June Shopping Haul! (6.6 Sale!)

Ok, we’re back! HAHAHAHA. I literally shopped only once the entire time I was in Boracay. And now that I’m back in Manila, there is really nothing to do but binge-watch the TV shows I missed while I was gone while scrolling through Shopee and Lazada. LOL. So here we go again with the online shopping. LOL

1. McDodo Universal Travel Charger

Shop here.
Price: PHP285

I should have bought this before I went to Boracay, but for some reason, I didn’t really have time to buy stuff before I left. I should have bought this and a camera, but I guess that will have to wait until my next trip. LOL. It has two USB ports, and three different plugs – UK, Europe, US/Aus. Right now, it just works as a normal plug for me, but I can’t wait to use this for my travels!

Pic from Lazada

2. Under Bed Storage

Shop here.
Price: PHP79

I’ve started vacuuming more of my thick jackets and sweaters when I came back from Boracay so I needed more under bed storage. Also, the old one I bought years ago started shedding so I needed to replace that. This size fits perfectly under my bed and can fit 3 vacuumed storage bags. I like these bags better instead of boxes, and they are cheaper, too. I don’t mind that the fabric is thin, at least I know it will not shed. Let’s see how many years this one will last.

Pic from Lazada

3. Wooden Computer Table

Shop here.
Price: PHP1,330

Ok, since we started working from home, my makeshift desk was a laptop table placed on top of my clothing rack. I mean, I didn’t really plan on buying one because I thought, where am I gonna put that when all of this is all over? I would really want my clothing rack back in my room since I plan my clothes for work. But 1 1/2 years later, we are still here and I have finally decided that I need a decent work desk. I initially wanted a different desk, but I saw this one and I was drawn to the shelves. It is lower than what I was expecting though, because the height of the table from the ground is just 70 cms. Good thing, I have that wooden laptop stand, so I just use that to elevate my laptop to eye-level.

What I like about this though is that it is narrow but tall. I have a tiny room and its width is 60cm, which is perfect for where my makeshift desk was placed before. I think if you have a tiny room and wants to make the most out of a small space, then this is perfect. I definitely was able to utilize the shelves, since I have a lot of stuff on my desk. LOL. I’m still trying to figure out how I’ll utilize the space under the desk. So far, I have nothing much in there except for the wooden heat pads that I use for my laptops. I will need to figure out and maybe buy a few of those under the desk drawers. We’ll see.

It was also not that difficult to assemble because each board was numbered so you can cross-reference that to what’s in the manual. Took me a few hours, but it was quite easy. I did it myself and didn’t really have any issues understanding how to build it. I love this stuff. It is lightweight, too, so I’m sure it will be easy for me to move it around when cleaning.

I just love the shelves because I have a lot of stuff.

4. Adjustable Cellphone Holder

Shop here.
Price: PHP45

I didn’t really need this, but now that I have it, I love it so much! The base is quite heavy and weighted so I trust that it will not topple over once you have your phone attached to it. The holder attached to it is pretty tight, I hurt my hand quite a few times while removing my phone so be careful, LOL. I love it because it is perfect for charging while watching something. I’m sure it will be useful when I use my phone for Zoom calls. I use my laptop most of the time, but I use my phone sometimes if I’m too lazy to turn my laptop on.

5. Broom and Mop Rack

Shop here.
Price: PHP15

This is nothing special, but if you want to organize your brooms, mops, or vacuums, then this would be perfect. They stick quite strongly to the wall so make sure you have it on correctly before even pressing it on.

6. Silk Scarves

Shop here.
Price: PHP79

Silk scarves are a must-have! You can literally use them for a lot of things! I wish I bought these before I went to Boracay because these would have gotten a lot of use for me. You can use it as a piece of clothing or as an accessory. I really want to go back to the beach soon so I can use these!

7. Nail Stickers

Shop here.
Price: PHP8

Okay, this is fucking life-changing! I always paint my nails to prevent myself from biting my nails. I recently bought a box of stick-on nails, but I have yet to find a really strong nail glue or maybe I need to buy those jelly nail stickers. But right now, I’m really loving these nail stickers. I don’t think I will be buying nail polish anymore. Well, except for clear nail polish that I use as a top coat after putting on these nail stickers.

8. Hair Claws

Shop here.
Price: PHP19-39

I’m so glad these are on trend again and there are different styles now that are so much cuter. I broke four of these while I was in Boracay and they were so useful during my trip so I knew I needed more. I’m glad I found this store because everything they’re selling is so cute! I had to limit myself to just this 6. They are pretty huge and sturdy. I was truly surprised about the size, especially the pearl one. I can’t wait to match my hair claws with my outfit.

9. Rickshaw Alarm Clock

Shop here.
Price: PHP99

I really just wanted a small alarm clock in my room and thought this was cute. It is made of plastic, but painted silver so it looks expensive than what it actually is. LOL.

Pic from Shopee

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