It’s our last day in Osaka and what better way to do it than to go to Universal Studios Japan! Yep yep! I brought some glasses to do a little bit of a Harry Potter cosplay since that’s the main point of this adventure. I was not feeling so well that day and actually, even when we were making plans, I told myself that I will not really go crazy with the rides and I want to be able to actually go around and take photos. When we were in USS, we focused on the rides more that I think we weren’t really able to explore the place. There were some rides that I wanted to try but they were kind of time-consuming so I decided to just go around.

Because I love this spot hahaha

We took two different trains to Universal Studios Japan from our hostel and it’s quite easy cause there are signs everywhere. There were a lot of students from other Asian countries on that day but the queues were pretty tolerable. We arrived I think at past 9am and had to queue for the tickets. It’s pretty lax, they didn’t even check our bags. Spoiler alert: I had bread and a thermos filled with coffee in my backpack. LOL.

Our first order of business was to get a timed entry ticket for The Wizarding World of Harry. We’re super lucky cause I think it’s a non-peak season (cause it’s winter HAHA) so we didn’t really have to get a timed entry ticket for it. On the way, we saw people going out, drinking butterbeer and we were like, WHYYY? Hahaha. So yeah, no timed-entry! We probably went here three times during our whole stay.

At the entrance of The Wizarding World of Harry!
Yay! Very tolerable amount of people :0

Since we haven’t really eaten yet, we bought butterbeer and ate at this area where there are benches. I really don’t know what it’s called but I love the details. There were owls on the ceiling. A little later, a guy arrived with an owl and you can take photos with him and the owl if you want one.

The Butterbeer stall! Our first stop of the day LOL
We like it hot! (Lamig eh!)

We roamed around a bit and even if we wanted to try the rides, waiting time is an hour and we didn’t really wanna wait. We watched a magic show instead, it’s only about 30 minutes and it was quite entertaining. ^^

While waiting for the show to start πŸ™‚
This show was actually really fun!
Hogwarts Express!

After the show, we decided to exit The Wizarding World of Harry and watch the Water World. Ohmigoodness, this has been a long time coming! This is our unfinished business from USS. We weren’t able to watch back then because it was cancelled due to haze. Totally loved this show!! We sat far from the stage so we won’t get wet. LOL. Nevertheless, we were prepared – we had raincoats in our bags. I super enjoyed it! It’s definitely worth the wait! The effects were super amazing and hands down to the stuntmen because this looks so dangerous, with all the water stunts and fire.

WATER WORLD!!! Unfinished business is so done!

After watching the Water World, my friends wanted to go on the Jaws ride while I’d rather go around the park. Ok, Universal Studios Japan is seriously huge! It’s a much bigger area than USS. There’s definitely a lot to see and I think I pretty much covered all areas. I also watched The Rock and Roll show cause it was so hot out and I just wanted to stay indoors for a while. LOL. It was really fun though! I was so amazed at the voice of the performer who played Frankenstein!  I met up with my friends at around 2:30 PM for the parade.

Here’s some of the photos I took around the park:

THE PARADE WAS SO MUCH FUN!!! Never knew that partying at 2:30 PM could be super fun. I had more fun here than the parade in HK Disneyland! There was confetti and foam and we got to party with the performers!

More walk walk after the parade! We met a lot of characters. HAHAHA.

Shit, sayang we don’t have proof that we met Hello Kitty! Super expensive kase nung photo!

And some really good sights…

Going to Universal Studios Japan during winter is good cause it’s not packed with people but staying outdoors for long hours is sooooo hard. At some point, we got hungry and had coffee near the Happiness Cafe. There was also a parasol heater, which was a huge help cause it was super cold. The park closes at 7:00 pm and we definitely made the most out of our stay at Universal Studios Japan. There was also a nice lady staff who volunteered to take our photo near Mel’s Diner. I love the people in Japan, everyone’s super nice.

After exiting Universal Studios Japan, we went to the Takoyaki Museum. Ok, it’s not really a museum but like a food court with different takoyaki stalls. We got to try a takoyaki vendo! Very very interesting place as there are also stores where you can buy takoyaki stuff.

I have a pen…
Glico Man!
Is it just me or kamukha nya talaga si Marc Pingris? HAHAHAHA.
Yung Meteor Garden cast ng Takoyaki Museum HAHAHAHA
Takoyaki in can?! HUWAAT!
Proof of attendance!

This day was super tiring so even if it’s still early, we went for a snooze as soon as we got home. Really enjoyed Universal Studios Japan! I wish to go to Tokyo Disneyland next time! πŸ™‚

Bye Universal Studios Japan!

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