Happy Birthday To Me At Torres Farm And Resort [2021.11.13-14]

It’s mah birthday and this year, it’s a staycation weekend at Torres Farm and Resort! I really thought I was going to cancel this because Mine had some health issues the weekend before and Celine was unsure if she was going to be able to come. But in the middle of the week, Celine confirmed and Mine felt better so we were a go! And that made me really happy!

But before that, a side birthday kuda

That week was also not the best – I was so busy, so I was super happy when Friday came and I was on leave. My mother and I went to SM Makati during the day for our Makatizen Card application, and I had a date at around 5pm, and it was super traffic that evening! I ended up staying awake for almost 24 hours.

The next morning, I found out that I lost my wallet – my IDs, cards, and some money – all gone. I was buying Celine’s present that morning and I bought myself new earphones as well. Thank goodness for Gcash, I was still able to pay for what I bought. When I got home, I spent about half an hour on the phone with BPI to get everything in order first before leaving for Cavite. It was a stressful morning, but nothing is going to stop me from leaving to spend my birthday weekend!

On to the Torres Farm and Resort experience…


Torres Farm and Resort is located in Brgy. Sabang, Naic, Cavite. Per usual, we travel via public transport and this is another resort that is very accessible! From PITX, take any bus to Ternate, and get off at Jollibee Naic. It’s not hard to miss this because it’s a crossing and buses usually stop here anyway. Then, take a tricycle directly to Torres Farm and Resort. It is that easy! Going back, you can ask the reception to call for a tricycle for you. You can wait in the lobby and the trike will go there directly. Torres Farm and Resort’s service is top-notch – more on that later!


Day trips are from 9am/8am to 9pm. Overnight room accommodations are from 2pm to 12nn the next day. Details on this on the photo below.


Photo taken from Torres Farm and Resort’s Facebook page.

All rates on the photo above. What’s not mentioned is how much they charge for an extra person. So we booked a room for 2, but there are three of us so I inquired about this. The extra person fee is PHP700. No extra bed because the room is actually big enough for 4 people, to be honest. The deluxe room has two double beds. The fee is actually for the breakfast and the amenities (toiletries, towel, etc.) While I say that the room is big enough for 4 people, unfortunately, the maximum occupancy that they allow for deluxe rooms is 3. You can find photos of the deluxe room here.

I loved our room! It’s huge and the bed is so comfortable. I want that bed, LOL! It also has everything you need, and a special mention to the bidet. I miss the warm seat and water. LOL.

Ok, I must say that I do not like the reservation process because I do not like talking on the phone. Hahaha! It is just a personal preference., LOL. You need to call them to make a reservation, then they will send you their bank details for the down payment (they sent me this through Messenger) and then they emailed me the confirmation of my reservation. I think they can do better with the reservation process. It is probably better to streamline it through just one platform. You only need to pay 50% down payment to make a reservation, and then pay the rest in cash upon arrival. They also need a PHP1000 deposit, which you will get upon checkout.


You will not go hungry here, they have two restaurants: Amare La Cucina and Garden Cafe, plus numerous food stalls around. Their restaurant operating hours are from 9am to 6pm/8pm – quite early so keep this in mind if you did not bring your own food. We decided to have dinner at Amare La Cucina, which was amazing! Love the ambiance of the restaurant, it was cozy and comfortable. The food was so good and we didn’t mind ordering more than we consumed cause we ate the leftovers the next day before checking out.

We also ordered room service (beer lang naman!) and I’m so happy they accommodated our request even if it was after closing na. I believe it was before 9pm so I think they were still cleaning at the time. It was not during the wee hours of the night naman. They even brought ice glasses with ice! Full service!

The room comes with free breakfast, which starts at 8am. It is at Amare La Cucina as well. They have three options, and then it’s unlimited iced tea or coffee (self-service). We asked for vinegar, since we ordered bangsilog, and they came back with three small bowls of vinegar with sili. I love it!

Walang kamatayang bangsilog! HAHA!

For people who would like to bring their own food – it is allowed, no corkage fee (which is amazing).


You need to wear your face mask, unless you’re taking photos, eating, and swimming. It’s a huge place anyway, there’s plenty of space for everyone to roam around in. (This is so basic!) What we also did was wake up early so that we can take photos around the resort with no people around.


This pretty much sums it all HAHA. Ah well not all because we only picked 10 places.

Torres Farm and Resort’s concept is that you can travel around the world without a passport since around the resort are different famous world landmarks. You can actually make it quite believable if you are really good at taking photos!

They have different pools, but we opt to go to the one in Dubai Villa area because it was huge and there were some comfy lounge chairs. We actually ended up spending more time there than we intended to.


I totally recommend this place, if you are looking to take fun photos with your friends or family members. I am actually really happy with their service, right until we left the lobby to take our tricycle.

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