KOTA KINABALU, DAY 2 [11.08.2014]

We woke up at around 6:00 AM to have our breakfast, which consists of prawn noodles, bread and yogurt. It definitely saved us a lot of time because we could eat our breakfast while waiting for our turn to shower. One of our concerns before leaving was whether we’d bring a change of clothes or not because we can’t be walking around the city dripping wet. We were like,“This isn’t Boracay or Pansol where we can just ride a tricycle or a jeepney with our clothes wet.” Well, we did bring a change of clothes but we still walked home in wet clothes anyway. Hahaha. Too bad, we didn’t have a picture!

Medyo kulang sa lasa ang cup noodles na yan XD

Also, we always tell ourselves not to schedule our drink sessions the night before snorkeling but we did it in Laiya, we did it in Boracay and we did it again in Kota Kinabalu. We never learn Hahaha! It’s a good thing that Tiger Beer didn’t get us drunk naman so we weren’t hungover during the island hopping.

So anyway, our plan was to take a bus at the Waterfront to Jesselton Point where we’ll take a ferry to one of the islands. While waiting at the bus stop, a man named Abdullah approached us offering to take us to the island without having to go to Jesselton Point. We can take the ferry from the Wet Market beside the Waterfront and it will also include the rent for the life vest and the snorkeling gear. The total was 150 RM for the 3 of us, so that’s just 50RM for everything plus 50RM for the lunch buffet plus 10RM for the conservation fee that we had to pay when we got to Mamutik Island. We gave 10RM each tip to our boatman Shamri and his assistant. Our assistant really waited for us when we were at Manukan Island, guarded our stuff and carried our life vests and snorkeling gears for us. Kuya Abdullah showed us the other tours that they’re offering and we found out that there’s a night river cruise which will take us to see the famous proboscis monkeys which can only be seen in Sabah and fireflies. Ate Rina really wanted to see the proboscis monkey and rafflesia flower because they are species that can only be seen in Sabah. (But Ate Rina said there’s rafflesia in Mount Makiling as well so I guess, we’ll just go there instead? Hahaha!) I wanted to see the fireflies because it reminded me of that scene in the Korean movie, The Classic. It also comes with a dinner buffet just like our island tour.. He told us that he’ll give us a discount and charge us only 150 RM, from the original price of 170 RM. He said that he can give me the “children price”, which is 130 RM. LOL, etongsikuya! We told him we’d think about it and we’ll call him to confirm.

We were welcomed at Mamutik Island by a really cute tattooed “Europeyo” (LOL, that’s our speak for Caucasians XD) with washboard abs. When we went to the toilet to change into our swimsuits, we saw him outside, showering while smiling at everyone, as if saying, “Watch me! Watch me!”Hahahaha! There was another “Europeyo” whom I was staring at while we were showering before lunch. Ate Rina was like, “What are you looking at?” LOL, I’ always super obvious! We later saw that guy again before going home when our boatman picked up our Russian boatmates at Mamutik Island. I think he was waiting for his ferry, too.  We still had a lot of space in our ferry, I thought, “Ride with us! Ride with us!” Hahahaha! Anyway, I really enjoyed snorkeling this time because I wasn’t too tired from swimming. The snorkeling area was just right there, near the beach. Unlike the 3 other times I went snorkeling (Samal Island, Laiya and Boracay), I wasn’t too tired cause I don’t have to swim so hard just so I wouldn’t get too far from the boat. We were literally swimming with the fishes. I LOVE IT! We took a break for a few minutes to have drinks (Our buffet includes complimentary drinks which consists of Coke, juice and water) and ate our baon  – Chachos! Jusku,we love this snack! If only it doesn’t occupy a lot of space in my bag, I would have brought some home. At noon, we had our lunch buffet and it was super duper worth the money. There were crabs and prawns! It was a huge advantage that most of the people working there knew how to speak Tagalog and once they find out that we were Filipinos, they would really go all out on giving us prawns, crabs and fruits. We also found out that it’s much cheaper to do parasailing in KK than in Boracay. What they were offering us only costs around 750 PHP but since we’ve already done it, we don’t really want to do parasailing again. We were really impressed by the tourism in those islands, we were wishing that things are handled the same way in Boracay. Everything in Boracay is overpriced.

We went to the next island – Manukan Island at around 1:30 PM and since we were so full, we decided to just take a rest under the bridge of the dock since it wasn’t too hot there. Anyway, there was also a lot of fish there so it was totally fine to just stay in one area. However, Ate Rina and Celine had other plans, they made it their mission to catch a fish. They took off their shirts to use as a makeshift net to capture the fish but they failed to catch any. We had to leave Manukan Island at 3:00 PM and I wished we stuck to our original plan of leaving at 4:00 PM because we weren’t able to take pictures and explore that island. We weren’t able to take pictures in front of the beautiful cottages there. I would love to explore Manukan Island next time or stay in one of those cottages. ^^ Our boatman dropped us off at the wet market or what they call the Filipino Market. He offered to take us to the night river cruise for only 130 RM, which is cheaper than what Kuya Abdullah offered us. He gave us his number and we told him that we’ll call him in the morning to confirm. Which we decided will do after talking about it in the evening.

On the way to Manukan Island! Ayaw pa tumingin nila kuya! XD
Super clear ng water!
Sipping our cendol! LOL! Yan na ang outfit namin until we got to our hotel!

We walked back to our hotel in our wet clothes, bought cendol drink from the hawker stall for 1 RM and kaya bread at the bakery on the way. We took a shower before going out again. We went to the Waterfront again to take pictures since we wanted to see how it looks like during daytime. Seeing the sunset from there was really nice.


From there, we walked to the Filipino Market looking for coconut pudding, we asked around but didn’t find any.  I was surprised that they didn’t know what we were talking about since I thought it was a popular local food. We passed by the Handicrafts Market but we found everything there quite expensive. I didn’t buy anything. LOL. We kept walking along JalanTunFuad Stephen because I remember reading that we can find coconut pudding at the car park there. When we got there, we found hawker stalls as well that’s like Dampa here in the Philippines. We asked around and one guy who spoke to us in Tagalog told us that they don’t have coconut pudding anymore and they usually serve that in the afternoon. We were really really disappointed. We decided to just go back to Centrepoint to have our dinner. On our way back, we passed by KK Plaza to see if there’s a restaurant where we can eat. It was a blessing in disguise because we found a supermarket inside and we decided to buy our pasalubong there. I believe it was called Servay Supermarket and there are several branches as well in KK. They gave us coupon for KFC so we decided we wanted to eat in KFC! LOL. There’s KFC in Centrepoint so we wanted to go there but while walking, we saw a KFC branch and ate there. I used Celine’s coupon so my dinner was just 9.20 RM. However, out of all the meals we had in KK, this was the biggest disappointment. Ate Rina and I had the same meal which is a Colonel Burger (without lettuce so it was just bread, chicken and mayo), 1 piece chicken and softdrinks. Seriously, why would you eat chicken and chicken together?! That was so weird. Celine’s meal was weirder, she had two pieces of chicken, 2 scoops of mashed potatoes (Well, it was supposed to be mashed potatoes and coleslaw but she just didn’t want to argue anymore.), 1 butterscotch bun and softdrinks. Ate Rina and I brought our burgers home and ate it for breakfast the next day. After dinner, we walked back home since our hotel is not too far from there.

Ang sad nung chicken 🙁
LOL. Puro brown! XD
But we’re still happy ^^

The public toilets in KK were such disappointments though. While looking for coconut pudding, Celine and I wanted to pee so we looked for a public toilet where you pay 0.30 RM. We were able to find one in the middle of a night market but oh my goodness, while waiting in line (We were waiting for quite a while!) one girl suddenly sat down and peed on the floor. WE WERE SHOCKED. The toilets at the airport also reeked of pee and the floors were wet. I don’t even want to think about why it’s like that. At least the toilets at NAIA have someone who takes care of the maintenance.

We were tired from all that walking so for the first time, we used the liniments we brought. So funny, Ate Rina and I both have Katinko while Celine had Pau Liniment. Must-have item na talaga siya when you’re getting older XD But apparently, we weren’t too tired to watch Youth Over Flowers. Youth Over Flowers is Yoo Yoonseok, Son Hojun and Baro’s travel reality show to Laos. We were wondering if we could watch it on the flat screen TV at the hotel so we checked if there was a USB port. There was but we couldn’t plug the USB drive in. After a few minutes of struggling with it, we gave up. We watched it on Celine’s tab instead. Seriously though, we need to go to Vang Vieng!!! We’re targeting to go there in November 2015. I would so love to spend my 30th birthday in Vang Vieng! ^^ We called it a night at around midnight.

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