Dubai Series: A Day at the Gardens and a Quickie at the Mall [2019.11.11]

We literally visited two gardens on this day, with a short stopover at a mall. We had a really funny morning because we wanted to visit the Carrefour nearby, but we couldn’t figure out where the entrance is. Seriously, we circled it and tried opening a door but it doesn’t open. We gave up and just went to Speedway where we bought some snacks.


Opening hours: Weekdays (Sun to Thurs) – 9:00 am to 9:00 pm; Weekends (Fri to Sat) – 9:00 am to 11:00 pm)
Entrance fee: AED55
Careem fare: AED13.50 (I believe you get AED 15 discount on your first ride, so we used that and saved some coins.)

There is no need to buy a ticket in advance, just come and buy the ticket at the gate. There’s no line at all. Well, we did go on a Monday so I’m not sure how that’s like on weekends. Dubai Miracle Garden is quite close to our hostel (around 15mins by car), so we decided to take a Careem instead. I just really wanted to try Careem (it’s a ridesharing based in Dubai, which is also a subsidiary of Uber) because they say that it is the more affordable version of Uber. Uber in Dubai is kind of more on the luxury side. Also, it was more convenient than commuting. If we wanted to commute, we’ll have to take the metro, get off at Mall of the Emirates and take the shuttle bus from there to Dubai Miracle Garden. While that is a cheaper option obviously, it will take longer and there’s a schedule. The first bus from MOE leaves at 10:10 am. We wanted to get there as early as we can so it won’t be too hot when we start walking around. So there, I guess, if it’s just a few minutes of cab ride, then just take that instead of going through a cheaper, longer route.

Dubai Miracle Garden is another one of Dubai’s seasonal theme parks. This is only opened from November until April each year. This is one of the places we were looking forward to visiting when we booked our flights. We were a bit worried on the opening date though so we were anxiously waiting for the announcement. It opened just a few days before we arrived.

If you like taking photos with flowers (like us), then you’ll have a blast here. There is really nothing else to do but take photos, so if you’re note into that, stay away. LOL. It was easy to tour this around because it has a nice layout and just goes circular so you don’t miss anything. Even if it was sunny, there are a lot of places where you can rest, and lots of tables and chairs where you can have some refreshments. We definitely took so many photos here.

Forever doing these slow mo vids LOL
Just passing through~
I wish I could take this home. It’s so comfy!!!

Once we’ve had our fill of flower photos and have seen everything, we decided to leave and go to our next stop. We took the bus from Dubai Miracle Garden to the Mall of the Emirates where we had lunch. We just asked the customer service for directions on where the bus stop is, the garden has several gates so you need to ask where it is. Where we entered was different from where we exited.


Bus fare to MOE: AED 5
Lunch: AED 20.50

I was sleepy on the way to the mall. I swear, I think I dozed while on the bus. Must be tired from all that walking. Ok, Mall of the Emirates is freaking huge. We walked a lot and got lost looking for the food court. There are many fastfood options, but KFC’s mojito caught our eyes. After a few hours under the sun at the Miracle Garden, we could use a refreshing drink. No alcohol, of course. I think I had a twister sandwich and fries, which is my go to KFC order, then I upgraded to that mojito. Loved that day drinking moment at the mall. LOL.

Day drinking. Char!


Opening hours: 4:00 to 11:00 pm
Entrance fee: AED65 (But we booked via Klook, which is cheaper)
Metro fare: AED5
Cab fare: AED12

Ok, going here is a bit tricky! From Mall of the Emirates, we took the metro and got off at World Trade Center Station. Then, it’s a 5-minute can ride. If you are into walking then maybe that is possible as well, but I don’t see a sidewalk because it’s on a main road. So upon getting out of the metro station, we tried looking for a cab or even book on the app, but we were unsuccessful, we then walked to this building nearby. I am not certain if that was the World Trade Centre buidling, but we passed by a multi-level parking lot first before we got to the front of the building. Luckily, we saw a taxi there and hurriedly flagged it to take us to Dubai Garden Glow’s gate. Since it’s less than 2km, we only paid the minimum fare again. LOL. I know, I know, it sounds like a waste of money but there’s no way we can walk going there.

We took some time at the ticket counter because they had me send the vouchers to a WhatsApp account for verification. That was weird, but there was still some light when we got in so we decided to go to the end first. (The installations don’t make sense if there are no lights.) There was a bridge over the roads, connecting the other side of Zabeel Park, where the Dubai Frame is. We tried to walk as much as we can, but dang it was a really long bridge! (Also, the guard told us not to go far, since we said we were just going to take a look.) We did see a glimpse of the Dubai Frame though and dang, I would like to see that more upclose next time!

When it turned dark, they have turned all the lights on and we started walking around. The installations are so pretty but dang, this was hecka tiring! They were scattered randomly everywhere in Zabeel Park and there were too many dead ends. There were so many moments where we had to walk back to where we came from so that we can go to a different area. We were a bit confused at times and that made me lose interest a bit as we walked around the park. โฃโฃSometime towards the end of the visit, I was no longer interested in taking photos. I even took a nap, while Celine ate her sandwich at a table. It was the total opposite of the Dubai Miracle Garden when it comes to the layout.

Our route going back was the same, we took a cab to World Trade Centre station, then took the metro to Dubai Internet City Station. I was asleep the entire time again. I don’t know why I was so tired on this day. LOL. I think I slept immediately that night, too.

Cab fare: AED12
Metro fare: AED5

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