We bought our  breakfast last night before going home. I just reheated the coffee I bought from the vendo and ate what’s left of our Pablo cheesecake. πŸ™‚

I liked my outfit for today! I thought I looked cute. I was planning on not wearing the purple bubble jacket but damn, it was cold! (And I just absolutely love our sink at the guest house. HAHA.)

This is how our guest house looks like from the outside.
Good morning, Osaka!

Our first stop on our second day in Osaka is Shitennoji Temple. This temple is one of the oldest in Japan. Ok, I definitely like this neighborhood! We had to walk quite far before getting to the temple but we enjoyed looking around. I was able to go inside the inner precinct but unfortunately, it’s under construction (just like the other parts) so it’s hard to take a good photo. I didn’t know that there was a garden nearby. I should have gone. πŸ™ Nevertheless, I was able to take some good photos, observed some people praying in different areas of the temple, saw some elementary school students run for the PE class, saw some really cute pre-school kids in their yellow hats, and most importantly, experienced our first flurry. It wasn’t too obvious in the video I took but I was just super excited about it.  I was alone when I felt the first drop and I just had to find my friends to share the experience. ^^

For photo op lang LOL
Cute ng mga yellow chicks HIHI
You have to pay to get here but free if you have an Osaka pass
Hello, Celine! Hahahaha!
My favorite photo here!

More photos:

Mama bike!
We truly enjoyed the walk going to and back the temple and station.

We then went to Osaka Museum of Housing and Living. The entrance to it is adjacent to the station. However, it was closed. HUHUBELLS. Apparently, it’s closed on Tuesdays. I totally overlooked that. We were so looking forward to renting kimonos. HUHUBELLS. Little did we know that we’re bound for another disappointment.

From there, we went to Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Street and had an early lunch. We went to this place called Maido Ookini, which we only found out after eating – I had to ask the old woman outside. There was an old woman selling bentos in front and they looked scrumptious, we took a peek inside and the place looked really nice and their food is affordable. Ok, I am super satisfied with this restaurant, the only downside is, taking photos isn’t allowed. So I have no photo of my lovely mackerel set meal. The set meal has the main dish plus rice, egg omelette and miso soup. Celine ordered the croquette meal so we I gave her one mackerel and she gave me on her croquettes. It was a super delicious lunch! I finished all of it!

After lunch, our next stop is The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum. We took the subway to Higashi-Umeda Station, walked to Umeda Station and took the train to Ikeda Station. It’s about 30 minutes away from Umeda Station. I think the trains are more spacious than the subways. Ikeda is like in the suburbs of Osaka so it was quick to realize that okay, we are finally getting out of the city. Watching the scenery from the train was really nice. From the train, you’d see more residences than company buildings or businesses. We were in for a surprise when we got down from the train station. FLURRY AGAIN!!! Ok, we are loving the flurries but it’s damn cold! We went to check out Kureha Shrine first since it’s nearby. We asked a kind man who showed us the way. Ok, there was no one else in the shrine but us! I think this is why I actually liked Kureha Shrine more than Tennouji because I got to capture the beauty of the shrine without anyone else in the photo and without any reconstruction ongoing. We didn’t stay that long as it was a really small shrine. We walked back to the main road and went to ramen museum.

There was a playground beside the shrine and we saw a lot of mama bikes!
Chozuya at Kuhera Shrine
Wonder what that kid prayed for HAHA

Ikeda is definitely more laidback. I think other than one couple who was walking behind us to the ramen museum, we were the only tourists there. We would find out later on why. LOL. Ok, I thought the ramen museum was close to the station, but it isn’t! That was quite a long walk. Anyway, so we were happy when we finally saw the museum, only to find out that it was closed. It’s also closed on Tuesdays. I was heartbroken, not once, but twice that day. HUHUHU. We definitely made up a lot of stories about Momofuku. Hahaha. I did read about him though when I got back to the guest house that evening and found out that Momofuku Ando is actually not Japanese, but Taiwanese. Ando is actually his wife’s last name. He invented instant ramen at age 48 and cup noodles at age 61. He has quite an interesting life. ^^ Anyway, after taking some photos outside, we decided to just go back. We stopped by the Ikeda Tourist Information Centre – also closed. Gahd, what is it with Tuesdays?! I would understand Monday, but why Tuesday?! Instead of finding another place to visit in Ikeda, we decided to just go back to Osaka, where everything is free. Kidding, not really. Just included in our 2-day pass.

A status of Ando Momofuku outside the museum.
Yung bahay ng bayaw ni Momofuku WAHAHAHA
Love the colors in front of the museum though!
Dahil sawi kami, tryna look for something else to do in Ikeda.
Favorite ko talaga yung mga ganito!

From Umeda Station, we walked to HEP Five Ferris Wheel because you can view it when you go out of the station. HEP Five is actually a shopping complex and you need to go to the 5th floor to ride the ferris wheel. It’s this red ferris wheel smacked in the middle of the city. It’s a great way to view the city from another point, you can see the whole of Osaka Station from up here. I was trying to look for Umeda Sky Building from here since that’s our next step. The gondola is also warm and it was a perfect way to rest, while taking in the view of the city. Our photo before entering the ferris wheel was so cute, we just had to buy it. It’s just 1200 yen anyway. There are more expensive souvenirs from other tourist attractions.

We’re on top of the world! LOL. Not really!
The very busy Osaka Station!

From HEP Five, we walked to Umeda Sky Building. Now, this is a more familiar route since we were here the day before. We walked to Osaka Station since we already know that route. We passed by the underground pass again. That was actually a really long walk, good thing we were able to rest a bit while on the ferris wheel. To get to the Floating Garden Observatory, we had to take the elevator to the 38th floor and take the escalator to the observatory. OK, this is was a really breathtaking view. We were here I think around 5:00 PM and it was really cold and windy. But we sucked it in and went out because the view is just super worth it. My favorite is definitely the view of the Osaka Bay. We saw a bit from the HEP Five Ferris Wheel but here, you have an unobstructed view. It’s just super nice. They also have this Lock of Love area where you can take a photo with your special someone but of course, I had to take my photo alone. LOL. Going down, you have to take the longest escalator ever. I felt like I was in space ship then.

It’s supah cold here! Brrrrr!
Ang discriminating ng part na to LOL!
The Space Between Us starring myself LOL
The longest escalator ever!
At the mala-spaceship na escalator!! It’s super long!
The view of Osaka Bay from the Umeda Sky Building.

From the Umeda Sky Building, we made our way to the Bay Area for the Tempozan Ferris Wheel. Yup – another ferris wheel! But this a much bigger one that HEP Five Ferris Wheel. And by the time we arrived, the sun has already set. I actually thought we would be up on the ferris wheel and watch the sunset from there. You have the option whether to take a glass gondola or a normal one. There’s a long queue for the glass one so we opted for normal. We didn’t really want to wait. My favorite view from here is of the Tempozan Ohashi (Ok, I just realized that ohashi means bridge LOL). You can also see it from USJ since it’s on the other ride. While on the Tempozan Ferris Wheel, I made a video wherein I totally got my geography wrong.

Tempozan Ferris Wheel! Our second ferris wheel of the day!

It was time for dinner so we went to Tempozan Marketplace and looked for Naniwa Kuishinbo Yokocho. I was excited for this cause it’s 60s-themed food park. Ok, it was hard to look for this cause I read on the internet that it’s in the basement – which is totally wrong. It’s right next to the food court dammit. We were able to try some dango – absolutely love the green tea one before settling inside this small restaurant and had some okonomiyaki and odeng. I totally loved the cheese okonomiyaki!!! I also love how the owner tries his best to speak in English and even made some small talk with us. I definitely let him know that I loved the cheese okonomiyaki. It seems like a pretty popular place, judging from the testimonials on the wall.

Letters from the visitors! Told you they were popular πŸ™‚
Proof of attendance at the entrance!

We decided to spend the rest of our evening here but we couldn’t stay long because it was too cold. We just took some photos near the Osaka Aquarium before deciding to go home.

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