KOTA KINABALU, DAY 3 [11.09.2014]

Since we weren’t able to do the city tour during our first day, we did it on Sunday morning. We ate breakfast inside our hotel room again but we ended up leaving at 9:00 AM because we ended up watching The Voice on AXN. Hahaha! We went to Centrepoint to get a taxi that will take us around the city. We were lucky because our taxi driver was really nice and helpful! They don’t really use taxi meters in KK. They just “approximate” the taxi fare. LOL! Our taxi driver told us that they charge 50 RM per hour. Fair enough. We were planning to only go to Atkinson’s Clock Tower, State Mosque and Tanjung Aru but our taxi driver had other plans. We ended up going to 6 stops! ^^

Taxi groufie XD

First stop: Atkinson’s Clock Tower

I swear, we could have walked there from our hotel! So ok, Atkinson’s Clock Tower was made in memory of the death of KK’s First District Officer Atkinson who died of malaria at age 28. I read somewhere that it was built from wood without using any nails. Don’t know if that’s true though cause I saw some screws at the bottom of the tower. Hahaha. 

Second stop: Signal Hill Observatory

We didn’t include this in our itinerary because we thought we’d have to climb a lot of steps or something. Turns out, it’s just beside the road and it was a really spot to see the whole of KK from. Love the view and that there are benches on the side of the road. Definitely one of my favorite spots in KK. I’m so glad our taxi driver suggested that we stop there.  

Perfect FB cover photo!
Celine has 6 fingers! XD

Third stop: Some road side near the mosque and beach

LOL. I don’t know if there’s a name for that spot. It’s just a lane painted in green where people can jog or bike while enjoying the view of the sea. There are rocks and you can see the mosque from there. If you drive some more, you’d see a public beach but I forgot its name. I wish we had gone there instead of Tanjung Aru Beach.  

The blue mosque

Fourth stop: City Mosque

I thought the mosque that we went to was the State Mosque but we realized that the state mosque is the one with the golden roof, the one we went to was blue. We just took pictures outside because you’d have to change clothes if you want to explore what’s inside. I think this mosque is bigger than the gold one and most tourists come here.  

Fifth Stop: Chinese Temple

I don’t know what the temple is called. I’m so glad that we were able to visit one because I noticed that I all of our trips, we always make sure to include a temple visit on our itinerary. This was our taxi driver’s suggestion, he said that there’s a temple near the mosque.  

Syempre di mawawala ang selfie sa toilet XD

Sixth Stop: Tanjung Aru Beach.

This was really far. It’s best to come here when you’re near the airport. There wasn’t really much to see since we think that it’s better to come here in the evening. Most of the establishments were still closed and there weren’t much people. There were more visitors at the other public beach. But it’s pretty cool that if you want to hit the beach but don’t want to go to the islands, you could just come to any of the public beaches. After TanjungAru, we asked our driver to bring us back to our hotel so that we could get our stuff and check out since it was around 11:40 AM when we finished our city tour. We thought that it will only take an hour but it took a lot more than that. We paid our taxi driver 80 RM because our tour took around 1 hour and 40 minutes. When we got to our hotel, we just rested for a while and then checked out.

We decided to eat our lunch at Mint, a Vietnamese restaurant near our hotel. We took our lunch before going to Lanvin Hotel because we saw its location on our way to Tanjung Aru and saw that it was kind of isolated. I ordered pho noodles with fried chicken, Celine ordered pho noodles with beef, Ate Rina ordered spicy fried chicken rice and then we had cendol for drinks. Another satisfying lunch! I think it was the first time that I actually finished an entire big bowl of noodles. I usually don’t finish a huge bowl of ramen whenever we go to Little Tokyo. My lunch’s total is 10.30 RM. I think it’s definitely cheaper than when you eat Vietnamese food in the Philippines.

At the Hii5 lobby. Cute ng chairs nila 🙂
Vietnamese lunch!

After lunch, we went back to Centrepoint to get another taxi to take us to Lanvin Hotel. We had a hard time explaining it to them even after we’ve shown them a map. It’s a good thing that I saw our taxi driver from the city tour and he explained to them where we wanted to go. Our hotel is also a bridal shop and we wanted to take pictures but we didn’t have time. We checked in at around 1:00 PM and our ride to go on the river cruise will arrive at around 1:30-1:40 PM. Our room was upgraded to a family room because the room for 3 hasn’t been cleaned up yet. So yeah, we had like two king beds all to ourselves. Although, nakasiksik ako kay Ate Rina since there were only 2 blankets.

The view from our balcony
Our huuuuuuuuuuuge beds.

We just freshened up a bit and then we were off to that faraway land where we’ll see the proboscis monkey. LOL.The guy who picked us up brought us to Magellan Sutera Hotel where we transferred to another van that will take us to Weston, where the river cruise is. We were actually very confused because we thought our boatman from the day before would be picking us up and taking us there. Also, we stopped at Magellan Sutera Hotel because our busmates are from there, 3 Chinese and 2 Caucasians. Once we were complete, we set off. I pretty much slept the whole trip, when we made a stop, I was like, “Oh thank goodness, we’re here!” Turns out, we just made a stop for a quick toilet break. The driver said that we still have to do a 45-minute driver from there. We ate our baon, Chachos BBQ flavor this time.

We got there at around 5:00 PM but before we went to the jetty do the cruise, our bus driver told us to go to the restaurant first for tea time. WE LOVE TEA TIME! At that moment, we thought, we’re loving this tour already. Hahaha. Food includes spicy pancit (LOL, I don’t know what it’s called. I didn’t get any, I just tried some from Ate Rina’s plate.), 2 types of sumanwith spicy filling inside (I think it’s crab and fish but I’m not sure.),puto (in different colors ^^), camote and banana fritters. Then you have a choice of either coffee or tea. And because of that, I broke my abstinence from coffee after 14 days. I’ll just have to start all over again. I mean, how could you not drink coffee with suman and puto?! XD After tea time, we went to the jetty to see the proboscis monkeys! You can’t really get near them because they’re way up the trees but they provided us with awesome binoculars so that we could see how they look like. Dude, they really do have very prominent noses. According to our guide, in one group of proboscis monkeys, the biggest one is the male monkey and the rest are female. LOL, harem? XD We saw two other species of monkey, black ones that we got to see really up close. I swear, they could have jumped to our boat if they wanted and Celine would have been really scared. Hahaha! The other kind is what they call “Beckham monkeys” because they had hair like Beckham. I wasn’t able to see that one through the binoculars though.  There were also low-flying seagulls and when they’re perched on a tree, they look like white flowers. The sunset was really beautiful from the boat, too. It was raining a lot that afternoon so it’s a good thing that we brought our raincoats! I looked like a chicken but at least I didn’t get wet much! Since it was raining, we took our dinner first before setting off to see the fireflies. Now, this is an experience that’s really for eyes and memory only. It’s hard to take pictures of the fireflies since we can’t use flash, that would scare the fireflies. (But there were some pigheaded people on the boat who kept using their phones. I swear.)

Super cute this house ^^
Selfie with the stilt houses
Cute ng life vest at ang binoculars na super linaw!
Sunset ^^
Kapote fashion XD

As usual, we had a Filipino friend at Weston again! He was one of the guides and he was born in KK as well but his parents were from Zamboanga and Bulacan. He’s pretty amazing cause he can speak Tagalog, Malay, Chinese and English. I swear, he was speaking to everyone on the boat in different languages! He was giving us trivia about the monkeys and the fireflies. It’s pretty good to be friends with the guide and the boatman. The boatman kept catching fireflies for us. Our Filipino guide was trying to attract the fireflies using some sort of light and he was saying “Lai! Lai! Lai!”(Chinese for come.)so we were saying the same thing. Then suddenly he started saying, “Halika! Halika! Halika!”(Tagalog for come here.) which was copied by the Chinese tourists on the boat! I swear, that was such a cute moment. The fireflies were like Christmas lights on a Christmas tree. Our guide said that there are usually more fireflies on those trees, it’s just that it rained so there are fewer than normal. Trivia about fireflies according to our guide: Only male fireflies get attracted to the light. Kaya napapahamak eh. LOL! The cruise ended at around 7:15 PM and we were back in our hotel at around 9:00 PM. The drive back to KK was so much faster, only took us an hour and 45 minutes so I wasn’t able to sleep. I just closed my eyes and internalized Taylor Swift and Keira Knightley’s lyrics XD

The Weston River Cruise is probably my favorite among everything we’ve done in KK. We didn’t even know there was such a tour and we weren’t even sure that we were going to do it. Tea time and dinner were super satisfying and everyone on the boat was really nice. We had a lot of fun speaking with them. There was Malay teenager who I think was a fan of the drama Pangako Sa’yo,he even knew Jericho Rosales and Kristine Hermosa. Sobrang katuwa. ^^

We planned to swim at the hotel’s swimming pool after coming back from the river cruise but we were just too tired. We agreed to wake up early instead and go for an early swim. I was able to sleep pretty well inside the van on the way to Weston so I wasn’t really that sleepy. I think I slept past midnight.

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