KOTA KINABALU, DAY 4 [11.10.2014]

It’s our last day and since our flight back is at 11:30 AM, there isn’t really much that we can do. We thought that our hotel accommodation includes breakfast but we were wrong, we had to order it separately. But when we went down, we were informed that they can’t serve breakfast on that day because the cook is not there. The woman I was able to speak with when I went to the pool told me that it’s the cook’s off and that we had to go to the restaurants across the street for breakfast. When the owner went down, he said the same thing. I seriously think that we were the only guests at that hotel that weekend. Hahaha! It’s just too bad because I was looking forward to the American breakfast posted on the wall of the elevator. Hmph. Anyway, so we crossed the street for breakfast. We went to this small deli that’s not too crowded. Ok, so the style of this restaurant this time is, you choose from three kinds of noodles and then you choose to kinds of toppings. They didn’t have rice but at least they had eggs. We all wanted eggs. I chose the vermicelli noodles, fried egg, spam and chicken ball and then cold milo again. It was actually delicious, the noodles were just white but it really tasted like pancit. I still wanted American breakfast though. Oh well, at least I had my eggs.


We went back to the hotel and took pictures around. In fairness, the place looks good. I think it’s because they use the amenities for bridal pictorials. It’s a pretty old house, they just need to fix it up a little bit and hire more people, I think it could be a great hotel. We ended up not swimming because we didn’t really have a lot of time left and I don’t think the water’s clean since it rained the previous day. Plus, we have to leave the hotel by 9:30 AM.

We arranged airport transfer with the hotel owner since it’s only 30 RM. It was really quick since the airport’s pretty small. They check your boarding pass, they scan your bags, you go through immigration where you do biometrics again and then you go to boarding. We spent a very long time waiting at the airport so to not  get bored… GROUFIE!!! 🙂

Bye bye KK! We shall return!
Line plane ^^

We arrived in Manila at around 1:35 PM. I was able to sleep pretty well on the plane but I was hungry. We ate at Chubby China and no one talked because we were all hungry. We parted ways at 3:00 PM and I got home at 5:00 PM. Vacation’s over! 🙁 I was pretty lucky because it was my off on Tuesday and Wednesday so I didn’t have to go to work the next day.

All in all, I really really enjoyed our stay in Kota Kinabalu. We didn’t even have to speak English much because most of the people we’ve encountered can speak Tagalog and once they find out that we’re from the Philippines, they become really really nice to us. The only time we experienced language barrier was during our breakfast at that deli near Lanvin Hotel but at least, they made an effort to communicate with us. They don’t just talk straight in their native language without any regard if we understand or not. The people in KK are really nice (I would say they’re like the people in Singapore.), tours aren’t overpriced, food is really cheap and we were surprised that there are actually a lot of things that we can do. We will definitely go back! We have unfinished business there. Next time, we have to go to KompleksKaramunsing (Gahd, I just love saying Karamunsing!), Poring Hot Springs at the foot of Mount Kinabalu, see the upside down house and experience the New Zealand-like place where you can milk cows.  And oh my goodness, the coconut pudding! The very elusive coconut pudding.

Here’s a breakdown of what I spent:[6400 PHP (converted to RM) + 3881 PHP (expenses in PHP) = 10,281 PHP]

Taxi from Eastwood to NAIA 3300 PHP
Airport transfer from KKIA to city5 RM
Taxi fare for the city tour26.67 RM (80 RM for 3 pax)
Taxi fare to Lanvin Hotel6.67 RM (20 RM for 3 pax)
Airport Transfer from Lanvin to KKIA10 RM (30 RM for 3 pax)
Lunch at Centrepoint11 RM
Groceries (breakfast, bread, fruits, chips, water, etc)23.80 RM
Dinner at Fook Yuen6.70 RM
Tiger Beer at Waterfront15 RM (45 RM for 3 pax)
Dinner at KFC9.20 RM
Lunch at Mint10.30 RM
Breakfast (day 4)7.40 RM
Lunch at Chubby China,  NAIA 3150 PHP
Island Hopping (Mamutik, Manukan)116.67 RM
Weston River Cruise130 RM
Hii5 Hotel (2 nights)1621 PHP
Lanvin Hotel (1 night)62.67 RM (188 RM for 3 pax)
Shampoo2.90 RM
Pasalubong23.80 RM
Pasalubong3.33 RM (10 RM for 3 pax)
Terminal Fee550 PHP
Travel Tax1620 PHP

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