So it’s our last day in Thailand! We woke up at around 7:00 AM. We already fixed our bags even if our check out is at 11:00 AM because we will go to Santorini Park and we might not be able to get back in time for check out. We had breakfast first at our hotel. We booked our hotel via and breakfast wasn’t included so we paid THB100 for an American breakfast. We could have had breakfast in a restaurant outside but I thought, it would be nice to try it. Anyway, it wasn’t that expensive. It’s not a buffet breakfast, we were given a plate of food and in fairness, it was plentiful. Inside the hotel restaurant, there’s a table filled with different drinks and bread. You can toast your own bread and make your own coffee or tea.

LOL, almost gone!

After breakfast, we started walking to the mini van station so we can grab a habal to Santorini. While we were walking, a habal driver approached us. YAY! We told him that we are going to Santorini Park and thankfully, he understood. My friend was hesitant to get on because there would be two of us riding just one motorcycle. I was game because that would be an adventure. That was crazy though because the distance between Cha Am Beach and Santorini Park is 8.9km and we just took a motorbike to get there! Hahaha! Mine wanted to do a selfie while we were on the road but that was too scary! I talked her against it. Hahaha. Only in Thailand will I ever ride a habal while on an expressway. Hahaha! Well, this is the cheapest way to get around Cha Am. Renting a car would be super duper pricey. We paid the driver THB70 each and before he left, I asked his number so that we can call him once we’re ready to go back to Cha Am Beach. (Which is a mistake, BTW. But more on that later.)

We paid THB150 for the entrance fee. We were given free tickets to Camel Republic. It took us about 30-40 minutes to tour the whole place. I was actually disappointed by it. It’s more beautiful on pictures. It looks like it wasn’t maintained that well. It’s just too bad because it would have been promising if they just paid more attention on maintenance. Plus, you’d see cleaning materials in random spots. Also, it was really hot so it’s hard to really enjoy going around. I read that food is really expensive there but not really. I bought iced green tea for THB55 I think. It’s not so bad, except that the girls working there had really bad customer service. Hahaha. Come on, there aren’t a lot of people going to your store, would it hurt to smile?

In fair, cute ng tickets!


We thought there was going to be a shuttle going to Camel Republic because that’s what I read on a blog. Also, when you look at the flyer given when you bought the ticket, there’s a map on how to go to Camel Republic and it tells you where to find the shuttle. My friend asked one of the girls at the entrance and she was told that there’s no shuttle service. Awtsu. Now here’s the crazy part, we couldn’t find any habal or tuktuk outside so we decided to walk to Camel Republic. Super crazy idea! It was so hot and the place is located along an expressway! The distance between Camel Republic and Santorini Park is 2km! Also, we had to run to cross to the other side! Super buwis-buhay! Just imagine crossing from one side of EDSA to another. Hahaha!


The only consolation we have is that it’s free entrance. I started feeling not so good right after arriving there. We still went around though and took pictures. If Santorini Park had a Greek-inspired, Camel Republic had a Middle East feel. There was a lot of photo op moments but I was really not feeling well at the time. It has a mini zoo and aviary as well and some rides. We paid to feed the camels. We should’ve done that for the llamas instead. They were so much cuter. After about 30 minutes, we decided to leave. Oh, I must say though the ladies room is really cute! ๐Ÿ™‚ Let’s just say they took the theme really seriously.

Yup, mountain na yung nasa likod! LOL!
Love the camels!
Please don’t bite my hands off ๐Ÿ™‚
Hello swans!
Cute ng llama!!!
Hello giraffes!
Flamingos <3
This is so cute!

When we went out, I called the number the habal driver left. Again, it’s such a challenge to explain things due to the language barrier. It’s a good thing the driver given to us was able to understand where we were. I think it’s like a legit habal company, like how it is with taxi companies. I think they redirected our request to the nearest habal driver because we only waited for like 5 minutes and the driver was already there. The ride back was much faster! We paid him only THB60 each this time. That is so much cheaper than getting a taxi service. We actually asked how much the taxi service is from Camel Republic to Cha Am Beach and we were quoted THB700. WOW. No way. We decided not to go to Swiss Sheep Farm anymore cause I wasn’t feeling well and at the time, it was already noon and it was super hot!

When we got back to the hotel, we took our things from the hotel owner and left. We walked to the mini van station – it wasn’t that far anyway. I wanted to have Thai massage in one of the places there but we were kind of pressed for time since our last agenda in Thailand was to go to Chatuchak Market in Bangkok and that closes at 6:00 PM. So we scratched it. It’s just too bad cause it’s actually cheaper there. So we paid our tickets for the mini van ride back to Bangkok. We waited for a long time though, maybe close to an hour.


Mine and I got separated, I sat in front while she sat at the back. I had a really good sleep because there was a headrest. Hahaha! When somebody got off, I transferred beside Mine at the back and there were only the two of us there so I got to lie down until we arrived in Bangkok. I seriously had a good afternoon nap. We arrived at the mini van station at around 5PM, I think. I don’t really remember anymore.

From Victory BTS Station, we took the train to Mo Chit BTS Station. By the way, there’s a pretty cool website where you can check how much you pay for the ticket and how long it will take to get there. Here’s the link: This is also where I found information on how we can get to the places we wanted to visit for our city tour. That was very helpful, cause I already knew how much I need to prepare. In fairness, by the end of our Bangkok trip, we’re experts in using their train! LOL! It was a pretty quick train ride, we got off at Mo Chit Station and walked to the Chatuchak Weekend Market. It was pretty tedious though because we have our huge backpacks with us. It would’ve been more fun shopping if we didn’t have those with us. No choice though since that’s our last stop. Also, I wish we had more time. I would have bought a lot of stuff there. We only went around for maybe an hour. I was able to buy a backpack and sandals for myself and the rest of my pasalubongs for my friends and colleagues. We took a rest a rest at the park for a while so I can fix my stuff. We had a hard time going back to the BTS station because ohmigoodness, that place is huge! Just imagine going to Divisoria / Tutuban, you just keep walking to find good stuff to buy and before you know it, you don’t know where you are. LOL. I don’t even have pics at Chatuchak! I was busy shopping!

So from Mo Chit BTS station, we took the train to Phaya Thai. From there, we took the train going straight to Suvarnabhumi Airport just like what we did on the first day. This time, we used the ticket machine. See, experts! Hahaha! So it’s an hour to the airport from there but we still arrived there very early. We had a lot of time to kill since our flight is not until past midnight. We stopped by 7-11, then Family Mart to grab something to eat since we haven’t had dinner yet. I had some leftover lunch takeout from King Kong Steak so that’s what I ate. The Airport Link is at the basement so we went upstairs to eat. When we went to the departure area, the Cebu Pac counter isn’t open yet, so we went downstairs since there are more chairs there, and more restaurants, too.

Their process is kind old school though. Like, you know how it is when you go through the x-ray thing? In other airports, you just need to go through a door and then a staff on the other side will give you an OK if you’re good. In Suvarnabhumi, you really have to take off your shoes – they will give you slippers. Then you’ll go through a door, to an enclosed space and you have to raise your hands and spread your legs. You’ll get scanned and once cleared, that’s the only time you can go out to retrieve your shoes and bags. I totally understand the extra safety measure though since there was a bombing in Bangkok not too long ago. It was my first time to experience something like that though.

I fell asleep (again!) while waiting for our flight. I was kind of annoyed because they let us into the boarding area too late – thus causing the flight to be delayed as well. I was kind of worried because I had work the next day – it was a Monday at 2:00 PM. I need to be able to rest before I go to work. I was able to get some sleep in the plane though despite the kadaldalan of that konyong kuya behind us. Grrrr, why do I always get seated around super talkative plane people?! >_< So yeah, after the 3-hr flight, 1-hr time difference, immigration process, we managed to get out of the airport past 6:00 AM. Rush hour na. Hmp, We took the bus from NAIA to Pasay, then I took a cab to our apartment in Makati. When I got home, I dropped my bags and went straight to bed. I was an hour late to work that day. Haha. But that’s fine, at least I still came in, right? And I had a blast in Bangkok. ๐Ÿ™‚

So this is me at the airport. #haggard

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