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Where to get part-time jobs online?

I decided to write about this because I have friends who have asked me about my part-time job and hopefully, this could provide information to those who are trying to look for one online. I work full-time, I have an 8-hour job and that’s where I get most of my income. I started doing part-time jobs online when I was in between jobs back in Dec 2018. When I was hired full-time in Feb 2019, I did not stop and would still work on these on weekends or when I have free time during weekdays.

The first part-time job I had online was transcription. I will not name the company because they totally ghosted me and that was the end of my employment with them. Not gonna lie, it was partly my fault because when I started my full-time job, I didn’t really have a lot of time to work on the transcription. But then, when they hired me, they asked me to provide hours when I can actually work so when I started my full-time job, I changed my working hours to after my training which is around 3pm. And this is totally allowed, you just need to inform them via email the week prior, they provide a file that you can fill out and send to them. But then, despite my schedule adjustment, they would still send me transcription jobs at around 8am and give a deadline in the afternoon. Obviously, I won’t have time to finish it because I was training for my full-time job from 6am-2pm, since it was my first week. I do think I could have juggled it if they followed my schedule, because why ask for one if you’re going to give jobs anytime you want, right? I remember that in the beginning of the week, I would work on the job once I get home and I would sleep really late because I had to finish it. But then, the same week, they kept doing that – sending me jobs too early and I had to decline the jobs because they give it to me outside my working hours. When I did that, they suddenly stopped giving me jobs, without even telling me that okay, you are no longer employed with us. That left a sour taste in my mouth because there was no closure. I think if they weren’t happy with me because I changed my schedule and I had to decline a job because of that, they could still have told me that this is not okay and if I can’t allot enough time to work for them then it’s better to terminate the employment, right? But then I did allot time, they were just not following my schedule. Yetthere was nothing, I just assumed I was no longer employed with them because they weren’t giving me jobs anymore. Despite that, it was a useful experience, it was difficult most times because some audio files are super hard to understand. But I learned a lot from these files – just by listening to them, you gain knowledge. I was there for less than a month. The salary was PHP10/minute of audio file, and they pay you via PayPal monthly. It’s not a lot but as a part-time job, it’s not too bad.

Anyway, so here are some websites and apps where you can earn that extra coin. I will only be talking about those I have personally used.


A previous colleague recommended this to me when I was in between jobs (in Dec 2018) and I have been working here since. I have also recommended it to a few of my friends, and even my brother. However, I don’t really work on the projects consistently, because some projects won’t have tasks for an extended period of time. When there are tasks available, they would normally send an email or you can check it yourself from time to time.

What is this company anyway? It’s a website where you can find different projects that you can work on online. They are partnered with different companies and you are hired as an independent contractor to work on these projects for these companies. I cannot mention what companies these are because they make you sign NDAs when you work on projects and I don’t want to get into trouble. LOL. From the projects I have worked on, they are mostly related to social media, that’s why I use the title “social media evaluator” on my LinkedIn profile.

When you sign up for an account, you need to apply for projects you would like to work on before you can start. Once they have reviewed your profile, the next step is to take a test (if they have one – some projects don’t.) Anyway, they will send an email on every update so you’d know what to do next, if you passed, if you failed, if you can retake, etc. My tip is to just keep applying for new projects and take those tests. If you fail, that’s fine, you can always apply to the other ones. I log in almost everyday to check if there are new projects that are open for application.

It’s hard to talk about the specifics of the actual job since it can be different per project. But from the ones I have worked on so far, you work at least 4 hours a day, 20 hours a week – that is a normal requirement. What’s important though is it’s very flexible. You can work anytime you want, as long as you satisfy the required hours per week. Each project will tell you how much you are paid per hour, and I guess this varies depending on where you are located. They pay monthly through Payoneer. You need to submit an invoice at the end of the month, which they will then approve. The payment usually comes in every 14th, but most of the time, earlier than that.

I would say, I have been satisfied so far with Appen. I have been working on projects for almost 2 years and I think the pay is just okay for someone who’s living in the Philippines. I don’t work every month and there are months when I only get a couple of dollars but that’s my own preference. The tasks that I have done so far are not super difficult, so I’m not really expecting to get paid so high per hour. Also, since I have a full-time job and this is just for some extra income, so I don’t really mind. But honestly, I’m not disappointed at all. Sure, technical problems can be pretty annoying, because all of the comms are via email and sometimes, the tickets can get overwhelming for them so I’ve experienced where I received a reply from them months later. I have also lost some projects due to these technical issues, and while it’s disappointing, I’ve learned to let it go and just apply to new projects. So far, I have only been disappointed with one project due to the unclear way of tracking time so I stopped working on it.

I totally recommend this website if you are looking for a part-time job online. Currently, this is the only one where I still earn from. I no longer check the other websites. If you would like to try, you can sign up using my referral link.


This is another website where you can find projects to work on, work when there are tasks available, and get paid weekly through PayPal. Unlike Appen though that pays per hour, this pays per task and how high (or low) quality it is. So if you did badly, you’re still going to earn something, but most likely, just a very small amount.

To get activated for tasks, you need to go through training first for that specific project. It explains what the project is about, what the instructions are, there might be some questions asked to check if you understood what you watched or read. Once you finished that and passed, then you will see the tasks if they are available. Usually, if there are no tasks, they will redirect you to the training center to see projects where there are available tasks,.

Honestly, I didn’t really earn a lot from this website. I think there are projects that pay higher but they’re too techy for me. LOL. I guess, the LIDAR projects are the ones that pay well, so if you understand all of that, sign up here and work on these projects.


I also no longer work on projects for this website. I have worked on a few projects and only those that don’t really require you to take a test. Normally, they’re ones where you submit a video or photos to train AI or something. They also have an app and I suggest downloading this if you want to work for Clickworker because there are some projects that can only be done through the app, not on the website. You can also get activated for different jobs in UHRS, and although, I passed that, I have not tried working on any of those projects yet. I cannot log in to that freaking hotmail account no matter how I tried, and then I just forgot about it.

Clickworker is based in Germany, so the payment is in euros. They send the payment via PayPal and how long it will take them to pay you depends on the project. It can vary from maybe 2 weeks to 2 months. It will take a while, but it is always written on the project that it is payable in 60 days, for example. At least they set your expectation. LOL. It’s not so bad though, I did a big project for them last year and the pay was quite good.

If you would like to try, you can sign up using my referral link.


Everybody knows what Upwork is. It’s been around for a really long time. Unfortunately, I don’t have much success on Upwork and I no longer check the website. I had one client for transcription and that was it. But I know a lot of people who found amazing full-time and part-time jobs here and worked with clients for a long time, so I think this is still worth checking out if you are looking for remote work online. Sometimes, when you apply for jobs and it’s no longer available, the client can offer a different position and if you’re up for it, then you can try that instead. That is how I found my first transcription job.

That’s it. I have only tried these 4 websites to look for part-time jobs. Just like any other job, just keep trying! It might take a lot of tries, and you may fail a lot, but you can’t just stop because you need to earn that coin. I also think that if you have some free time and still have the energy for it, even if you are already employed full-time, it wouldn’t hurt to take on a part-time job or a side hustle. I totally recommend it! (Although, I must admit that there are times when I feel really bored when I don’t have a part-time job to do, but really lazy when there is a job. LOL.)

Have you tried any of these websites? What’s your experience like? Or do you have any other recommended websites? Tell me below in the comments!

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