella (Bulabog)

Address: Bulabog Brgy Balabag, Boracay, Road 1-A, Malay, 5608 Aklan

I found this place when I was walking around the Bulabog area. I checked Google Reviews and saw that they’re famous for their coffee and pizza. However, they only serve pizza on Tuesdays and Fridays. The first time we went here, it was a Saturday, so, unfortunately, we weren’t able to try their pizza. We went back here before we left the island and we made sure to come on the day that pizza is available. I really enjoyed their coffee, it is definitely sooo good and legit! We also really liked hanging out here because it’s so comfy and so windy! We can definitely spend a few hours here before going to the beach.

42) Red Coco Inn (Station 2)

Address: Station 2, Balabag 5608 Malay, Philippines

Unfortunately, I do not have a lot of photos here! We went here after a whole afternoon of swimming and we just wanted to enjoy some cocktails, while watching the sunset. They do have their buy 1 take 1 cocktails as well, it is quite affordable, but not my favorite. They also have this pizza promo, there were several options. But like if you buy this certain size of pizza, you get a smaller size for free. We ended up doing that because we can always take our leftovers home and eat that the next day. We definitely ate a lot of pizza during this trip. I’m sure I’ve said that in previous blogs. I really enjoyed their pizza though, they definitely did not skimp on the mozzarella cheese.

Red Coco Inn is also in a very good location in Station 2, so you have a really good view of the sunset while enjoying some food and drinks. The night we ate there though, it was so windy so we were very cold since we went directly from swimming and we were in our wet swimsuits. I wish it wasn’t that super cold and windy. Not their fault though.

43) Congas Restaurant (Bulabog)

Address: Boracay, Bolabog 5608 Malay, Philippines

We spent a few nights here! They have the cheapest cocktails, but quite strong, too! It’s so sulit! It was so funny cause the first time we went here, I had to ask for an extra Coke cause it was quite strong. LOL. Congas is definitely the go-to place if you are craving Thai food! We just randomly passed by this place because it was right in front of that apartment we were eyeing in Bulabog, but I think we ended up eating here three times. It’s too bad we never got to try their sticky mango rice though. The owner said she only does it on weekends but the one time we were there on a weekend, it was not available. We literally asked everytime we were there, but unfortunately, it wasn’t available. Definitely something to go back to in the future!

44) Lazy Dog Boracay (Bulabog)

Address: 1 Sesame Street, Bulabog Beach 5608 Boracay, Philippines

We definitely should have gone to Bulabog earlier! This is also one of the best restaurants in Bulabog! I definitely know of this place, but never got to go until this trip. Everything I ate here was so yummy!

I am totally missing that adobo flakes bowl! The serving was huge, I had difficulty finishing it. LOL. We were also craving for munggo for weeks and we were so happy to finally eat munggo at Lazy Dog! We also totally enjoyed their Vietnamese coffee, really inexpensive, too! Special mention as well to their banana cake! We bought an entire loaf for breakfast because we just loved it so much.

The place is also really chill. If I was working during the day, I definitely would have gone here to make tambay and work.

When you have no more clothes so you use a scarf as a top LOL

45) DiniBeach Bar & Restaurant (Diniwid)

Address: Diniwid Beach 5608 Boracay, Philippines

I spoke about this restaurant during my last trip (in 2020) and I didn’t know that they are sister restaurants with Lemoni Cafe! We decided to go here to watch the sunset from – the sunset is always so amazing from Diniwid! We didn’t have dinner here, only a few appetizers and drinks. Their nachos is to die for! They are actually fried pita breads, shaped like nacho chips and deep fried so it’s crunchy. It’s so so good!!! We also got the best seats in the house, so we had an amazing view of the sunset. The only advantage is the walk back to our accommodation. Since we left after sunset, it was very dark and it can be quite tricky when you’re walking back from Diniwid to White Beach. But, it is worth it!

46) Jeepney Stop Boracay (Station 2)

Address: Phase IV D Mall, Malay, Aklan

This was closed during the majority of our stay so when it finally opened, we told ourselves we needed to go. We were able to go during our last few weekends in Boracay and I wished we went earlier so we can try more of their food. I wanted to have their kimchi rice but unfortunately, they are not serving everything on their menu and a lot of them are not available. Yes, unluckily for me, that includes kimchi rice. However, what I ended up ordering is not bad at all!! I truly enjoyed my food and my drink! (Photos below) Totally recommend this place cause it’s so grammable and their food is amazing!

47) Crown Regency Beach Resort (Station 3)

Address: Boat Station 3 Beachfront, Manoc-Manoc, Station 3, Boracay Island​

We went here twice, the first one just for some drinks and the second one, for dinner. This is located in Station 3 and it seems to be empty most of the time (sadly). During the two occurrences that we were here, we were the only customers. I wish they’d get more customers though because I loved the cosmopolitans we had during that hot hot afternoon and they have affordable rice meals! I super love that sinigang with bagnet! Yum!

48) Tres Amigos Boracay (Station 2)

Address: D’mall de Boracay, Malay, Aklan

This is also one of those places that we have passed by so many times since it is right in the middle of D’mall. Their tacos are soooo good, but I’m not that into that cocktail. It’s huge but it’s not like a blended juice made using Tang. However, I totally have no complaints with these tacos, both soft and hard tacos are filled with ingredients and the sauces are really good, too.

49) Nonie’s Boracay (Station 3)

Address: Hue Hotel and Resorts, Station 2 (opposite Boracay Tropics Hotel) 5608 Boracay, Philippines

I cannot believe it took us until the end of our trip to try Nonie’s! It is also once of those restaurants that were closed a lot due to the lockdown. A huge factor is that the place where it is located – Station X was one of the first places that closed down during the lockdown, and for the longest time, they were only open for delivery.

Anyway, we were finally able to have brunch here one Sunday and had some mimosas. We went here at a very odd hour so we weren’t that hungry and just went for pancakes. The place is super cute but they had to turn off the AC and left the doors opened since technically, only outdoor restaurants are allowed to operate.

They also have limited menu so there were several stuff we wanted to order that weren’t available but hopefully, they’d be able to bounce back soon.

50) Canucks (Station 2)

Address: Boracay, Malay, Western Visayas, Philippines 5608 Boracay, Philippines

This place has a really extensive menu! It’s quite a new place, when we first arrived in Boracay, this was not even open yet. It is right next to Nigi Nigi’s and I couldn’t even remember what this place was pre-Canuck’s! Anyway, they have pretty much anything – pizza, chicken, onion rings, fries, milk tea. It took a while for me to order because there’s just too many options. I ended up with some chicken tenders and onion rings, and milk tea. It’s a small place so it is pretty amazing that they have a lot of stuff on their menu.

51) Mahal Pizza Boracay

Address: Balabag Plaza, Boracay, Malay, Aklan

This is the nearest food place we have from our accommodation and we literally passed by this place probably a hundred times. So for my last dinner in Boracay, I decided to buy pizza from them! It is quite good tbh, and really affordable.

On our first week in Chillax, we tried ordering via MyBoracayGuide and this Facebook group called BoracayEats. But then, the following week, we thought it would be better to support the eateries/carinderias in our neighborhood. It is also way way cheaper, averaging only 60-70 pesos per meal.

The Sushi Avenue

Oh my goodness, I love Sushi Avenue! They always have buy 1 take 1 offers, and their mojos are truly favorite! If you are not in the mood for sushi, they do have some rice meals, too!

OPC Foodhub

You can also find them posting a lot on BoracayEats. Unfortunately, I do not have any photos but you can also order different rice meals from them. What we ordered from them are these chicken wing meals. So so good!!!

Bonus: Isawan at Diamond Water Edge

Ok, they are my favorite hangout place during sunset! Initially, we came here for their halo-halo milk tea but when I found out, it’s the same place as the isawan at Diamond Water Edge, I ended up coming here a few times for my isaw fix, while drinking some beer or Smirnoff. It’s really not hard to find, when you see the huge Superman action figure at Station 1 beachfront, then you are in the right place.

And this concludes my Boracay Eats blog series! I hope this helped someone find a good place for food while they are in Boracay! Honestly, I really can’t wait to go back! Before we left, the manager at Kasbar told us they were going to have new dishes in their menu and we were sad that we left before they released it. As soon as I was back in Manila as well, I was super craving for Meze Wrap! These are the top two places that I really miss in Boracay.

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