I’ve been meaning to book these day trips on Klook and I was choosing from a few. I decided to go with Stilts Calatagan cause it’s the closest. It was also my last Saturday off since we moved to a different team and I was sure I would get weekdays off moving forward. I booked the trip about a week before and I had some problems, I didn’t get a confirmation within 24 hours – I had to request for it. I also didn’t get any details of the van or the driver 24 hours before the trip. They said they were going to send another confirmation 24 hours before but nothing. I sent a message on Facebook – they only replied after the trip. I sent an email and the only reply I got was to wait within the day. Well I got nothing. So I went blindly that morning to the meetup place at KFC MOA hoping the minimum number of people was met and that we’re actually going to Calatagan. I had to ask every van coming to check if that’s the van going to Calatagan cause I had no details whatsoever. So the events prior to it happening were pretty stressful but the trip itself wasn’t.

Good morning!

The meetup was at 4:00 am and I think we were already in Tagaytay about 1.5 hours later. We had a short stopover for breakfast at Jollibee. We arrived at Stilts Calatagan at around 7:00 am. We were directed to the area where the day trippers are. The joiners I was with were directed to a table but I already knew I was not gonna stay there. Since I’m already wearing my swimsuit (as always!), I just re-packed my valuables on a laundry bag I brought – I forgot to bring a beach bag – and went my way! I toured the resort first – it’s huge! Then I alternated between the swimming pool and the beach. I stayed most of the the time at the swimming pool and slept at one of the lounge chairs. It’s pretty much one of the most relaxing days I’ve had! The last few days at work have been quite stressful and I totally needed this. Sometimes, you just really need a beach day, alone.

 Stilts Calatagan is actually super nice. Their claim to fame is their Maldives-style rooms and it’s actually quite expensive to stay in those. I wish they’d add more though. I also liked walking in the gardens, lots of flowers. One thing I also really liked is that there are a lot of toilets, shower rooms and dressing rooms. I’m not kidding! It’s totally perfect for day trips because there are no lines at all, since there are a lot of those. That’s a huge plus for me. I also love that it’s not crowded despite it being a Saturday during summer.

 Hmm what else? The restaurant! So I craved for coffee at around 10:30 am and by that time, I have explored the whole place. Initially, I just wanted to get coffee but then decided to get something to eat as well. The food was pricey – yes – although I have expected that after reading it on blogs. But what they didn’t say is that, the serving is huge! My burger with fries was PHP200 and it was worth the 200 pesos! The burger (with grilled chicken, ham, cheese and some veggies) was humongous! Plus I thoroughly enjoyed the sweet potato chips. I swear, I was eating for over an hour and still didn’t finish it. Staff also pays attention. Good service at this resort, in fair! Also, you have a good view of the stilt rooms from the outdoor tables of the restaurant.

After brunch, I stayed at MY lounge chair (Yes, it’s mine. Don’t @ me.). I seriously slept for a good hour there. I was only woken up because it was windy and we got wet from the water from the fountain. By we, I mean me and my co-titos and titas who are also on the lounge chairs haha. I did swim from time to time when I felt hot. Good thing, I didn’t lose anything since I just left my things on the lounge chair, and my backpack on the day trippers’ table. LOL.

I totally recommend going here. If you don’t want the hassle of DIY-ing it, just book on Klook, it only costs PHP1099. Trust me, I did compare how much it will cost me to DIY this and there’s not much difference. I was back at KFC MOA at around 7pm and I had a really comfortable sleep in the van after that beach trip. ^^

This is me on a tire swing while waiting for our driver

… And took a photo in front of the stilt rooms

… and I couldn’t resist the flowers HAHA. I lost this hat after this trip 🙁



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