Fall in Fukuoka: Huis Ten Bosch [2018.11.12]

This is another place that we were totally looking forward to visiting – Huis Ten Bosch! Huis Ten Bosch is located in Sasebo, Nagasaki, which is roughly two hours away by train from Hakata Station. There is a direct train going to Huis Ten Bosch so that is super convenient. Before going to the station, we bought our bento to eat on the train and some snacks for our day tour in Huis Ten Bosch. We took the first trip of the direct train at 8:34am, which arrives at Huis Ten Bosch Station at 10:22am. Knowing Japan transportation, they are always on time, so if the schedule says it will leave and arrive at X time and Y time, trust and believe that it is true.

Opening hours: 9:00am to 10:00pm
Entrance fee: JPY7000

Just like Harmonyland, we bought a Klook voucher because it’s a little cheaper. Again, I don’t really remember how much it was in Nov 2018 but currently, it is priced at PHP3,171. Yes, it is a bit pricey but in my opinion, it is so worth it! For someone who dreams of going to Europe but currently does not have that capability, this is a perfect way to live my dreams of being in the Netherlands, even just for a day.

Cute vending machine hihi

Also, this is a huge place! That is why they have transportation within the park – some are free, if you just present your ticket, some you need to pay for. We both had backpacks so what we did was, we paid for a locker and left some of our stuff inside. I forgot to mention this in my Harmonyland blog, but we did that there as well. It’s not too expensive since Celine and I shared the locker. We still have our backpacks with us while going around, but we left some of the heavy stuff in the locker. For example, we had snacks and water tumblers, so we left those in the locker and during lunch, we would go back to the locker, get them, and then put them back after. Walking around a theme park while carrying a heavy bag can tire you out more easily.

Once you’ve gone out of the Huis Ten Bosch Station, you will pass by this long bridge going to the entrance. You will also have a closer look of Hotel Okura from the bridge.

I will try my best to determine the places / areas / zones because it is just so complicated. I’m using the map on their website as guidance. But if I can’t, then I’ll just post them randomly. LOL


I definitely felt so welcomed! LOL! Everything is so pretty and cute right from the beginning!!


I have so many photos here but this is not the focus of this trip and we have gone to a teddy bear museum before in Takayama, so we were not really super crazy about this place.




Ang majestic ng tower na ito! Located in Tower City (obviously), the Dotomren Observatory Platform is where you can have a 360-degree view of the theme park… and beyond.

It was difficult to fit it in the photo! LOL!



Haha, I’m just going to assume that all Netherlands-looking photos were taken in this area.


At Hotel Amsterdam’s courtyard. (Taray ng pa-courtyard. At eto lang ata napasok naming hotel.)



I don’t know what this palace is, but it’s so pretty and it has a huge clock in front!


We spent so much time on that long road with pretty trees and flowers leading to Palace Huis Ten Bosch. A lot of flower photos and I experimented on a photo app a little bit.

Fall vibes, winter feels. (Seriously, hindi ako handa sa lamig, hangin at ambon dito ha!)






(Tulog o nag-uunat? I’m just as confused as you are LOL)
This is one of my favorite photos!


And the illumination starts~ I think it started right after we came out of the haunted house. We actually tried several attractions and went to some museums but didn’t take as much photos in those places.

Going back, the last direct train was at 5:47pm and that’s too early for us since we wanted to see the illumination. So we decided to just stay as long as we needed and just take whatever train will take us back to Hakata Station no matter how many transfers we need to do. We just went with what Google Maps suggested and I think we had to do two transfer just to get home. It’s not too bad though because I think some of the trains we took were local trains so at one point, we were on a train where there were so many students about to go home.

It’s totally impossible to do everything in Huis Ten Bosch in one day. We only did a few of the attractions, but we did the interesting ones. Not the ones that you’d normally try in a theme park. I read somewhere that Huis Ten Bosch is going bankrupt, I don’t know the full story but I hope this gets more customers (well at least after this pandemic ends), because it’s so pretty and it’s such a unique concept.

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