ILOCANDIA DAY 2 [03.26.2016]

Blurry shot of the Laoag sign at the city capitol.

Second day in Ilocos! We all woke up early since our ETA is 6:30 AM. We have a huge day ahead of us since we will be doing our Pagudpud tour that day. I set my alarm at 5:00 AM since there are 5 of us in the room who will share one bathroom. LOL. Since I already took a shower the night prior, I didn’t wash my hair anymore. Also, we will be going to the beach later that day. That way, it will be faster for everyone! :p It was such a windy day though. I think it’s a normal occurrence in Pagudpud. The weather’s a little cold, very windy and it drizzles at times. I love it!

Bored inside the van kaya (half) selfie!

It was a long ride to Patapat Bridge. That was supposed to be our last stop for the day but our driver, did it the other way around. I can’t believe I’m there cause if you’ll look at it on the map, it’s one of the highest points in the Philippines. Our driver told us that if you continue driving down that bridge, that’s the way to Cagayan.

Sobrang haba nya~
Selfie within a selfie!
Sakit series: Sakit ulo, sakit pituitary gland, sakit ngipin, sakit noo. Hahaha. Selfie series while bored inside the van.
Hahaha, photo taken by my friend while I was taking a photo of her, too.

We then went to what they call Pagudpud Blue Lagoon. I don’t really know what resort we went to. I thought we were going to Hannah’s but it was a different resort. I don’t really know what it’s called, I just remember that it’s Maira-ira Beach. LOL! I didn’t swim though because I knew that we were going to Kabigan Falls next and I prefer freshwater than seawater. LOL. Another issue was because I found out that they only have one shower area for everyone. Seriously, that big of a resort and you only have one shower area?! It would take you eternity before you get your turn. Also, ok, I understand that we had to pay for every public toilet we use but here, you have to pay â‚±50 for unlimited use or â‚±30 for one-time use. That is just hilarious. It’s not like the toilet / shower area is super clean. So yeah, we made the right decision of not swimming.

Gusto ko lang yung coconut trees~ LOL.
Ang ganda nung villas! Very US-like!
Napaka-hindi makatarungan ng bayad sa CR ditto! Grrr.
I take my polka dot scarf with me everywhere. LOL.
Kainis. natakpan ko pa yung cam! But this is our only photo with the beach in the bg!
Ganda ng beach! Pero sobrang mabalasik ang waves!

I was a little sad though because it actually started raining a bit after we left the resort. We went to Bantay Abot Cave before going to lunch. Bantay Abot Cave was a surprise! It was so hard to take a good picture though because of the wind! Seriously, that was my number one enemy that day! >_<

I whip my hair back and forth~
Ang hirap ng maayos na ichura!

We ate lunch at a restaurant there. It looks like everybody who visited Blue Lagoon that day went to lunch there though. The line was too long, you have to wait before getting a table and you literally have to compute your own bill because they were just too slow. Well at least the food’s great. 🙂

After lunch, we were supposed to go to Kabigan Falls but the driver suggested that we don’t push through with it anymore because the weather was kinda terrible. It actually started raining while we were having lunch. He stopped near the sign where it says “Kabigan Falls” but we decided not to get off because it was raining. It was kind of a bummer but at the same time, it wouldn’t have been fun to walk to the falls if it was raining. The weather in Pagudpud is really tricky. As soon as we reached the boundary of Pagudpud and the neighboring town, it’s sunny all of a sudden.

We headed to Bangui Windmills next. Super nice place to take pictures at, but the wind was so strong that I can’t even take decent ones! Our driver warned us not to get near the beach because the waves are so fierce. There was an incident where a boy (or some boys) drowned because of that.

Wahahaha, not my photo. I was merely a photobomber.

Next was Kapurpurawan Rock Formation. This was kinda tiring because you have to climb down a flight of stairs and then you have to walk to the area where you can take a good photo of the rock formation.

Kelangan pa bumaba ng hagdan to go to the rock formation.
Ang layo nya diba~
Biag ni Lam-Ang.
Nakakaloka to. Tinali ko na nga hair ko, sobrang hinangin pa din ang aking hair! -_-

Our last stop was Cape Bojeador. It’s where you can see a lighthouse that I think is still working up to this day. The view from there is pretty nice. You have to park somewhere far from there and you can either walk or take a tricycle. We took the former of course. There’s no way we’re walking when you can pay ₱10 only for your comfort. Before going back to the van, I ate empanadang iloko! I super loved it! I hoarded the vinegar. LOL.

In fairness, ganda ng view from here!
Empanadang Iloko!!!

Before heading back to our accommodation, we went to dinner at a seafood place which was a total disaster. Shit, I’ve forgotten the name of the place. Anyway, they were so disorganized, some of our companions had to move to another restaurant so that they can have dinner, after waiting for such a long time. The owner was so mean to our driver as well. I mean, you can’t act that way towards people who are bringing you business. Anyway, the squid and mangoes were delicious.

We got home at around 9:00 PM – still. LOL, we’re always beyond our itinerary schedule! As usual, we had to wait for our turn to take a shower and while waiting for mine, I ended up falling asleep. Hahaha! I think I woke up at around 3:00 AM and just decided to go back to sleep. Washing will have to wait the next morning. LOL.

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