Fall in Fukuoka: Uminonakamichi / Canal City / Ramen Stadium [2018.11.09]

On our first full day in Fukuoka, our first destination was Uminonakamichi Seaside Park. We definitely took our time though and had our free breakfast at the hostel. They have coffee and tea, different pieces of bread that you can toast, butter, blueberry and strawberry jam. It is enough. I really missed their toast once I was back in Manila.

Then we walked to Hakata Station to get our JR Pass, which I talked about in my previous blog. Then we were on our way to Uminonakamichi Seaside Park! There is no direct train going there, we had to stop at Kashii Station and then waited for another train to Uminonakamichi. We really just rely on Google Maps to check the stations and the schedules. We didn’t have to pay anything as it was covered by our JR Pass.

Opening hours: 9:30AM to 5:30PM
Entrance fee: JPY450
Bicycle rental fee: JPY400 for the first 3 hours + JPY70 per hour thereafter

Uminonakamichi Station is right by the entrance of the park, there is also a Marine World, but we really just wanted to go to the Seaside Park. The entrance to the Marine World is also in this area. To go around the park, we decided to rent a bicycle. The uncle who was manning the bicycles advised that we just rent for the first 3 hours and then just pay the additional fee in excess. I read that there is also a bus that operates around the park, but we were there the entire day and we never saw any bus. So, I guess renting a bicycle was a good decision, despite the fact that it took a toll on our legs. LOL. Also, at least we didn’t have to carry our bags because we just placed it in our basket. 

The first area we saw was the Animal Forest where Celine fed the ducks. There are swans too, but we can’t really get near them

While figuring out our next destination, we saw Rose Garden, so we decided to check it out. There’s a Flower Museum here but it’s quite outdated, which is disappointing.

Some photos with Celine 🙂

These are the only photos I have of the flowers in the Flower Museum LOL

There is another station – Saitozaki Station, which is closer to the flower beds. There is also a bicycle station here so I guess if you choose to exit from here, you can just return the bicycles here. There are tables here and a vending machine (where we can get a warm drink) so we had our lunch here. It’s actually a pretty nice place for a picnic, the wooden tables under the shade of the trees is perfect for lunch.


We definitely got lost though and we got tired from biking. We just stopped in areas we though were cute and just took photos. We were actually quite unlucky cause we really just wanted to take photos in the flower garden but during the time we went, they were in the process of planting new flowers. There were still flower beds but none of that endless rows of flowers we saw on Instagram.

We still had a blast taking a lot of photos though. The foliage is effortless! We definitely took a lot hahaha

We were already tired and it’s almost closing time, but we biked to Shomidai Lookout to see the sea. It was worth it. We almost turned back but we persevered (LOL) and reached the lookout. This is a recommended spot if you want to see a panoramic view of the sea / beach. You can’t go down the viewing deck though.

My overall thought about the park is just okay. I guess we had a huge expectation, but it was a letdown because we went at the wrong time. Totally not their fault. We still have really cute fall photos so it’s all good. The route back to Hakata Station was exactly the same. We still had a lot of time before dark, so we went to Canal City.

Opening hours: 10:00am to 9:00pm (restaurants are open until 11:00pm)
Entrance fee: None (because it is a mall LOL)

Canal City is this large shopping and entertainment complex, and what’s so cute is that it’s color orange and has such a unique design. We got there a little before 6pm, and lucky for us, there was a water show featuring Godzilla. We stayed for a few minutes to watch the show before going around the mall. We dropped by Muji, and just looked around.

Ramen Stadium is on the 5th floor of Canal City. This place reminds me of the Takoyaki Museum in Osaka (only it’s ramen and not takoyaki, obviously). It’s a space where there are 8 different restaurants serving different styles of ramen from Kyushu and Hokkaido. You order from a vendo located outside the restaurant, you get a food ticket after paying and you just give that to the staff inside. There are like 2 employees at the restaurant – a server and a cook. That is so efficient! By the way, a tip – just what we noticed when we were ordering. Keep the Japanese language because the prices changed when we switched to English. I don’t know if that’s a glitch but yeah, keep the Japanese language.

Celine trying out the ramen vendo!

Opening hours: 11:00am to 11:00pm
Entrance fee: None (because it is a mall LOL)

The wait time was decent enough. The ramen was soooo good! I don’t normally finish a bowl of ramen cause the serving is too much for me, but I finished this because it was that good! We may have underestimated the gyoza though, we didn’t know they were that big! We ended up taking the rest home and I ate my share for dinner the following day. Definitely worth the price!

There is Wizarding World Cafe here, too. It’s on the same floor as Ramen Stadium so we went there first actually. There were a lot of people. It never crossed our mind to take photos though because the food is super pricey! We just took photos outside. LOL.

This is where the 100-yen bus is useful, we took it from Hakata Station to Canal City and going back. The bus stop at Hakata Station is near the sign that says JR Hakata City. You just need to figure out which bus to take, I think the one that goes to Canal City literally has that sign on the bus. Also, there’s a flashing thing at the bus stop that tells you how many minutes you need to wait for the next bus. Going back, you need to cross to the other side from Canal City (from where you were dropped off if you’re coming from Hakata Station) to ride the bus going back to Hakata Station. You will be dropped off from opposite the sign that says JR Hakata City, so you need to cross the street to get to Hakata Station. And then we just walked from there to our hostel. There are some pretty lights here so obviously, we took photos. Haha.

There goes our first day, it wasn’t that tiring actually because we only went to a few places. Biking around Uminonakamichi though was super tiring and we did walk a lot as well because there are areas where bikes are not allowed so we definitely walked a lot, too.

Comfy bed shoes ^^