Laguna Day Trip [2019.03.24]

Ok, so this all started when we saw UPLB’s post about that beautiful garden, which is the Edible Landscaping project. So we scheduled it and off we went to Laguna on weekend in March. We started the day early. Celine and I met up at the bus station in Alabang South Station at around 8am and then we met up with Ate Rina at SM Calamba. I also made sure to dress the part and went all luntian at pula (green and maroon). Haha!

We decided to visit Jose Rizal’s House in Calamba first before proceeding to UPLB. It’s so crazy that I’ve never been here before! So there’s no entrance fee, you can make a donation instead. This also doubles as a museum where you can see different Rizal memorabilia, and read a bit about old Laguna. We also had a fun time taking photos at this huge tree outside the house.

We also decided to have lunch at a restaurant really close to the house. We were planning to eat somewhere else, we were trying to figure out the way when we passed by this cute place really close to the house called Abbey Lane and decided to have lunch there instead. It’s kinda sad that there were nobody else besides us because the place is really nice. It’s so Instagrammable and the milkshakes were yummy!

We then took a jeepney from there that goes straight to UPLB. Ate Rina lives in UPLB so she acted as our tour guide. It’s funny cause we’ve been to her house a few times but we never really had the chance to go around UPLB until this day. Of course, our goal was to look where Edible Landscaping is. We got off the jeepney and even though we could already see it, we had to go around because the entrance was on the other side. We also weren’t sure if it’s open or if we are even allowed to go inside. But we were allowed in! Yay! And we weren’t disappointed. The garden was beautiful and it has an important mission! There were also different types of flowers around and there were rainbow-colored torii gates.

We then walked around the campus. Not far from there was the famous kapok tree, which became viral a few weeks before we went here. There were still some left on the tree so even if it wasn’t as “summer snowy” as the video, there were still some falling every time a strong wind comes by.

We then walked to the Freedom Park, which I think is like their version of Sunken Garden. The famous huge tree is there as well (but we didn’t go cause it’s far!). There was a 7-11 nearby so we went there for some refreshments. It was hot that day and we surely needed some cold drink. Love this area, cause there was Nihon Koen, which is a Japanese park – torii gates and all. And then there was one area for Thailand. I just thought that was so cool! And I just love all the benches and stools with the UP logo!

Then there’s this art installation! I think this is in the science colleges area and I’m really not sure what it is for. (I also can’t find anything on it so I’m sorry if I’m unable to provide more information.) All I know is that it’s super cool and beautiful!

Of course, we also had to visit Oble. A visit to a UP campus isn’t complete without paying our respects to the oblation. At this point, it was already getting dark, so we decided it was time to go home.

LOL, I was trying to twirl like Catriona, okay?

The bus ride was kind of a pain cause it was rush hour and we had to stand inside the bus for about an hour because it was super traffic. I fell asleep as soon as we found some seats and until we got off in Alabang. Luckily, I only had to take another direct bus to Market Market and it was a quick ride going there.

I really want to take more of these day trips. There are so many beautiful places that are just 2-3 hours outside of Manila. I hope to do one again soon!

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