Fall in Fukuoka: Harmonyland [2018.11.11]

Ok, this is way long overdue! But I need to finish what I started! Hopefully, I still remember some details. This trip was a year and a half ago and I wrote the first 3 parts in March 2019. Best of luck to me, LOL! Just to recap, here’s what I have posted about this trip so far:

Fukuoka Travel Guide
Nov 9 – Uminonakamichi / Canal City / Ramen Stadium
Nov 10 – Ainoshima island / Tochoji Temple / Kushida Shrine / Don Quijote

HarmonyLand is a Sanrio Character Park located in Oita. This is actually 2 hours away from Hakata so this was the only plan for the day. We took the direct train from Hakata Station straight to Kitsuki Station. This is actually a bit pricey (per Google, it’s ¥5,240, but it’s included if you have a JR pass. It’s totally recommendable if you are planning to take day trips outside of Fukuoka.) We already reserved this when we claimed our JR Pass on our first day. Since it was a nonstop ride, we were able to have our breakfast and slept a bit while on the train. It’s so easy to spot that you are in the right station because you will see all the Hello Kitty stuff everywhere! So at this station, there is a bus that will take you directly to Harmonyland. We didn’t know that it was already there waiting for people, because we took our time taking photos at this station. Luckily, he didn’t leave us and upon getting out of the station, he was like, “Kitty?” That was super cute! There were only two other girls on the bus besides us. If they told the driver that there were two other girls at the station taking photos that looked like they’re also going to Harmonyland, then we are super thankful. LOL.

Opening hours: 9am to 9pm
Entrance fee: JPY3000

I read on their website that you get JPY600 discount if you are a foreign tourist and all you need is to show your passport. So that brings the entrance fee from JPY3000 to JPY2400. We bought a voucher from Klook because that was cheaper back then, even with the tourist discount. I don’t remember how much it was but currently, it is PHP1,214 on Klook. It would be good to compare before going to see where you will save more coins.

Ok, I just have to say.. the cuteness of the theme park is already a given, but I must say, its location is something else! The view from here is to die for!

We arrived at around 10:30 and the parade was not until 12:30pm so we had some time to go around before taking our position to watch it. Some visitors already have their mats laid out to secure amazing positions. LOL. Harmonyland is actually more targeted for kids, but who cares, I’m a kid at heart. That might be also why some rides are just in one area. It is also not that huge as compared to other theme parks, like Disneyland or Universal Studios, which is good for me and Celine since we don’t really like walking around a huge theme park. Despite being for kids, we had a blast in the rides because this is totally what we like, you know, the rides that are not scary and would make us dizzy LOL.

Proof of attendance!

I am going to try to separate the attractions (some may overlap):



It’s like the It’s A Small World ride on Disneyland.


Since it is November, Hello Kitty gets a month-long birthday celebration ala-Kuya Germs LOL. There are a lot of birthday events for her and throughout the days, there are random announcement about her birthday. We unfortunately did not enter the Kitty Castle because you need to pay extra! But looking back, maybe we should have!

Lunch break! (Peek my ever-reliable thermal thermos! HAHA!)


We rode the ferris wheel after lunch so we can chill and rest for a bit. Ferris wheels are the best if you want to take a break from being a tourist for a while. LOL. Moreover, the view of the countryside from here is amazing!

“Lahat ng nakikita ko ay akin.” (Kyushu edition 😂😜)


The Sky Jet was scary to me though! I feel like we’re so exposed and things could go wrong. I was so paranoid!


How cute are the cabins at Sky Fun? We rode a My Melody one. But man, this made me so dizzy!




We didn’t ride this! But it’s still so cute!


We truly enjoyed Parade Parallel! It’s not as huge as the parade in Disneyland or Universal Studios, since they are just dancing around one area, but it was just as fun! I think the highlight is just seeing how cute all these Sanrio characters are. I especially love Pompompurin and Cinnamoroll.

I was excited about everyone!!!
Huh! At least I have a pic with no photobombers!

And just some random photos around 🙂

We left at around 4:30pm, after asking for the bus schedule going to Kitsuki Station. There are actually illuminations in the evening and while it would be great to see that as well, we couldn’t because we will miss the last bus going to Kitsuki Station. I think this would be great if you are checked in somewhere close, you can buy the evening passport ticket, which is actually cheaper. I’m actually surprised that we only spent about 6 hours inside the park, I felt like we did so much and took a lot of photos.

I read reviews before going that Harmonyland is in bad shape and while I do agree that it definitely needs maintenance, it is really not that bad. It’s still super kawaii and if you are a Sanrio fan, I think that would be the least of your worries. The entrance fee is also a lot cheaper compared to Universal Studios or Disneyland. Also, I don’t need to queue for 1-2 hours just to enjoy an attraction or ride. I totally recommend Harmonyland for any Hello Kitty fan, no matter how old you are!

Like our usual routine, we bought our dinner from the convini, and ate it at the hostel’s common area. We were a bit tired from the 2-hour train ride back and forth and don’t really have the energy to look for a restaurant where we can eat. (You know, that deciding takes so much energy sometimes. LOL.)

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