We were supposed to be back in Manila by Feb 12th, 12:30 AM but unfortunately and out of pure bad luck, we missed our flight. It was just a series of unfortunate events starting from booking a bus from Takayama to Nagoya. HUHU. It’s the very first time I experienced it but instead of moping around and crying over spilled milk, Celine and I went ahead and asked ourselves immediately – “What’s our next step? What’s the plan?” While the Japanese CEB staff was trying to compute how much it would cost us to rebook our ticket, we were already searching Skyscanner if there are any other flights from Nagoya to Manila available. The staff told us that we need to pay around 19k per person to rebook the flight – booking a new flight is clearly much cheaper. (I actually already checked the next day’s flight while we were aboard the bus to Nagoya. LOL.) She advised us to contact the call center for clarification. We didn’t know how we’d go about it from Nagoya – calling the call center in Manila – so we sent messages to our friends on Facebook Messenger. I am so lucky that I only have a few friends but I know that I can depend on them in times like this. We were talking to at least 3 friends who reached out to other friends who can help us. Ate Edcel was able to contact the call center who confirmed that it would be better to book a new flight rather than rebooking the ticket – but the agent she talked to didn’t really give us a quote of how much it would cost us if we decide to rebook.

Celine and I searched for flights available and since there’s only one CebuPac flight from Nagoya to Manila per day, the next flight out would be the next night, same time and flight number. Which means, I would be absent from work. HUHU. Our other option was the Jetstar flight but having worked for that airline before, I know that they don’t have daily flights to and fro Japan. True enough, the next flight out to Manila is on Monday, Feb 13th. We decided to go with CebuPac instead. Flights in the coming days are obviously cheaper but we can’t afford to stay much longer. I can probably stay for like a few more days budget-wise but I would probably not be able to go back to work anymore had I done that. LOL. Also, I don’t think I’d be comfortable sleeping in the airport for another night. Hahaha.

So we decided to eat something first and clear our heads, then booked the flights. I had to ask Ate Edcel and her sister, Jhocel for help with booking the flight. I am just super happy that they were awake and were willing to help me. I would forever be grateful for that. <3 After booking the trip, I checked in online and then tried to get some shuteye. I emailed my TL during lunch the next day to explain what happened and inform him that I won’t be able to come to work. It was a situation nobody wanted. I never wanted to spend a lot of money on a flight going back. We got back to Manila in one piece and I got to work the next night. We decided to stay at the airport cause the train costs 870 yen each way. But what I really want to share here is how we spent 24 hours at the airport. Hahahaha. So sorry the lenthy introduction. Took 3 paragraphs. LOL.

So we arrived at the airport at 8:40 PM – boarding starts at the same time. We figured out why we weren’t allowed in, the next night. Aside from the obvious that we were late, we need to get on a shuttle bus to get to the plane. It would’ve been such a hassle if we were let in and everyone had to wait for us. I understand that it was our fault and knowing how the Japanese are super punctual, we would really never be allowed to board the plane. I think there aren’t a lot of flights that leave during late at night. I think our flight is one of the last ones. There weren’t a lot of people in the international departures area. We stayed there for a bit while figuring out our game plan, then proceeded to 2F where Family Mart is. Which brings us to the first part of this post.


Since it was very late, most of the restaurants were already closed. Upon checking the directory, most restaurants close at around 9 or 10PM. These restaurants are mostly on the 4F, which is what they call Sky Town – accessible via elevator or escalator from 3F – departures area. The only place that’s open is Family Mart, so we headed there for dinner. It’s accessible through the restaurant beside it – Pronto. It was already closing when we got there so we were able to eat the stuff we bought from Family Mart at the tables located outside. And I guess maybe they share those tables with Family Mart. I ate my leftover food until breakfast the next day.

In the morning, you have more options since some restaurants open as early as 6 or 7AM. If you’re looking for cheap stuff and you’ve tried Family Mart, you can go to Lawson located on the 1F. It’s not open 24 hours like Family Mart though. Sky Town has a huge variety of restaurants so if you still have some yen to spare on good food, head over to that area. Celine and I had lunch at Freshness Burger. We were swayed by the Avocado Burger ad outside and Celine just had to try it. Hahaha. I tried their chicken terikayi burger and berry coconut hot chocolate. I am absolutely satisfied with the presentation and thrilled that they have an English menu. Transaction was very easy and fast, too. ^^



After eating at Family Mart in the evening, we headed to the Arrivals area cause we saw that the seats were more comfortable. There are bed-length benches with a charging station but they were located in the middle so there was no privacy. We moved the cushioned seats located at the end of the arrivals area and it was perfect for sleeping. It’s noisy whenever passengers from a flight arrives but it was fine since I had ear plugs from J-Hoppers. So happy I took one for emergency purposes. I woke up a few times and changed position a lot though cause let’s face it, it’s not as comfy as a bed. I was able to sleep until around 8 or 9 AM the next day though. And by then, it’s less than 12 hours till check in opens. LOL.

We then moved to the charging stations, which is very close to where we slept. We pretty much just moved our luggage there and occupied the booths. There’s also a huge television airing local shows. Chubu Airport has free WiFi and we definitely took advantage.

That area was also close to the toilet so I was able to freshen up and change my clothes. I removed everything heattech / thermal cause it was so much warmer in Nagoya on that Sunday. The temperature was ranging from 3 to 6 degrees, which is a huge difference from the -6 degrees in Takayama before we left. They don’t have a shower room but I was able to clean myself just enough. LOL.

Ninjas! LOL!
There was a show at the time. Seems like a talent show for kids.


Ok, we had a very packed itinerary so we really didn’t have a lot of time to shop. Yes, we did pass by some shopping streets and were able to buy some snacks but we really weren’t able to buy the things our friends asked. I personally had to look for an Anello bag, Royce chocolates and Ettusais BB cream. I already researched for places where I can find those on the Chubu Airport website – super helpful! I took a screenshot of these places so I’d know where to find them.

We were able to find Anello bags at this store called SAC’S BAR Jean on 4F. I was able to find the one Ate Rina wanted but she wanted a smaller size so I ended up not buying. We were able to find Royce chocolates at Blue Sky on 3F. FYI: If you’re going to purchase nama chocolates, better to buy the insulation bag. They sell it for only 108 yen. You can split it with a friend who’s also buying nama choco. I looked high and low for Ettusais products ever since I arrived in Nagoya Station but I was only able to find them in Amano at the airport! Yaaaas! I was so happy when I finally saw them! Hahaha.

Nama choco <3

We were also able to buy some stuff at Muji (OK SERIOUSLY THE PRICES HERE ARE SO MUCH CHEAPER THAN IN MANILA!!!), Warakuya Okame NIHONKAN (The goods here are super cute! ^^) and Tsutaya (I bought Friction pen again for my bosses. ^^) They also have Uniqlo – where heattech stuff is also cheaper than in Manila. There are also character shops like Hello Kitty Japan and Pokemon Center.

I wanted to buy this! But I don’t really use hand creams cause I have sweaty hands.
Love MUJI!!!
Very cute stores!

I think we went around for about 3 to 4 hours before going back to the Arrivals area. By then, we only had 2 hours to spare before check in opens. Check in was fast since we only had to go through baggage drop. Good thing there was a vendo at the boarding area so we were able to buy some snacks and drinks using our spare coins.

Chubu Centrair Airport may not be as huge and beautiful as Changi Airport, or KLIA, or even Suvarnabhumi Airport, but it definitely has its charms (aka shopping LOL). I was surprised that 24 hours went by super fast! I originally wanted to spend our extra day in Nagoya to go around the city but I’m pretty glad we stayed in. It saved us money, considering that the new ticket was expensive  We made a miserable situation and turned it into a worthwhile one. ^^