Dubai Series: Birthday in Downtown Dubai [2019.11.13]

It’s our last day in Dubai! The week flew by so quickly! Although we were able to go to downtown Dubai on our first day, we didn’t really get to explore and although we have seen and passed by Burj Khalifa a few times during the week, this is the day that we’re going up the tallest building in the world. Also, it was my birthday! Hihi!

We had a late start since we don’t really have much on our itinerary for today and we are checking out from our hostel as well before doing a one last day tour in Dubai. Stupid me forgot my wonderful scarf that I specifically bought for this trip. I literally only used it once and I love it because it’s a nice shade of green and it’s thick. I will need to go back to Baguio to find myself another inexpensive, good quality scarf.

Anyway, on with how our day went. We took the metro from Dubai Internet City Station to Dubai Mall Station. That is it, it was the same going home. The mall is connected to the metro station so it was super convenient.


Metro fare: AED5 (same going back)

Dubai Mall is huge! We definitely didn’t get to see everything and will want to go here again the next time I find myself in Dubai. It really is true that you can literally spend the whole day here!


Just because this was the first store we saw when we entered Dubai Mall. I had one photo and a video of us and then I saw that it was actually prohibited to record there. So I will definitely not be posting those. Sorry, Kinokuniya Management! Don’t come for me!


Brunch: AED33

We haven’t eaten so that was our first task upon getting here. We found our way to the food court, which is super huge, by the way and I was overwhelmed by the choices! I ended up going to this stall that has Filipino food, and the server is of course, a Filipina! Surprisingly, the biryani rice x adobo combination is so delicious! It was too much for me though so I asked my leftovers to be wrapped to go. We ate before our flight later on but I will speak about that in a bit.

Yummy adobo and biryani!


I am actually not sure if this was already opened when we were there because there was a door and it seemed to be under construction but there was a photoshoot area outside so we totally took advantage. There was a staff “guarding” the area so we asked first if we could go and she said yes so we did.


This place just always draws us in. Even in Singapore, there’s no way we’ll skip this place each time we’re in Sentos. Love love the Hello Kitty stuff since it’s her birthday. And the chocolate free taste, I felt like I was at Taipa Village and there’s beef jerky free taste everywhere. LOL.


This is a fountain with glass fiber people who seem to plunge into the water. It’s 24 meters tall, enough to cover all the floors of the building. It’s not too difficult to find it because there are literally signs everywhere for directions.


Loacker Cafe: AED26

I think this is the only branch they have in Asia and it is literally Loacker heaven! There are so many flavors that we don’t have here! We took advantage of the Loacker dispenser where you can fill your bag, and you pay it at the counter per gram. ⁣


I don’t even know that such a store exists! I know of Virgin Records of course, but I didn’t know they have this, too! So many cute knick knacks around!


Coffee: AED22

This is one of the first places we saw upon entering and we already knew we were going to have coffee there at some point during the day. It’s just so pretty! I tried Turkish coffee for the first time and I liked it!!!! So many firsts during this trip and I love it.

I think one of the reasons I enjoyed going around Dubai is that there is literally a Filipino in every place. I don’t even need to speak English a lot because there are kabayans everywhere! They are super helpful and they give you some of the inside scoop.


Our appointment at the Burj Khalifa was at around 1:30pm or 2:00pm – I forgot. Our ticket says 1:30 but I can’t remember if that was the time we arrived for our appointment or that was really our appointment. Huh, it was tricky to find the entrance but after some walking, we were able to find it. Oh by the way, there is a baggage counter, you can only bring your valuables at the top so I only had my small pineapple sling bag with me. That is really convenient since I don;t feel like lagging my tote bag with me in a crowded space. You need to queue – this is a very popular place so that is expected, even on a Wednesday. We spent a lot of time queueing actually, to enter, to get into the elevator, to exit, etc. I think that’s what made my legs tired – the queueing, not the walking.

This was really special because it was my 34th birthday and I celebrated it AT THE TOP. Literally, I was in the tallest building in the world. I’m not big on buying tickets to get inside skyscrapers, because to me, they always look better from the outside. I didn’t do it at Taipei 101, nor at the Petronas Towers. But this one’s different, Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and I just had to buy that freaking ticket and go up. I think it up to now, it has never sunk in how really tall this building is. ⁣⁣
Now I can say I was in the tallest building in the world. At least until a taller one comes along. (I read a taller one is being built in Saudi Arabia.) ⁣I regret not getting the photos from the wing thing!

After 5:00 pm, we decided to go to the fountain area because the fountain show was at 6:00 pm. We took some photos and looked for a place where we can sit to watch the fountain show. We went early because we were afraid there would be too many people if we go there just a few minutes before. We checked in for our flights while waiting so we were quite productive LOL.

The fountain show last for just a few minutes, and I believe they do it every 30 minutes until 11:00pm.

After the fountain show, we decided it was time to go back to the hostel. Our flight was not until 11:00pm so we were not really in a hurry. Our plan was to leave at around 8:00pm since it takes about an hour via the metro to the airport from Barsha Heights. Since we had our luggages this time again, we took a Careem to the Dubai Internet City Station. Then, we took the metro from there to Airport T1 Station. It was actually really convenient and luckily, it didn’t rain this time around.

We’re already checked in so we had time but we had to fix our luggages and weigh them. It’s so crazy though that the weighing scale is not free! I think this is the first time ever that we had to pay for the weighing scale, LOL! After checking in our luggages, we shopped a little bit at Duty Free where I had a blast purchasing chocolates. Surprisingly, I still had a lot of dirhams left so might as well spend them on pasalubong.

Once we’re all set and we just need to wait to board, we had dinner at KFC. I still had my adobo – I’m surprised I was able to get through boarding with adobo inside my bag HAHAHA. We just needed some rice so we decided to go with KFC because they had that meal for two thing. We totally saved some coins because of my adobo! This was so hilarious – imagine eating adobo at KFC in Dubai.

Adobo at KFC LOL


Careem fare to metro station: AED15.50
Metro fare: AED7.50
Weighing scale: AED2
Duty free: AED86
Dinner: AED33

We arrived at 1pm the next day since Manila is 4 hours ahead of Dubai. I actually had to work that night. And here’s the aftermath:

I was supposed to meet my friend from Dubai but unfortunately was not able to so I really want to go back! Also, there are so many places that I still want to visit! A week is definitely not enough!

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