Everything I Ate in Baguio

What’s a trip to the City of Pines without visiting the many restaurants in town?! Having lived in Baguio for 5 years and having frequent visits after I came back home, there is always something new to try each time.

Upon arriving in Baguio, my first stop was Max’s along Session Road. I was so hungry, I came from shift directly to the bus terminal in Cubao and traveled 4h15m to Baguio. It was the first restaurant I saw on Session Road and Max’s sisig tofu is always a good idea. I didn’t take photos because I was so effin hungry. They gave me my dessert first (I told them to serve it along with the meal) so I started my lunch with buko pandan. LOL.

Cafe by the Ruins

Address: 25 Shuntug Rd, Baguio, Benguet

This is only my second time in Cafe by the Ruins, which is hilarious because it is so close to my office when I lived in Baguio. I was so satisfied with what I ordered, the carbonara was so good and the Moroccan mint tea was totally what I expected. It definitely exceeded my expectations!

Haight’s Place

Address: 4J, JQ H4, Atok, 2612 Benguet

We came here for a snack during our side trip to Atok, they had a restaurant beside the BnBs. The pancake was very tasty and the place is so pretty!

Marosan Restaurant

Address:  Km 50 Halsema Highway, Atok, Benguet

Marosan Restaurant is definitely a landmark in Atok. It’s a simple, small restaurant, but that Marosan fried rice is so good! This is definitely recommendable because it has everything – fried rice, fried egg, chicken, pork and vegetables. So affordable, yet it will totally fill you up!

Chimichanga by: Jaime’s Family Feast

Address: 3 M.H. Del Pilar St, Baguio, 2602 Benguet

We were supposed to eat Canto Restaurant that night, but they closed early so when we got there, they were done with the last call. We saw this place on the way so we decided to eat here instead. No complaints here because I love me some Mexican food! Everything was so good and the place looks so cool!

Yolk Korean Egg Sandwiches

Address: Biking Lane, Burnham Park, Baguio

I’m so glad I saw the food truck the night before because at least I knew where to go. I have been following their Instagram page so I just had to come here and try their egg drop sandwich. I order the newest sandwich, Daesang, and it was definitely worth the hype, and their citron honey tea is probably the best out of all the tea I drank in Baguio that week.

Victoria’s Bakery

Address: Lower Mabini St, Baguio, 2600 Benguet

Ok, these cream puffs are so freaking good!!! And all of these for PHP200 (including the cute box). The flavors I bought were ube, original, chocolate, and mango. I seriously ate this everyday for my last three days in Baguio.

Canto Bogchi Joint

Address: 25 Kisad Rd, Baguio, 2600 Benguet

I went back here for lunch two days later and I think I was the first customer because they open at 11am. I’m so happy that they had chilled taho! It almost didn’t happen, but I’m glad it was available in the end. Of course, I had tea again and their lasagna. The insulated mini glass was so cute!

Arca’s Yard Baguio

Address: 777 Tiptop, Ambuklao Rd, Baguio, 2600 Benguet

Two words: KAMOTE PIE. This kamote pie is freaking delicious! They served it before my Spanish sardines pasta even arrived and I just wanted a taste but I ended up eating half of it before I was served the pasta. I also ordered Arca’s cloud tea, which is actually teh tarik. That’s why I love it!

They’re right in the border of Baguio and La Trinidad, but the place actually comes after the sign for Brgy. Beckel, La Trinidad. The view here is to die for! I love love love these restaurants in Baguio where you have a view of trees and trees and trees. I’m so glad they gave me a table outside.

After my meal, I toured the restaurant and had to take a look at the library downstairs. Unfortunately, you can’t really touch anything. I also love all the art around the restaurant.

Highland Brew, SM City Baguio

Address: Luneta Hill Dr, Baguio, Benguet

I met my friend Camille on my last day since she was also in the city. Unfortunately, I only tried their coffee because I was still so full from everything I ate in Arca’s Yard. Pulag was really good though!


Pink taho at Pink Sisters!

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