Dubai Series: La Mer, Atlantis, and the Creek [2019.11.09]

On this day, we packed our bags because we will be moving to a different accommodation. We stayed for 3 nights at Rhia’s, and we stayed in Sharjah for one night. Celine’s cousin works at a resort there and lucky for us, she booked us a room for a night. I think I will be talking about that more on my next entry though because we didn’t really get to explore the resort on our first night, because we took an afternoon nap and then went out again for dinner. We also got home pretty late so there wasn’t really enough time.

We were picked up at Al Nahda with our luggage, which was placed at the trunk while we tour before the check in time. Al Nahda is near the border between Dubai and Sharjah so I think Che Che only drove for about 10 minutes to get there.


Opening hours: Mon – Sun, 9:00 am to 2:00 am
Entrance fee: None

Ok, I really wanted to go here so I was so happy that Celine’s cousin, Che Che and her friend, Michelle, took us there. La Mer is a beachfront promenade along the Jumeirah coastline, where you can pretty much spend the whole day if you want. We were told it is really beautiful at night with all the lights, but what I was really interested in were the wall arts and murals, so it was great that we went during the day. There’s a beach here, complete with showers and changing rooms (and cute toilets!) They even have those colorful houses ala Brighton Beach in Australia. There are also different boutiques, cafes, and restaurants. Since I feel like most people would come here in the afternoon until evening, these establishments open pretty late, maybe starting during lunch. So I feel like in the morning, most people are at the beach. We definitely enjoyed strolling and spotting those cool street arts. We took tons of photos here! I freaking love wall arts, so La Mer was heaven!!!! Seriously one of my fave places in Dubai ♥️

Oh yeah, before we started walking around, we dropped by Dunkin Donuts for some coffee (and donut), of course. Btw, the coffee tastes different. It was a bit sour – definitely different from Dunkin coffee back home.

We capped our visit at La Mer by having lunch at Texas Roadhouse. Something funny happened there though. So you know how they offer peanuts while they prepare your food, right? And obviously it’s a huge bucket so there’s no way one would be able to finish them all. We had a really lovely server, and when he asked us after our meal if we needed anything, I joked about the peanuts. Then, he came back with a bag full of peanuts. HAHAHAHA. And he place that inside a huge Texas Roadhouse plastic bag. It was cool and hilarious at the same time. Now I wish the staff at Texas Roadhouse at S Maison can also give us free peanuts. I will try the same joke next time I go there. HAHAHAHA.


Opening hours: 24 hours
Entrance fee: None

I’m sure you have all seen the famous Palm Island, from all those skydiving videos and photos in Dubai. This hotel / resort is located on that island, right at the tip. I feel like when you think about Dubai, this is one of the most famous landmark. Of course, we had to see it for ourselves. This is a hotel, but I read you can go inside as part of a tour or if you want to spend the day at the hotel’s amusement park. It’s quite far so we were lucky that we had someone to drive us around. Super thankful!

We took photos outside and I think this one has the most beautiful design out of the three luxury hotels we visited (other two: Burj Al Arab and Emirates Palace). Then, went inside the mall or where the shops and restaurants are. I super love their underwater theme.

After exploring this area for a bit, we decided to drive to Sharjah and check in. We had an afternoon nap and then we were picked up again at around 6:00 pm for dinner.

Burj Khalifa!


I think this is the only time that we got to spend at Old Dubai / Bur Dubai. To think that we initially planned to stay here and I actually booked a hotel here before we changed our itinerary.

We didn’t plan on doing this. I definitely saw some vouchers on Klook, but didn’t think of including this in our itinerary. We were there pretty early so we canvassed a little bit. I think all the cruise leave at the same time, which is at 8:00 pm and lasts for about 2 hours. I forgot how much we paid, but I remember that it was cheaper than how much was advertised on Klook. If anyone plans on doing this, I think it will be better to go there directly and ask around for prices first. There are different boats, and they have different prices but I think they pretty much offer a buffet and some shows. We decided to go with the Cleopatra-themed boat, because the hostess was a Filipina.

We had to wait a bit, and if you stay on the boat while it’s docked, you will get dizzy. They have benches outside so that’s where we waited. I was pretty hungry so I nibbled on the snacks they had, which was dried dates! I loved that!

While cruising, we passed Al Seef – I immediately knew it was that because of all the lights. Also, along Dubai Creek (right next to Al Seef, actually, there is a wide area where there’s a sign that says “NO PHOTOGRAPHY”. We were told that it’s the palace of a royalty. Per checking Google Maps, it’s the Palace of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed the Emir of Qatar.

It was a nice experience cruising the Dubai Creek, but I wasn’t particularly a fan of the food, I barely finished mine. The show was entertaining though, it’s pretty much the same as the entertainment on the Desert Safari (more on this on another entry). I feel kinda bad about the employees at the cruise though because they have multiple responsibilities. I would say there are like 5 people on the boat and they do all the work. For example, the servers were also the entertainers on the show. I’m sure that after all the customers are gone, they will also be doing the cleaning up. This is a tough job so hands down to the people working on the dinner cruise.

If ever I get the chance to go to Dubai again, I will definitely want to explore Bur Dubai, and visit the souks.

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