Filling Station: First Dinner Out After 6 Months! [2020.09.22]

For the past 6 months, the only time I’ve gone out is when I need to go to the grocery, which is once every 2 weeks. A few weeks ago, my friend Celine, invited me and another friend, Irick to go and have dinner in Makati. She saw that Filling Station is open so we decided to go.

It was also my first time to take public transportation since March 13th. I booked a GrabCar from our apartment to Filling Station (same going home). Per the rules, you need to wear a face shield and a face mask inside public transportation. There is a plastic barrier between me and the driver. I noticed though that it is much more traffic in my neighborhood than in the other side of Makati where Filling Station is. That is crazy!


I have been to Filling Station once before, probably in 2014 before its renovation. The place then was smaller than what it is now. It has definitely gotten bigger and it has different sections so diners are really not crowding in just one area. I got there first and immediately went to a table in an area where there is not a lot of people. There were only 3 other tables occupied. There is a glass barrier in the middle of the table, tables are alternately occupied, strictly only two people per table and they need to sit in front of each other. When Celine arrived, we asked the manager how the setup will be since we have 3 people in our party. We were asked to move in a table at the corner, where they added a smaller table for Irick. She no longer had the glass barrier because she is already a good distance from us. They also have disposable menus and the utensils are individually packed in plastic.

I love the Marilyn Monroe room! We took a lot of photos here because there was noone else in this room but us.

We had an early dinner so we ordered a big plate of appetizers, which has chicken fingers, fish fingers, cheese quesadillas, French fries with 3 kinds of dips, and a plate of pancakes. It was perfect for us because it has 3 pieces.

We only stayed here until 9:00pm because we needed to be home by 10pm. We have curfew here in the Philippines. LOL. We spent the last few minutes taking photos around the restaurant. We had our masks on the entire time, only removing them when we take photos.

Must take a photo with this car LOL
#upuanseries is back!

Definitely, we’re still in the middle of a pandemic so make sure you’re being careful and staying safe if you would like to dine out. This was a few weeks ago and I will probably not go out again for dinner for a long time.

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