Solo Camping at Valleypoint Campsite [2022.01.13-01.14]

Since I was arriving a day earlier than my friends, I decided to go camping by myself at Valleypoint Campsite. I saw this place on Instagram years ago and it was definitely on my travel bucket list. I decided to give it a go this time around since I was on leave on the 13th.


Valleypoint Campsite is located in Sto. Tomas Proper, Tuba, Benguet. If you’re going to look at its location on Google Maps, this is already super close to La Presa / Cafe in the Sky. If you’re commuting, you can take a jeep to Green Valley from Bayanihan Terminal, the fare is PHP15. However, I think I did not ride the correct jeepney because it stopped around 1km away from the campground. I had to walk for about 10 minutes, which was fine because even if it was at noon it was really cold in that area. However, I had a huge backpack with me and a tote bag with a laptop inside and those were pretty heavy.

Definitely, there are jeepneys passing through Valleypoint Campsite because I have seen them when I was about to go back to town. However, I lost patience waiting for them to go back so I ended up hailing a cab going back to town when I saw an empty one. It cost me PHP150 to Upper Rock Quarry so I think it will cost almost the same to town.


Making a reservation is so easy. I just sent them a message on Facebook, inquired, and paid all within the same day. It was actually very efficient – it was a breeze!

You can find all the information on this pinned post on their Facebook page. They have several packages and the cheapest ones are obviously the shared ones, but I really wanted to go camping. Honestly, though, it was not a very good decision to do this in January because it was so damn cold. LOL.

This is the package I chose.

I think I was the only one in the glamping tent during my overnight stay there. I was the only one crazy enough to do so. LOL. Each tent has a mattress, a thick fleece blanket (I had to ask for another one because it was 12 degrees that evening!), pillows, and a plastic box for your shoes outside the tent. The tent is quite big and would be perfect for two people, but I was alone, so I had a lot of room inside.

It really was freaking cold!
Just after sunset
Nothing to see here! LOL!
Tried to do a tent reveal pero fail. LOL.


Valleypoint Campsite has day tours and overnight stays. Check-in is at 3pm and checkout is at 11am. Meanwhile, day tours are from 8am to 5:30pm. However, you can definitely arrive there early or stay after checkout, as long as you stick with the proper check-in/check-out times.

I actually arrived early – I think I got there at 1pm. While I couldn’t get to my tent right away – I was told it wasn’t ready yet, I spent a few hours in the camper’s area, which I really didn’t mind because I was alone and it had a lot of bean bags. I was still very comfortable, and it was definitely warmer in there.

The camper’s area has games, books, and a lot of teddy bears. I hung out here a lot because it was one of the two places where I can charge my phone. LOL. It is also where you can admire the amazing view outside. It was not even 3pm yet and it was already foggy outside.

Just me and the bear LOL

They do have rules, though – no food and drinks allowed and you need to wear socks. It would be so ideal if I can bring my coffee over there, but it is carpeted and there are a lot of bean bags, so that could be a problem if someone would spill any food or drinks.


Your rate includes three meals – afternoon snack, dinner, and breakfast and they have unlimited coffee. I think I had 3-4 cups during my entire stay. So you really do not need to spend anything else while in there. If I am not in the camper’s area, I’m in the restaurant, also charging my shit while eating. LOL.

Valleypoint Campsite has a menu as well if you feel like ordering anything on top of what’s included in what you paid for.


Honestly, it freaked me out how people are so chill with the mask-wearing here. So, I made sure to keep mine on every time there are people around me. The only time I removed them was when I’m by myself inside my tent and when I’m by myself at the camper’s area.


Even when I was walking to Valleypoint Campsite, I could see it from the road and the row of tents really look so pretty, and even at noon, you can already see the fog surrounding the area. So, when I got there, it was so crazy that it’s not even 3pm yet and yet, there is zero visibility.

Foggy afternoon!

I love camping because it allows me to just chill and not do anything. That is pretty much my goal, always! I was able to just hang out at the bean bags and watch Selena + Chef. LOL. .

However, my only enemy this time was the cold. That night, it was 12 degrees out there and staying in a tent was definitely a bad idea. When I slept, I wore a heat tech long sleeves, fleece stockings, my normal sleepwear and I wore my jacket to sleep. I literally had on three layers just so I could sleep comfortably. I did sleep comfortably until 4am when I needed to pee.

Good morning!

I did the archery activity an hour before my checkout because I really took my time in the morning. My morning activity was just to chill at the camper’s area for hours, absorbing the sun. LOL. Ok, I sucked at this. I only hit the target thrice out of maybe 10 arrows. Ether I was aiming too high, or I just can’t get it to hit straight. Also, I have sweaty hands and I feel like that has some sort of effect. LOL. I’m so happy though that I was able to finally tick this off my bucket list as well.

It is called Valleypoint Campsite, because you can see a valley from there. I really want to understand what road we are seeing from there, but I just can’t figure it out. We are pretty high up because there are billboards down there that look soooo small. I would definitely give this place 10/10 just for the view alone.

This was 24 hours of not doing anything and I definitely would love to camp by myself again!

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