We left really on our last day as well cause we were picked up by the van at 6:00am to take us back to Cagayan de Oro. So it’s the same shit, the van will take us to the port in Camiguin, we ride the ferry, we reconvene at the port in Cagayan and land travel back to Agora Terminal.

It took a while to pick everyone up from Camiguin because they really pick you up from your hotel or your home, and some people took their sweet time to get ready, while everyone that’s already in the van is waiting. It probably took a good 1 hour before we got out of Camiguin.

It was also super traffic in Cagayan de Oro that morning so I think it was already past 10am when we arrived at Agora Terminal. We left our bags at Winmin and took the jeepney to Bukidnon, where we can ride a habal-habal to Dahilayan Adventure Park. The jeepney ride was too long! I swear! I started getting pissed at some point cause it was already noon when we got there. The driver was super nice though cause he brought us to the terminal where a lot of the habal-habal drivers are.

It’s crazy though cause it started raining while we were on the motorcycle. Lucky for me, I had my own raincoat cause the driver only had one extra raincoat – which was given to Dave. It was crazy! The lower half of my body was soaked! On the way, you pass by hectares and hectares of pineapple plantations. It was still raining when we arrived at Dahilayan. I think that’s how the weather is in Dahilayan, I totally felt like I was in Baguio. But it sucked that it rained L I was planning to do luge at Dahilayan Forest Park but I thought it would be dangerous to do it. Dave still did the zip line though since that’s why he wanted to visit Dahilayan.

We also couldn’t go to the Forest Park cause it started raining again after Dave’s zip line and walking around. Dammit. We had coffee at CoffeeWorks cause it was damn cold.

One thing to note about Dahilayan is that commuting is quite hard. On Dahilayan’s website, they say they have a shuttle that goes to the city center. I asked the reception about it and they said that I need to go to the Forest Park to ask them. It was raining so how could I? She also said that the shuttle prioritizes guests and since it’s a Saturday, it’s most likely full. Magnum Express also has a shuttle from Dahilayan, so I texted them and they said that they didn’t have any shuttle services that day. Whhuuuuut? Good thing, I asked for our habal-habaldriver’s number so I texted him when we were ready to go. I didn’t know that he was actually waiting for us at the area where habal-habal drivers usually are. So we took the same driver back to the terminal and it was still raining actually.

We passed by Camp Philips and I immediately recognized it cause of the identical houses! I felt like I was in an American suburb! It was super cute. These houses are where Del Monte employees live. Too bad I didn’t have any photos cause of the goddamn rain. The driver offered to stop so we can take a photo at the huge pineapple at the entrance but it was raining so we declined. It was such a hassle cause of the rain.

We took the bus at the terminal going to Cagayan de Oro and it stops at Agora Terminal. We took our bags from Winmin, had a quick snack at Dunkin Donuts and went to the airport. So convenient! Our flight was actually delayed going back, too. Since we’ve been up so early, we just wanted to go home. I think I got home at around 2am or 3am.

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