Since we’re staying in Osaka for 3 days, we thought that buying the Osaka Amazing Pass would be good. So they have two kinds, the 1-day pass which costs 2,300 yen and the 2-day pass which costs 3,000 yen. With only a 700 yen difference, we decided to buy the 2-day pass after much contemplation. LOL. Also, it’s the best way to go around, based on our experience in Hong Kong. It’s available in Tourist Information Centres and stations. We were able to buy ours from Yotsubashi Station, which is one of the subway stations near our guest house.

I’m making this blog post to check if we actually maximized the 2-day pass. I tried my best to remember our routes.

Day 1  
FareYotsubashi Station to Osaka Castle240
Entrance feeOsaka Castle Museum600
Entrance feeOsaka Museum of History600
FareBack to Yotsubashi Station180
FareTo Dotonbori180
FareBack to GH180
Day 2  
FareGH to Shitennoji240
Entrance FeeShitennoji Temple300
FareShitennoji Temple to Osaka Museum of Housing and Living280
FareTenjinbashisuji to Higashi Umeda Station180
Entrance FeeHEP FIVE Ferris Wheel500
Entrance FeeUmeda Sky Building800
FareTo Tempozan280
Entrance FeeTempozan Giant Ferris Wheel800
FareBack to GH240

We skipped some of the places that were originally in our itinerary, such as the Tsutenkaku Tower cause we didn’t really want to walk too far from Shitennoji. We wanted to try the Santa Maria Cruise but we didn’t realize it was only until 4:00 PM. We arrived in the Bay Area I think after 6:00 PM. That’s 1600 yen so it would’ve been a really good use of the day pass if we were able to get on the boat. Nevertheless, our total was 5,600 yen and we saved 2,600 yen so that’s enough for me. I’m sure we would’ve gone to more places if we rested less or walked more but this is fine. We were able to go on 3 observatory decks and 2 ferris wheels and had the view of Osaka from different areas at different times of the day. I’d say, we were able to utilize the day pass just enough. 

One advice though: Some places are closed on Tuesdays, so maybe schedule your day tour on any day other than a Tuesday! Because of this mistake, we weren’t able to go inside the Osaka Museum of Housing and Living and The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum. Ok, the ramen museum isn’t part of the day pass but we were heartbroken nonetheless.

Oh, and if you’re eating / buying from the restaurants / stores featured in this pass, you can get freebies. I didn’t know about this then, we could’ve gotten a free cheese tart from Pablo! Also apparently, you can buy this pass from JTB ASIA PACIFIC in the Philippines. Gahd, why didn’t we know about this before?!

I think the Amazing Osaka Day Pass is available until Spring. We’re planning to go back to Osaka in autumn and hopefully, there will be a 2017 version. I will be more prepared this time and study it more thoroughly so we can maximize its benefits. LOL. We still have a lot of places we didn’t get to visit!

Read about the Osaka Amazing Pass here:

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  1. Hahaha careerin na natin ang pagpaplano ng gamit sa OSaka pass next time! at kelangan makapag-cruise na tau 😀 lalo na kung di naman winter at mas bearable ang klima XD

  2. Anne Atienza says:

    puro cruise tayo next time! piliin natin yung mga mahal! hahaha!

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